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THE VENUS - Regeneration, Fertility, Feminity, Beauty, Symmetry, Lust, Attraction, Harmony, Relationships, Unification of opposite Sexes, Music and Art.

Hello all,

So today i am gonna write about the Lord Venus/ Shukra deva/:

The VENUS/ Shukracharya/Lucifer/Aphrodite :



VENUS is the only Planet that rotates on it's axis east to west i.e opposite of all other planets in the solar system. Here the Zodiacs, the Stars and the Sun rise in the West and Set in the East. Moreover a theory says that Venus used to spin the same direction like earth and all other planets but it toppled upside down bcz of a multitude of proposed reasons like got hit by an astroid or bcz of Huge friction by its super dense Atmosphere, which matches with many Ancient texts where Venus is refereed to as a Good Entity turning to the Evil later on. for example in the BIBLE Venus is represented as the Lucifer or the Devil who was once an Angel of the Lord before turning evil. Similarly, In Ancient Hindu texts, Venus named as 'Shukracharya' was a Highly knowledgeable Brahmin  Priest God who turned to the 'Asuras' or 'Demons' after being rejected from the post of the Divine or Heavenly Priest by the 'Suras' or Gods.

VENUS is called the Morning Star or the Evening Star. It is always very near to the Sun( within 48 degrees) so it is visible just before Sun rises above the Horizon in the Morning if it is Ahead of the Sun or Just after Sunset if it is Behind the Sun in the Elliptic/Zodiac belt as seen from Earth. It is visible as the Brightest and Most Influential and Beautiful Star in the Early morning or Evening Sky. In-fact it is the Brightest Object in the Sky as seen from earth after Sun and the Moon.

Now lets see a few more Astronomical and Mathematical facts about the Venus and how they have become the Reason for Ancient Astrnomers to label particular characteristics as mentioned in the Heading to the Morning Star - Venus ;) :)

So here it is,

Look at the image below,

Here in this image we can notice a few things. The orbit of the Venus around the Sun and the Orbit of the Earth are not in the same flat plane. Instead they are inclined and make an angle of around 3 degrees with each other. Also that just like moon , Venus also has Ascending and Descending or North and South nodes. This arrangement is very similar to the Ascending and Descending nodes of the MOON as Previously Explained.
Also there are 2 points where Earth Venus and the sun come in a straight line and this is where from earth we can see a Transit of Venus in front of the Sun. It's a transit not an eclipse because eclipse is caused by the moon as we know due to its unique position relative to earth and sun.
Now the Point where the Venus lies in between the Sun and the Earth is called the 'Inferior conjunction' while the point when it is on the farther side with Sun in between the Earth and Venus is called the 'Superior conjunction'.

Now , What is the Significance of this?

Before knowing that let us see some peculiar and unique ASTRONOMICAL features of VENUS as a Planet and the behavior of it's ORBIT or Path as seen from the Sun or Above the Solar System (Heliocentric observation) and also as seen from the Earth (Geo-centric Observations)

Let's see a few important observations:

1) Venus is the ONLY planet with a perfect CIRCULAR (actually Near perfect circle with eccentricity of 0.01) ORBIT. All other Planets have Elliptical or ovoid orbits.

2) A year on Venus is 224.7 'earth days' long i.e it takes venus these many days to circle around the sun once.  The earth takes 365.25 days approximately to make one orbit around the sun. Now here's the Interesting fact. Dividing Earth's Orbital time period by Venusian orbital time period  ( 365.25/224.7) gives us a 'Magical Number i.e 1.625 which is a Fibonacci ratio or very near to the GOLDEN RATIO of 1.618 both of which are obtained by dividing two consecutive numbers in the famous Fibonacci series. The earlier numbers are closer to the Golden ratio (eg 1.625) but not exactly the magical number 1.618.

Okay, the 3rd Point,

Here it is,

3) The Venus is the Only planet that rotates Clockwise or East to West around it's axis. All Planets in the Solar system rotate West to east. It's Retrograde rotation is the cause that here, Stars, Zodiacs and the Sun Rise in the West and Set down in the East at the evening. A theory proposed by modern day scientists to explain this is that Venus once used to rotate the same way as all planets but later due to intense friction of it's clouds, Sun's gravitational forces or a hit by an asteroid made it topple upside down. So in a way it is still rotating west to east but upside down. This is Parallel to Many ancient texts in Which Venus is labelled to be a Good Soul turning evil due to some event. eg. In the Bible Lucifer was once an Arch Angel who turned evil later on. In Ancient hindu Mythology, Shukracharya was A Brahmin and was rejected from the post of Heavenly Gods and so turned to the Demons and Became their teacher or Guru.

4) A day on Venus is Longer then a Year. It takes Venus 243 'earth days' to complete 1 revolution around it's own axis which is more then a Venusian Year i.e 224.7 earth days.

5) The Planet appears to be the Most Beautiful and Brightest Star in the Morning or Evening Sky. It is the most shining, influential Star. It outshines all other stars in the night sky. A beautiful, Mesmerizing and Captivating View it is. In-fact Venus is the 3rd most Luminous object in the Night Sky after Sun and Moon. Venus is also called earth's Sister Planet because of it's size and Nearness. It is the closest planet to the Earth. VENUS SHINES BRIGHT WHITE  in Color in the Eastern or Western Sky. This may be the reason it was called Aphrodite (God of Love and Beauty)in the ancient Greek culture because it appeared like Burning Phosphorous (Bright White). Also Venus has a Dense Cloud cover of Sulfuric Acid. THIS Makes Venus Appear Very Calm, Beautiful and Mesmerizing in it's looks from the Outside as seen from earth but Inside there is a very High atmospheric Pressure on the Surface of Venus. There are Continuously Erupting Volcanoes and and Molten lava flowing on it's surface emitting large quantities of Carbon dioxide Gas leading to a non stop Global Warming and Heating up of the Planet. Venus has the highest temperature on it's surface in the solar system. even more then Mercury. And it is high all around the year where as on mercury it;s Cold at night and Hot during day. It has an Atmosphere like earth but not suitable for human body. It is earth's sister planet looking Beautiful and calm outside but full of heat, Fire, energy and Pressure inside.It is No place to settle. Once again the Planet looks calm and beautiful outside but has very Acidic atmosphere, with Violent, High pressure and Temperature conditions , molten lave, heat and Temperature everywhere inside. It's surface is continuously molding and morphing with that lava and pressure.  There is a Lot of Beauty outside but a lot of FIRE, Heat, Pressure and Molding and Variation inside. ;)

6) The Earth-Venus-Sun come in a Straight line alignment at a point called the 'inferior conjunction' of the Venus every 584 days of earth or 1.6 earth Years or 2.6 Venusian Years. The Period of Orbit of Venus around the SUN or 1 Venusian Year is approximately 224.7 days i.e 0.6 earth years approximately. So this 584 day period makes 1.6 earth years and 2.6 years on Venus as Venus travels faster as well as a Smaller path in orbit.

In a 584 days period, which is the period of time between two consecutive conjunctions or straight line alignments of Erath-venus and Sun, the earth has passed 1.6 revolutions around the sun and Venus has passed 2.6 revolutions around it.. See image see how it happens.


NOW, ANOTHER INTERESTING MATHEMATICAL PHENOMENA Referring to Beauty/Perfection is the Ratio of Time it takes earth and Venus to make 1 inferior Conjunction or straight line allignment between themselves is 2.6/1.6 = 1.625 (AGAIN) Which is near the Golden ratio of Beauty/ divinity / perfection and is a Fibonacci ratio. These numbers are an approximation the real numbers make it even closer to the Golden ratio. ;)

As you can see the Venus and Earth come in a straight line with the Sun After every 215.6 degrees of orbital revolution or 1.6 earth years = 2.6 venus years = 584 days.

Now, Earth-Venus-Sun come in this Straight line EVERY 584 days. I.e An Inferior conjunction occurs every 584 earth days. After every 584 days earth-venus and sun are in a straight line. Now if we mark this point as an inferior conjunction and mark the first conjunction point as IC 1 and positions of earth and venus as e1 and v1.
and we mark the the 2nd such conjunction point as IC 2 with earth and venus as e2 and v2, the third one as e3 and v3, then e4,v4 then finally e5 and v5 and so on we see that after every 5 points or every 6th position or e6 and v6 comes out to be at almost the same point as e1 and v1 where it all began and it forms the SHAPE of a REGULAR PENTACLE contained in the circular orbit of Venus. This cycle continues like that with each 6th position to at the same starting point with a slight shift to the right. This cycle goes on for 243 years when e243 and v243 are at the exact same location wrt to each other and the Sun as were e1 and v1 after completing 1 whole orbit with points of conjunctions. Below are a few diagrams (forgive my drawing, m sleepy) and images to show what patterns are formed by these arrangements over time.

Now if we continue this arrangement to go will keep making Pentacles that keep moving a few degrees to the Right in the orbit before making 1 full circle and coming back to the first point every 243 years of earth which is EQUAL to the number of days it takes Venus to complete 1 day on it's surface i.e 243 days or 1 Venusian Day.

Let's see the images below as what sort of patterns develop over time.

image 11( Geocentric view)

image 12

image 13

image 14 (Heliocentric view)

image 15 (Both Views)

image 16

image 17

So Now as you can see from all the images shown above The  earth venus sun straight line alignment also called an inferior conjunction of venus Makes a PENTACLE or a Star in a Circle pattern which repeats after every 5 conjunctions or at every 6th conjunction. This Patterns keeps repeating over and over again and again. it has been so for millions of years and will remain so for millenniums to come.

The Spirals or Rose patterns seen in image 17, 15, 13 & 12 show the Path of Venus as seen from earth. If earth were considered stationary and at the center of the universe i.e from a Geocentric view. The venus appears to form these spirals in motion. Notice 2 things.

1) The spirals form a Pentad in the Centre.

2) Venus is Temporarily retrograde and Slow and very near to earth at these Points.

A planet is nearest to the earth when it is retrograde.

"So this is a Ball of Fire which runs very fast in the Elliptic Belt of the Zodiacs (224.7 days) as seen from the earth but is Actually slow and steady in rotating inside( 243 days). It is a "Ball of fire" trans-versing the Sky which appears so beautiful, Bright, and dazzling and Rendezvous from the outside as seen from here on earth , it appears clam and beautiful as seen from the sky due to it's cloud cover BUT from the inside it has a lot of FIRE, Passion, Energy, Heat, Temperature, Pressure and Morphogenesis, Mutability, Regeneration, Changes and Variation."



5 conjunctions in a row are needed to form this Star or Pentad of Venus before the next cycle can begin. 1 SUCH CYCLE also called a SYNODIC cycle of venus requires 5 inferior conjunctions. The time it takes for 5 inferior conjunctions is 584 X 5 = 2920 days approx. which is equal to 8 YEARS on earth and 13 YEARS on Venus.

For one Cycle to complete or for the Pentacle to form once in the orbit of the Venus it requires 8 years on earth and 13 years on venus. Now, here's another interesting Mathematical correlation to the fibbonacci and Golden ratio. 8 & 13 are fibbonacci numbers. 13/8 = 1.625 ( once again) Amazing isn't it. 

SO in an 8 YEAR Period the earth - venus - sun come closest and form a conjunction 5 times. These are also the times when VENUS goes retrograde for a short period spanning a few days before to a few days after the Conjunction, marking a New beginning in the cycle or a New cycle itself.

7) Venus undergoes cycles of 8 year , 243 years transit pair cycles and much bigger single transit cycles of thousand of years. The details of which i will explain in later posts.

8) So from the above points we know a few things,

a) Venus has an excpetional circular orbit

b) Venus earth form a Perfectly symmetrical and Golden ratio 5 point Pentacle design from their orbits every 8 years on earth and 13 years on venus and this cycle repeats endlessly.
c) Venus rotates in a direction opposite to all other planets.
d) It is the 3rd most brightest, Dazzling and Beautiful Heavenly body in the Sky at night and Appears Just before sunrise or just after sunset.
e) Outside it appears beautiful and attractive but inside it has high temperatures, lava, fire, continuous remodeling and Energy.
f) It follows Patterns in a Regular Cycle in a harmonious way and in Divine / Golden Geometrical Ratios making Geometrical and Rose like or flower like beautiful Regularly repeating as well as slowly evoluting or moving Patterns in time. 

g) It becomes retrograde before each of the inferior conjunctions and stays so for a few days after also to begin a new cycle / beginning.

So now let's Get to the ASTROLOGY PART:

VENUS represents connectivity and interactions. it includes bonding at various levels and in various formats. It represents equality and sharing. It represents give and take relationships, committed, promised and bonded relationships. 

VENUSIAN LOVE differs from SOLAR LOVE, Ascendant Love  & the true LUNAR love.

LUNAR Love is the true, unconditional, caring, nurturing and eternal LOVE. This love know NO rules or cultures or wordly 'things' or Conditions or Situations. It is Immortal once created and is eternal forever and in every situation and is totally 'BLIND' as they say. it knows no rules of space, time, place, person , situation or life or death. It is Immortal, Pure, divine, unconditional and ever caring and ever giving and without expectations and demands, only requiring revival happiness and an eternal bonding without any demands or complaints. MUCH like the Motherly love. ONE Sided love is an example too.

VENUSIAN love on the other hand is similar but it Requires Participation of both, involves Promises, commitment, legal binding, trust is needed, give & take relationship, Marriages, PLEASURES are seeked, Satisfaction is required for both parties entering into it and this LOVE is or i would say 'Making Love' is important to create something New 'a new life'.

SOLAR or ASCENDANT LOVE is a Material Wordly attraction cum bonding. Helps to connect and bind two entities.

has Symmetry, Divine Ratios, Repetition, Repetitive yet evolving and changing at the same time pentagonal cycles in the orbit, Evolution and Harmony and Brightness as seen from earth. As viewed from earth its is the 3rd most brightest, And hence the 3rd most influential planet on our Physical and Metaphysical Being-hood. Also the planet is full of internal , self generated heat, Power and force inside while it seems calm and beautiful from the outside. What is hidden deep inside/hidden/occult beneath it's outer cloud cover is not visible on the surface.

Okay what are the things Venus Represents in Astrology,

Here are a few things the Venus represents in All forms of Astrology:

1) Regeneration 
2) Fertility & Reproduction
3) Females & femininity
4) Beauty

5) Symmetry
6) Harmony
4, 5 & 6 are seen in Art works, in Music, In Architecture, In Stage Performances and Anything Beautiful.
7) Attraction & Charm
8) Lust 

9) Seduction and Female persuasive & captivating Charm. 
10) Promised and Committed Relationships
11) Union of opposite Sexes
12) Music and Rhymes and Poetry
13) Art and Craft
14) Occult/ Hidden and Rare Knowledge
15) Super-Specialization Courses (After Post-Graduation) or Mastery of a field.
16) Fertility as in the form of Semen or Sperms etc.
17) Wife or Life Partner or a Romantic Partner.
18) Opposite Sex
19) Comforts, Luxuries and Conveniences.

20) Relationships and Harmony among Different or
     Opposite Consciousnesses. Also Romance and Romantic Love.
21) Youthfulness
23) Happiness (due to materialistic, Physical, Practical and tangible stimuli.)

23) Pleasures from the 5 senses.
24) Doctors/Medical Health Workers with Super-specialization or Specialization       in a Specialty. 
25) Healing, Curing and Reviving Powers.

#VENUS would be represented words like  ''Harmony', 'Romance' & 'Romantic Relationships'
It represents 'Harmonizing/connecting different types Consciousnesses(Minds)' by connecting, sharing, Making relationships and bonding etc.
Venus refers to "Making Relationships" with others people/opposite sex/common masses by living amongst/with them and not by living Above them.

It likes bonding with them, making a relationship with them (Sorry for the repetition) and understanding them. It refers to "COMPROMISING, SHARING, Giving and taking(in return)" , Expecting in return the same love , compassion and feelings and pleasure it gives to the opposite sex for pleasure/happiness and Sexual Gratification.

Meeting/blending/harmonizing into one body/combination/relationship  with the opposite Sex/ with Opposite poles in our life. Venus is the Relationship inducing/urging Planet in a Horoscope analysis. Venus wants to come into the masses/opposite sex and make love with them, make relationships with them and it enjoys those feelings. It lives the luxuries, gives itself comforts, enjoys the services and comforts he/she is receiving from any source e.g the King. :)

VENUSIAN love is give and take, it has connectivity, It gives something and demands the same gratification and pleasure and satisfaction in return , So it helps making bonds and connectivity.Venus wants to make you comforted, GRATIFIED and Happy but it has the same demand in return to have a Permanent Bond and Connection. :)

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RAHU >> The Ascending Node of MOON.

RAHU >> The Ascending Node of MOON.

Here's a Post to familiarize you about the Planet Rahu and how it is related to our consciousness. After reading this you'll have a clear Picture of Why you are , what you are and Why you roll the way you roll in this life. ;) O:) :)

So here it is,

ASTRONOMICALLY, Rahu is the Ascending Node of the moon. This implies that It is the point in the Orbit of the Moon where it Goes Above the Elliptic Plane or the 'Plane of orbit of the earth & the Sun'. It is the Point where Moon( Our Mind/'Mann' in hindi) comes above and Beyond.


#RAHU is INSATIABLE & UNQUENCHABLE ; Does not understand Peace, Calmness, Satisfaction and Stability, Is UNSTABLE, Never Content, Never Settles & Breaks Barriers. It Represents DISSATISFACTION, Impulsiveness, Childish nature with instability and immature Actions and views, Wants to try everything, try new things, make faults and then learn from its experiences and not by pre-set standards or teachings of a Guru or society. It Represents DOUBT and false beliefs, Has SELF CREATED ETHICS and Logic (not universal ethics and principals like those of Jupiter and Saturn which when applied are for good of one and all simultaneously but self created ones that are of use or are good to self only and not everyone else), It represents MULTIPLICATION, AMPLIFICATION, MANIPULATION, MUTATION, ILLUSION, FALSE BUT FIRM BELIEF IN SOMETHING, PROMISCUITY, FETISHES, UNCONVENTIONAL AND UN-NATURAL DESIRES, WISHES & VIEWS, IT REPRESENTS EXPLOSIONS, Distractions, Blue colored SMOKE, EXTREMISM and the DESIRE for MORE at every stage; It wants more & more at every stage ; It Wants to Go Above and Beyond;  It was to come outside the box and see what is above and beyond; It wants to Break the Rules and Break boundaries and come out; It Wants to Go Outside the Box(Customs) by breaking Laws/Boundaries/ 'Rules' & Regulations etc; It is an Extremist (One extreme or the other extreme); It is Massive expansion or Explosion. It wants more and more; It wants Approval and Status; It wants Validation of it's views and its Existence; (Still does not get Content and Quenched after getting them); It represents Multiplication and Excess of Stuff; It represents a never ending desire to Grow , Multiply,  Achieve and Acquire at any cost and by any means. It also represents Darkness as it is outer side of the Lunar orbit were there is deep empty endless space to be explored. It can make you Adventurous and fearlessly leaping into the unknown or fearfully or the unknown and leaping out and above. Rahu also represents Illusions and false beliefs (but very firm false beliefs) and Virtual reality (Internet, video games etc).  
It believes the Something to be reality and its actions to be justified but Reality is something different and The real path that should be followed is different. It makes you follow a false and Wrong path based on the illusions and false and Extreme beliefs in Incorporates in you or follows. 

Rahu wants Validation and Status at any Cost or by any means and wants to be Above everything else. It wants what it wants at whatever it takes and weather the Aim is right or wrong and the method to achieve the aim is right or wrong it does not care. Rahu is a very Good Manipulator and can morph/change into anything to achieve it's Desire. It does not believe in or comply with or 'is able to see' Pre -set Morals/Standards/Rules/Conventions or Ethics. It Ridicules or Rejects them or is unable to understand and see them, Instead It makes it's own Conventions/rules/principals and ethics that work best in his own interest. It has illusions and misconceptions which may make one feel Good or Bad depending upon the Sign and House Placement.  

Rahu is Malleable, Morph-able or Mutable. It can change or morph or adapt to its best interest. It Imbibes the Characteristics of the Planet aspecting it and the Sign/Nakshatra it is Placed in. It takes some of the characteristics of the Sign it is placed in and also the Planet that aspects it. 

It can easily MUTATE and Morph very easily into something or someone that is useful for it's Existence & Validation and for the Accomplishment of it's Goals. 

Rahu is also very Dramatic, Expressive and Narcissistic. Rahu( Representing Massive Explosive expansion and Narcissism) as i wrote is very good Good in Morphing and Manipulating and Asserting it's existence and achieving the Reputation as well as Status it wants to achieve helps to create very Good ACTORS, POLITICIANS and STAGE PERFORMERS if it is Aspecting and or is aspected by a Well placed VENUS from a Beneficial and Helpful Sign and house and also Mercury( representing communication , reflexes, Genuineness and wittiness) and Sun (for Status, fame, authority and Government) are well placed in a Natives Chart. 

I Hope it explains a few characteristics and a gives a brief idea about it's characteristics and Qualities. Also There are things it believes are right and some it believes are wrong as per him based on weather they are in his interest or not. Rahu wanted the 'Nector of Immortality' and so he morphed into a "Deva" or "God" and Acted and behaved like them to mix into them and to get it. Now this story is just a symbolic, to show that what one believes is right and Justified (for himself specially) may not always be Right and Justified and Useful to all in General. God bless all!!!:) :) :) O:) (y) O:) :)
:) :) O:) (y) :) :) O:) :) :)

how will it affect you?

Here's a list of how Rahu affects different Planets:
Then in POst number 2 we'll discuss the effects in different Houses.
And post 3 will be on Signs.
Note: IN all these below, we assume no other influence on the planet, especially 'Ketu' which we'll deal later. #Ketu's Conjunction with the planets below will totally Alter the Scenario.

Rahu + Sun (Aspect or Conjunction) : This Person's Soul is Never Satisfied. They will have an unquenchable desire always to be a Leader or a King by any means. This Person will be prone to Break laws of society. It Does not have Good Principals or Moral Values. It Damages Attributes like one's Soul's Purity, Dignity, Self Respect(internally), Status in Society, Principals, Moral Values or Maintaining some STANDARDS And PRINCIPALS and Family Values. It wants Validation in Status and Shows off or Manipulates to achieve that validation. Makes a Cunning Leader who wants more and more Power by any means and is never quenched or satisfied with it. Wants Dignity and Status in Society but internally does not posses those ideals or Dignity of a King. It's father may even leave him and go to Far off distant places and Not perform his duties as a Good guardian or Father or this person may never Inherit his Fatherly Family traditions and Culture. It's Soul is unquenchable, Never Content, Desirous and Outrageous. It is Manipulative,  Cunning and Ambitious to achieve a Status, Dignity and Authority by any means. Can become a very Highly reputed Politician or Leader.

to be continued...

2) Rahu Aspecting or Conjunct the Moon: /

Moon represent our 'Mann'/'Chitt'/ Mind/ Emotional State, Feelings, Reaction and sensitivity or response to Emotions and feelings. Out inner mind and Intentions. Represent unconditional Love and Care. Represents care and nurturing qualities and the Mother with all her motherly Qualities.
Now, Rahu Impacting MOON> IN one line: EXTREMES OF ALL EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS, Illusions/false beliefs regarding many emotions AND NEVER CONTENT WITH what is possessed until there is a beneficial influence of Jupiter .

The native will have a Mind which is Adventurous; Which has Sinister/weird/unconventional plans and Habits, Whose mind is into doing unlawful/unnatural activities breaking societal taboos and Traditions. There is both Exaggeration as well as an Excess and Never ending Desire related to the attributes of the Moon. Loves unconditionally to the extreme. If they are into a Sinister Activity they do it with all their heart. The Mind may Be thinking Wrongly under an illusion or false belief but still having a fir belief that they are right in their views and their perception is correct.  This illusion takes the native to have a wrong illusionary mindset and follow a wrong path which may appear Gratifying and Justified.
The Person is Emotionally more and more demanding. They are also very outrageous in loving and caring about people in their life. There is both a more then normal or Excessive (depending upon the closeness) GIVING of CARE and Love for to their close friends/partners/loved ones and also more then normal or excessive EXPECTATION of the same care, love and affection from their loved ones/friends/partners etc.
THEY both give and demand care and love in excess of regular people. :) THIS RAHU Moon conjunction can therefore be called of as an "EMOTIONAL MANGLIK DOSHA" or and "EMOTIONAL Amplification DOSHA" because both partners should have it to stabilize and neutralize the imbalance. Impact of JUPITER or a Well placed (house wise or Sign wise) Moon in D1 or D9 will obviously make Moon more Strong, Dignified, Able to view Reality, Caring, Soft hearted, Stable and Satisfied. Rahu Amplifies moons Attributes as we can see above. Also it will make the Mind Break boundaries, THINK & DESIRE BEYOND REGULAR CONVENTIONAL ideas and stuff respectively and be involved in Social taboos, UN-NATURAL tendencies and uncommon/unconventional Desires and FETISHES. For example, if they have an unnatural desire, They are gonna go fulfill it, no matter what. (unless no other benefic impact).
People Who desire to Go to the top of Mount Everest in a Red Ferrari with their Girl-friend to have an ice-cream and then apply a tent their to have some sinister/ unique/fetish time with their Partner are this type. lol just an example.

They have Sinister or unconventional desires and they go any extent to fulfill them. They may also easily become Drug addicts or Have unquenchable Obsessive Habbit of something for exapmple people who do drugs, or Drink alcohol Daily or watching Pornography or are into any other bad habbit they wish to perform daily or excessively to achieve some gratification from it every day but it is never ending desire and they never actually get Gratification.
Obviously this also creates a Manipulative, Cunning, DESIROUS and Lustful as well as Emotionally Outrageous , Caring and Demanding and unsatisfied Personality ( both in giving and expecting)

NOTE: The above is the influence of RAHU on MOON. The Moon definitely will have other influences and Qualities in a chart as well in addition to the above which will either Cancel out or enhance the above effects. :) :)

#REMEDY:  Need to Meditate and feel Content and Proud of what you have is Best. Feel Satisfied and on the top of the world Already to feel better ;) :):)

 Tip as an overall #remedy: Try to have these feelings > Excess of Everything is Bad( even romance, lust, money, Power, Speech, Knowledge, discipline or anything good thing you can imagine) , You have enough and more then Many. You are happy, Content, complete and in the Best Possible scenario.

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WHY do the SUN & the MOON Represent the Father & Mother/ King & Queen/ President & Vice-President / Pilot & CO-Pilot in #Astrology? A Parallelism of the COSMOS to the Phenomena and Happenings occurring here on Earth!!

WHY do the SUN & the MOON Represent the Father & Mother/ King & Queen/ President & Vice-President / Pilot & CO-Pilot in #Astrology? A Parallelism of the COSMOS to the Phenomena and Happenings occurring here on Earth!! O:)

#Sun and #Moon are 'Optically' the largest and closest appearing in cosmos/Sky to us. They influence us the most. Sun as the centre of the Solar System and Center of all the principals governing our earth's ( & Obviously our) motion in this Universe and also a Hot, Vigorous, Powerful(Power Source) and Source of all Energy and Vitality on earth is has parallelism or corresponds  to a father/ King/ Leader of a Kingdom(Country)/Central Government/Authority on Earth while the Moon the 2nd closest body(Optically) is cold, comforting, Gentle, beautiful, sensitive, Reactive to actions of other(Sun and the Earth) , Reflects the light of Sun in a cooler gentle way, caring and motherly and reflects as or has Parallelism to the Queen or the mother in Anthropological Phenomenons.

They act as the father and the mother bringing us into existence.

Moon and the sun have the highest influence on us and are largest/Nearest 'appearing' planets as seen from earth just like our #Parents are closest to us and affect us the most and bring us into vital/animated existence on earth. We see them(Our Parents) maximum time and they we are born because of them.
These two optically appear the closest and most influential.
Moon is cold, calm and soothing. It is also Closest to us in the solar system like our mother is closest to us and our feelings and most connected to us no matter what (weather we accept it or not). We are more close to the mother and she is quite comforting specially in the dark and fearful times giving us care and support and showing us direction with her light while Sun 'the fiery' and Powerful gives us courage, Strength and Confidence and Our family values/ Principals/ Rules/Culture which we will follow as we grow up and live on earth just  like the Sun governs/Sets principals or Rules based on which earth, moon and all the other planets will move (Obviously Gravity is the Reason in the Cosmos & it's Sun's Gravity Which decides everything) ;) The moon reacts to earth's motion instead and also to the sun's motion as we know.  Like mother reacts/Responds to a child's feelings emotionally as well as the Father's Principals. Moon hence is considered a planet that reacts back to feelings in an emotional way in astrology.

We have HIGHEST & CLOSEST Influence of a) The SUN -- our inner soul, Inner strength, Our Principals and Status and b) The MOON - i.e our Inner Mind, Inner Emotions, feelings and Mood. Our Personality is a combination of these two.
These two are the most important aspects of our personality and these two are represented by the Optically Closest and biggest and Most Influential appearing planets from earth i.e  the Moon and the Sun.
In addition in #Vedic Calenders , One's Birthday comes every year not as per the same date one was born but when both sun and moon are in the exact same alignment every year as they were at the time of birth of the native.
Also Sun and Moon are the only 2 planets used to create the #HORA chart, representing 1 hour, referring to the hour one is born or 15 degrees of earth's rotation on its axis. :)

In Addition , we use 3 things to assess someones Personality in #VedicAstrology or any form of Astrology:
1) Sun's Placement/Sun Sign and Sun's house as Ascendent
2) Moon's Placement/Moon Sign and Moon Chart/Rashi
& 3) The Ascendent or the Rising Sign in the East & it's Placement.

Now What is the Paralellism between the Rising Sign and our Personality/Health/Vitality or Personna i still have to figure out. But i think i'll soon with a little more Inspection, observation and Research. :) Let's see.

Now this Optical phenomena as well as characteristics of the involved Planets i.e Sun and moon correlates and has a parallelism with different events and anthropological phenomena and systems and our conciseness as well as our mental and physical makeup and also has parallelism with most events/ causalities and Processes occurring on earth among humans as well as in non living objects. Now THAT is TRUE,,, but WHY does this parallelism exist???.. I wonder Why..
Love the mystery,, Love the Research!! (y) ;) :) B-)

I think i am close to the answer. ;)

Thank you all for reading!! Have a Nice day (y) :) 󾌵😇✌️󾌵😇😎󾮗󾮗😇󾌵😇😇😎😎😎󾮗󾮗󾌵󾌵😎😇😇😇😇✌️

Optical Phenomena rule many principals in Astrology e.g Retrograde planet concept is also just based on an optical phenomena, No planets actually turns back, it only slows down and appears moving back relative to earth's observation point.

Sun the first and innermost planet Represent the Central Governments/ Kings and Kingdoms in our lives on earth plane while Saturn the outermost in the solar system Ring represents Common Masses or the General Public/Masses.

See how #Interesting.

In addition i think the sun should represent our #DNA or the #Nucleus at the Cellular level while the moon can represent the #Histone #Proteins and other DNA stabilising proteins in a Cell.  SUN & Moon can represent the bones especially the bones of the AXIAL Skeleton including the Back-bone/vertebral-column and the spinal cord. ;)
Obviously more research/ case studies are needed.

Thank you again 󾌵😎😇✌️󾮗󾌵󾌵😇😎😇󾌵😇😇✌️󾮗

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Representation of the SUN, VENUS and the MOON in #ASTROLOGY and how they make us feel

A Representation of the SUN, VENUS and the MOON in #ASTROLOGY and how they make us feel ;) (y)

#SUN refers to our Principals, Goals, Status, Ambitions, Directions, Authoritativeness and our Perception of Authority and Status in this World. It is our Drive to have these Qualities and Perform as a Leader, King or father to the Masses. It is more of a Leader Setting Standards and Protocols or Rules or Principals that Should be followed by his dependents and the 'other regular masses' as per him. The King commands the services to be provided to the masses. It wishes to Stay Reputed and Adamant and confident about it. It may take suggestions but will not take orders or advises. It will listen to suggestions but finally order as per his Final Opinion and viewpoint because he has the Power and he wishes to stay in commend and in power and control of things, he wishes to be above all , looking at masses from a high position with Authority, stability, confidence and Peace and He is comfortable that way. He likes Supervising the common , normal laymen or the masses.

#VENUS On the other Hand would be represented words like  ''Harmony', 'Romance'.
It represents 'Harmonizing/connecting different types Consciousnesses(Minds)' by connecting, sharing, Making relationships and bonding etc.
Venus refers to "Making Relationships" with others people/opposite sex/common masses by living amongst/with them and not by living Above them.

It likes bonding with them, making a relationship with them (Sorry for the repetition) and understanding them. It refers to "COMPROMISING, SHARING, Giving and taking(in return)" , Expecting in return the same love , compassion and feelings and pleasure it gives to the opposite sex for pleasure/happiness and Sexual Gratification.

Meeting/blending/harmonizing into one body/combination/relationship  with the opposite Sex/ with Opposite poles in our life. Venus is the Relationship inducing/urging Planet in a Horoscope analysis. Venus wants to come into the masses/opposite sex and make love with them, make relationships with them and it enjoys those feelings. It lives the luxuries, gives itself comforts, enjoys the services and comforts he/she is receiving from any source e.g the King. :)

VENUSIAN love is give and take, it has connectivity, It gives something and demands the same gratification and pleasure and satisfaction in return , So it helps making bonds and connectivity.

On the other hand #Moon's love and care is unconditional and for all without any expectations or demands. It Gratifies only by loving and caring, nurturing and supporting with selfless love and Joy. It is emotional and Moody. It is sensitive and reacts to others feelings and emotions. It needs emotional Support if it is weak but it is different from the Give and take Relationship in Venus. If strong  It has no demands in return. It only "Gives" and "Reacts to your feelings and actions" to make you feel comforted and Happy. It Always wants to give comfort, support and Care. It helps you feel Good without the need of anyone's external support from within and helps you to give others the same. Moon in short is Sensitive, reacting to feelings, caring and supporting. It is a connection on an emotional plane which always gives, always stays and always loves/cares/supports/nurtures unconditionally and feels good about it.

So does Venus wants to make you comforted, GRATIFIED and Happy but it has the same demand in return to have a Permanent Bond and Connection. :)

1) Sun is the Innermost Planet. It represents the Inner Soul. It thinks about the 'SELF' While VENUS thinks about 'OTHER' /'opposite sex' /Their Partner or Relation. SUN thinks about the "SELF" while Venus thinks about the 'CONNECTION' (with the opposite) .
2)SUN represents "My Opinions", "My Goals" and My Desires while VENUS represents My Pleasures, My Gratification & My Desires too(related to relationships and luxuries) &
SUN Commands Loyalty and Standards and also VENUS wants Commitment in return in Relationships. Venus wants one to one bond, a Give and take connection of love, compassion and carnal bonding( unlike emotional bonding of moon).

SO we can see here that in some qualities (e.g 1) SUN and VENUS are against each other acting as enemies but at the SAME time their are some other qualities( e.g 2) where they COMPLEMENT & Support each others elements and forces acting as FRIENDS(as seen in point number 2 above).
Hence Overall they are neutral. ;) :) (y)
NOW, BEST CONNECTIONS need Privacy, depth, truth, and detachment from all others except your Partner. Where do you get the BEST Privacy and Depth and isolation. Yes, Right in the Sign of Pisces and the 12th house. No wonder VENUS Feels EXALTED here. ;) :) (y)


Here these Planets actually represent basic instinctual instincts of our Human mind and are actually different elements of our Perception, consciousness and Mental and Physical phenomena.

So here's another Crux. What do you think Should Sun and Venus behave like from the Perspective of friends or Enemies? How would a conjunction or Aspect between them work?

Well the Answer lies in two things.
A) Their Basic tenets/Characteristics and Driving Directions determining "Naisargik Maitri" as is said. Now i explain it on the basis of elements of Consciousness while it can be explained mathematically too which i will do later on. ;) :) (y)
Which obviously i think makes them a little unhappy with each other, because Sun wants to go for its Ambition and Status Alone and stay above and Supervise things on the other hand Venus wants a one to one Harmonious,  loving and Give and take connection. Preventing sun to run after its Dream of Power and Authority. So making them uncomfortable with each other. So depending upon the "SHAD Bala" and the Sign placement one Characteristic (Solar or venusian) will predominate over the other.

B) Depending upon what is their relative position and Sign placement in a Horoscope Chart.
This matters because, as Sun with its characteristics rules seperate areas of life/Houses in a chart and also has influence of different #Zodiac Signs and #Nakshatras and so does VENUS, this will alter their behavior and Directions a little and consequentially our Drive, Direction and Approach to different Scenarios and Life during different time periods of life. This will consequentially lead to a more harmonious and Similar directional drive of both SUN and VENUS making them friends ("Tatkalik Maitri") temporarily or permanently in a Natives Birth Chart or may even make them worse enemies depending upon their position as they represent our motives, basic instincts and elements/characteristics of our Human Mind and our Consciousness and Approach to Life and other Events.

So friends this was my small topic on how Venus and Sun 'Roll' and how they make us feel or what aspect of our personality or mind is represented by them. Hope you liked reading it and i hope it increased your depth and perception of the Qualities, these planets represent and how to use these to analyse a Chart with Depth.

Thanks for Reading. Please |Comment| if you have any additions or other super Kool views and |Share| if you find it worth Spreading.

Thank you again! Have a nice Day! :) (y) O:) :) :)