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Combinations for Break-ups or Separations.

Combinations for difficulty in Making Relationships are different from Combinations for Break-ups or Separations.

A few Combinations for Separation from Husband in a female's chart:

(‪#‎NOTE‬: These Combinations promote seperation but PReventive combinations, their dashas and even a GOOD preventive combination in HUSBAND's Chart will Prevent and SAVE the Marriage, hence do not conclude straightaway)

1) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord is in ARDRA Nakshatra.
2) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord in the 6th house or Conjunct 6th lord.
3) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord in the 4rth Pada of REVATI Nakshatra
4) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord are in the 12th house from their Sign lords.
5) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord in MOOLA Nakshtra.
6) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord is above 28 degrees and 54 minutes in the chart in any Sign. &
7) Jupiter, Venus or 7th Lord is within 4 degrees and 24 minutes of PLUTO.
8) LEGAL or Physical Separation occurs mostly in Dashas of Saturn or Mars.
9) Other Dashas can cause breakups or Discord but official separation usually does not occur.
10) Venus or 7th lord in the 8th house or conjunct 8th lord can also cause transformation and ultimately either Refinement/improvement or Ending of a Relationship.
11) Impact of Rahu always causes disturbance and Confusion in Relationships and May cause multiple relationships as well as break-ups as well as it can cause FALSE Doubts specially of infidelity by the Native and hence a Negative factor, while impact of Ketu causes Sticking to ONE relation and not getting distracted but at the same time it is difficult to find 'the one'.


In case of a MALE Native we can replace this 'Jupiter' with the 2nd lord because it is the Accumulated family ofthe native.

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