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A Representation of the SUN, VENUS and the MOON in #ASTROLOGY and how they make us feel

A Representation of the SUN, VENUS and the MOON in #ASTROLOGY and how they make us feel ;) (y)

#SUN refers to our Principals, Goals, Status, Ambitions, Directions, Authoritativeness and our Perception of Authority and Status in this World. It is our Drive to have these Qualities and Perform as a Leader, King or father to the Masses. It is more of a Leader Setting Standards and Protocols or Rules or Principals that Should be followed by his dependents and the 'other regular masses' as per him. The King commands the services to be provided to the masses. It wishes to Stay Reputed and Adamant and confident about it. It may take suggestions but will not take orders or advises. It will listen to suggestions but finally order as per his Final Opinion and viewpoint because he has the Power and he wishes to stay in commend and in power and control of things, he wishes to be above all , looking at masses from a high position with Authority, stability, confidence and Peace and He is comfortable that way. He likes Supervising the common , normal laymen or the masses.

#VENUS On the other Hand would be represented words like  ''Harmony', 'Romance'.
It represents 'Harmonizing/connecting different types Consciousnesses(Minds)' by connecting, sharing, Making relationships and bonding etc.
Venus refers to "Making Relationships" with others people/opposite sex/common masses by living amongst/with them and not by living Above them.

It likes bonding with them, making a relationship with them (Sorry for the repetition) and understanding them. It refers to "COMPROMISING, SHARING, Giving and taking(in return)" , Expecting in return the same love , compassion and feelings and pleasure it gives to the opposite sex for pleasure/happiness and Sexual Gratification.

Meeting/blending/harmonizing into one body/combination/relationship  with the opposite Sex/ with Opposite poles in our life. Venus is the Relationship inducing/urging Planet in a Horoscope analysis. Venus wants to come into the masses/opposite sex and make love with them, make relationships with them and it enjoys those feelings. It lives the luxuries, gives itself comforts, enjoys the services and comforts he/she is receiving from any source e.g the King. :)

VENUSIAN love is give and take, it has connectivity, It gives something and demands the same gratification and pleasure and satisfaction in return , So it helps making bonds and connectivity.

On the other hand #Moon's love and care is unconditional and for all without any expectations or demands. It Gratifies only by loving and caring, nurturing and supporting with selfless love and Joy. It is emotional and Moody. It is sensitive and reacts to others feelings and emotions. It needs emotional Support if it is weak but it is different from the Give and take Relationship in Venus. If strong  It has no demands in return. It only "Gives" and "Reacts to your feelings and actions" to make you feel comforted and Happy. It Always wants to give comfort, support and Care. It helps you feel Good without the need of anyone's external support from within and helps you to give others the same. Moon in short is Sensitive, reacting to feelings, caring and supporting. It is a connection on an emotional plane which always gives, always stays and always loves/cares/supports/nurtures unconditionally and feels good about it.

So does Venus wants to make you comforted, GRATIFIED and Happy but it has the same demand in return to have a Permanent Bond and Connection. :)

1) Sun is the Innermost Planet. It represents the Inner Soul. It thinks about the 'SELF' While VENUS thinks about 'OTHER' /'opposite sex' /Their Partner or Relation. SUN thinks about the "SELF" while Venus thinks about the 'CONNECTION' (with the opposite) .
2)SUN represents "My Opinions", "My Goals" and My Desires while VENUS represents My Pleasures, My Gratification & My Desires too(related to relationships and luxuries) &
SUN Commands Loyalty and Standards and also VENUS wants Commitment in return in Relationships. Venus wants one to one bond, a Give and take connection of love, compassion and carnal bonding( unlike emotional bonding of moon).

SO we can see here that in some qualities (e.g 1) SUN and VENUS are against each other acting as enemies but at the SAME time their are some other qualities( e.g 2) where they COMPLEMENT & Support each others elements and forces acting as FRIENDS(as seen in point number 2 above).
Hence Overall they are neutral. ;) :) (y)
NOW, BEST CONNECTIONS need Privacy, depth, truth, and detachment from all others except your Partner. Where do you get the BEST Privacy and Depth and isolation. Yes, Right in the Sign of Pisces and the 12th house. No wonder VENUS Feels EXALTED here. ;) :) (y)


Here these Planets actually represent basic instinctual instincts of our Human mind and are actually different elements of our Perception, consciousness and Mental and Physical phenomena.

So here's another Crux. What do you think Should Sun and Venus behave like from the Perspective of friends or Enemies? How would a conjunction or Aspect between them work?

Well the Answer lies in two things.
A) Their Basic tenets/Characteristics and Driving Directions determining "Naisargik Maitri" as is said. Now i explain it on the basis of elements of Consciousness while it can be explained mathematically too which i will do later on. ;) :) (y)
Which obviously i think makes them a little unhappy with each other, because Sun wants to go for its Ambition and Status Alone and stay above and Supervise things on the other hand Venus wants a one to one Harmonious,  loving and Give and take connection. Preventing sun to run after its Dream of Power and Authority. So making them uncomfortable with each other. So depending upon the "SHAD Bala" and the Sign placement one Characteristic (Solar or venusian) will predominate over the other.

B) Depending upon what is their relative position and Sign placement in a Horoscope Chart.
This matters because, as Sun with its characteristics rules seperate areas of life/Houses in a chart and also has influence of different #Zodiac Signs and #Nakshatras and so does VENUS, this will alter their behavior and Directions a little and consequentially our Drive, Direction and Approach to different Scenarios and Life during different time periods of life. This will consequentially lead to a more harmonious and Similar directional drive of both SUN and VENUS making them friends ("Tatkalik Maitri") temporarily or permanently in a Natives Birth Chart or may even make them worse enemies depending upon their position as they represent our motives, basic instincts and elements/characteristics of our Human Mind and our Consciousness and Approach to Life and other Events.

So friends this was my small topic on how Venus and Sun 'Roll' and how they make us feel or what aspect of our personality or mind is represented by them. Hope you liked reading it and i hope it increased your depth and perception of the Qualities, these planets represent and how to use these to analyse a Chart with Depth.

Thanks for Reading. Please |Comment| if you have any additions or other super Kool views and |Share| if you find it worth Spreading.

Thank you again! Have a nice Day! :) (y) O:) :) :)


  1. Sun: The innermost planet, Centre of solar system, Governing the motion of all planets, And acting as the source of all energy and vitality here on earth plane represent Innermost Soul, inner drive, Ambition & Morals/Standards. The King who is also the centre of all activity and most important point in the Whole Kingdom or country. The Capital city which is the centre of all activities of a nation or father the provider and "source" for a family. Hence Sun represents all of this. 😇😊😎
    Thanks again everyone!! 😎😊😇

  2. Inner Soul and its Strength or Inner Strength. Faith in yourself, Your Self Confidence. :) Next post is even better and Liberating,, wait for it. (y) :)