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Friends! Be very careful. I want your full attention on this. You have to open up your mind, be receptive and accept the truth. 

We live in this Universe made up of 2 intricately linked dimensions of SPACE-TIME. SPACE & TIME are the 2 Dimensions we live in , Right!?

Now God gave you ability to move through space -time. You change the rate of passage of time T(motion) = T (rest) / Square root of 1 - v square/ c square is the equation for TIME. You don't need to stress your mind on that equation.


There's 1 thing. We are all prisoners of TIME. In the TIME DIMENSION we can ONLY MOVE IN the FORWARD DIRECTION. YOU will only go towards tomorrow. You cannot just jump to or travel to any day or time of your life at your will. TIME always Moves in the forward direction!!! RIGHT!?? Or i should say we are not having the ability to travel in any other direction in TIME except moving forward.  BUT my first #Remedy IS #time. Yes TIME. As you move forward in TIME you life, your ind, your views, thoughts, situations and everything else about your life CHANGES. THIS IS A THING YOU CANNOT CONTROL YET. But you know!!! That as You travel forward in TIME, everything will change. It is changing constantly.

But we are not in control of this Remedy. This Remedy Controls us. We are meant to change our life as per it's will. It is our LIMITATION. and HENCE, TIME~ represented by #Saturn is above every other Remedy and Law for Human Affairs. 
So beginning with my list of Remedies in Order of Effectiveness!

Remedy 1: 

TIME - The STRONGEST and the INVINCIBLE ONE. It is bound to CHANGE you and your Life both internally and externally. Dashas represent this Dimension in our life, and Dashas change you and your life.

Remedy 2: 

SPACE: Yes , the Space Dimension. As i told we live in Space-time. God did not give us freedom of movement through TIME. But fortunately in this WEB of Space-time in which we are intricately STUCK by strings. Strings of TIME and Space. He allowed us FREEDOM of movement in SPACE. Yes We don't have freedom of Movement in TIME to change our life to Any Specific Dasha as we want and when we want. BUT in SPACE!!! WE ARE FREE TO MOVE. ANYWHERE and at Any Moment of TIME. 

Changing your SPACE Co-ordinates Changes your life's Situations, Your Mindset, Your Mind, Your mental state, Your feelings, Your external scenarios, conditions and EVERYTHING in your life.  You fight at home and as soon as you reach your office or a friends' home, wolaa!! you are smiling and happy like nothing happened. ONCE again, Space and TIME are INTRICATELY INTERWOVEN AND LINKED. You cannot seperate them completely. BUT YES, There is OUR CHANCE!!!. This Space dimension is our chance to CHANGE our SCENARIOS. 

#Astrocartography and other #techniques can help us decipher GOING to what co-ordinates will confer what sort of results. You have a Problem, try changing your Space cordinates.

Remedy 3: 


These techniques also work BOTH on INTERNAL and EXTERNAL planes. 
The help you Realize as well as Transcend to levels where you can Intervene with the Wave-function of DESTINY. Realize probabilities of Events and Sequences and INTERVENE or Change the notes of those Strings. These things help you transcend to levels where you may even realize space and time in a totally different manner. This is a Thing that requires blessings, teachings, true Gurus, Wisdom, Natural Gifts as well as Inclination or Desire to Absorb.

Remedy 4: 

GOOD & NOBLE Deeds: or even better if it would be Self-less Karma/ Sewa without personal or selfish expectations and demands as labelled by few a 'Nishkama Karma': You can read more on that in the Bhagwat Geeta as my words will never be sufficient to express it in wholeness.

 #DONATION & CHARITY for those in Need. I don't need to explain to you , who is in real NEED and who is just playing with your kindness and has made begging his/her profession. This i am blessed to have been taught by My Mentor Sir Umang taneja ji. As he says this is one of the best remedies. 

Go to a Gurudwara and see how it runs. You will know what i mean.

All these things come under #GoodKarma in General.

Remedy 5: 

Good #MoralCharacter: Having a True and Good #MoralCharacter and Principals / ethics/ Virtues & Values. This Quality Strongly enhances both the SOLAR as well as SATURN-ic traits of your Soul and makes it have both a Good Will and a Good fate.

Remedy 6: 

#WILL POWER & DETERMINATION: A strong and #Persistent #WILLPower. SUN is the WILL of Desire while Saturn is the Fate or the LAW of this Universe. A Strong SUN or Ascendant in a birth charts helps you enforce your WILL more and more. Otherwise too, if you are persistent an firm, you can make it. But yes everyone has a separate strength of WILL and a Separate level of Obstacle or Difficulty. If you tell Anil Ambani to fight and WIN a WWE match and Khali to Handle Ambani's office for a month. We cannot say it is IMPOSSIBLE. It is Possible , but the cost is TOO HIGH. A firm and Strong #FAITH and #Belief in what you wish should manifest, will definitely manifest. A Sagittarian quality.

Remedy 7:

PERSISTENCE: IF you Never Give UP, You are Never Lost. Persist till are alive. 

Remedy 8: 

VASTUSHASTRA: And PLEASE!!! Half knowledge is DANGEROUS. Please don't say this room should be on this side and that on this side of the house is the end of the story. Understand the true meaning of #Vastu. It is SO SCIENTIFIC. I say the best person who opened my eyes to the true essence of Vastu is Mr. Umang Taneja Sir. My Mentor and on of  the #Best, most pragmatic, clear and accurate astrologers in todays world. I say, Attend a 6 day crash course from him and you will never be confused about anything. 

Anyways , Changing the Spacial orientation of things around you so that they are best suited to your lifestyle , your health, and the proper and efficient working of your mind and your body greatly increases the efficacy of every process.

Remedy 9:

Mantra, Yantra & Tantra:
Now i don't mean  chanting sanskrit verses you don't understand the meaning of, or just hanging some geometrical figures in your wall ,which you don't have any idea what they are or trying to practice occult things or sorcery which you don't yet understand.  i will write a detailed post on these later. Mantras , Yantras and tantra is to be individualised for every Person and this trio can be applied at esoteric, anthropological as well as mundane levels. Again a clear picture is needed. 

But to be concise:
Mantra is the Command line or the Expression of our will and Desire to God/or the Universe. It acts as a 'fuel' for a process to initiate. It is the Domain of Lord Brahma.

Yantra is the MACHINE or Apparatus used to apply and manifest the scenarios we wish to manifest. It is the Domain of Lord Vishnu.
TANTRA: Relates to the METHOD, or Process, or Mechanism resulting in the Culmination or END RESULT or Final Result that we or the Divine wishes to Manifest. This Component relates to Shiva or Kaali. 

This is the concise surface view of it. I hope you got the idea of what it actually is and how can you use it or misuse it. You MUST COMMAND and ASSERT and be Clear of your WILL or Desire (MANTRA). Than You MUST Create Scenarios or TAKE ACTIONS and create the necessary situations or Infrastructure required to fullfil or Accomplish a Goal. & Finally Your MUST know the METHOD OR MECHANISM or the HOW to do it. You must do it the right way with Discipline, Dedication and Persistance.


This is what is the Real Meaning of Mantra, Yantra & Tantra in Jyotish or Astrology. I don't know whatever you think, but this is what i believe. If there's more to it that what i believe or have revealed here you are free to share your views in the comments below or anywhere on my profile on this Website.

These are the basic Remedies. How much hey ALTER your life, no one can guarantee, but they definitely alter it internally and externally. 

Then their are Planet or house specific remedies that i am working on. You have already read my article on remedies for the planet #Saturn, #Moon and the 4rth house. Lets see what comes next. 

And also there are 1000's of other remedies like feeding a cow and many more. I tried many of them myself. I don't know how effective they are. i do not understand them and i cannot say anything positive or negative. If you Respect them, if you believe in them, you can try them to the cost of your faith, time and money. I Personally neither recommend them not can i comment on them. God bless you! 


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