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#TRUERemedies for a weak/Retrograde Saturn

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#TRUERemedies for a weak/Retrograde Saturn:

1) Try to Organize and Arrange everything around you in a Systematic and Beautiful Manner.

2) Make your Room very Beautiful, with everything placed at the right place in the right order and arrange preferably #YOURSELF.

3) Stay in an environment ( i.e your Office, Your Room or your Hotel room or even if you are sitting on a table in a restaurant) where things are arranged in a Mathematical or Polygonal fashion making a Regular and interpretable PATTERN.

4) Follow the Rules of LAW at your workplace or in the Society.

5) Be Punctual and Be on time, try to reach even before time.

6) Make atleast 1 activity that you do DAILY at the same time, in the same manner, repeatedly to accomplish a goal and Keep Growing in it. Something you do with persistance, Discipline and without any flaw. It should not depend upon your mood. And it should involve an effort or activity. 

7) Work with dedication, Persistence and with a feeling to SERVE someone or everyone.

8) Believe in YOURSELF. Never Give up.

9) ALWAYS collect fruits of your hard work IN TIME.

10) SERVE with 'SEVA BHAVA'. Do Voluntary free service for the underpriviledged in any manner. e.g Serving in a Gurudwara in ANY MANNER, Serving in a temple, Serving in an Old age home, Serving in an orphanage. Serve with a Healthy feeling of contentment and Fulfillment and Positivity and HOPE.

11) Serving in any manner or "SEVA" should be considered a divine , devotional and respectable thing.

12) DO not see service or 'seva' as a LOW thing, Consider it as the highest form of Service to Humanity, Consider it as an act of Fulfillment, devotion and Honor. Realize that it is something very important and that without it society cannot work.

13) RESPECT those who serve you, Behave well with those who SERVE you or the Society. Be it your employees, Be it your taxi driver, You Lift Man, Your Waiter, Your manager, a rickshaw puller, a laborer or anyone who is in Serving you in one manner or the other. Every Job and Work is a Duty and Every Job or Duty is Respectable as well as Equally Important to the Society. Everyone is contributing their part and if they don't everything else that is dependant upon them will come to a standstill Respect that fact and everyone who is fulfilling their role and duty in the society. RESPECT the Service industry. Behave well and in a Respectable manner. Remove feelings of Vanity or ego. Have feelings of Justice, equality, freedom and RESPECT for all.

13) Pray and Worship Lord Shani dev ji, read about him, His qualities, his teachings and understand the Astrological Attributes of Saturn to be able to accept and follow them.

14) Going to temple every Saturday, or better everyday helps in finding peace and stability.

15) Reading Hanuman Chalisa daily or atleast on tuesdays and Saturdays. This is not a magical or religious rememdy. It is actually to be done with a motive to IMBIBE the Character , the qualities and Good teachings of Lord Hanuman. His qualities like PERSISTANCE, COURAGE, DEVOTION AND OBEDIENCE TO HIS MASTER, HARD WORK, DOING EFFORTS AND DOING THEM IN THE RIGHT MANNER AS PER THE LAW, and all other Noble qualities in him and Not just to see his Picture or to Cram and Speak out the words without understanding any meaning and significance. Read with a feeling of Devotion, FAITH and ACCEPTANCE and Read with a motive to Understand and Implement the qualities in your life.

16) ACCEPT the truth, Say the Truth, NEVER CHEAT ANYONE. Do GOOD, Be Good, Be true and Be Honest. It's better to say the truth and accept a Harsh Result for short term than to LIE or CHEAT and face long term losses. Have a feeling of ACCEPTANCE of truth and you will feel STRONGER and You will be able to MOVE on ahead in life with faith, New Motivation and Dedication.


18) Believe in the Almighty POWER & GOD. Believe in Lord SHIVA and have FAITH in him.

19) Stay Relaxed and have Patience, Remember "This too shall Pass"

20) If you wish you can follow the remedies told by other Astrologers if you can. But do them with a sense of faith and Respect.

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Combinations for Break-ups or Separations.

Combinations for difficulty in Making Relationships are different from Combinations for Break-ups or Separations.

A few Combinations for Separation from Husband in a female's chart:

(‪#‎NOTE‬: These Combinations promote seperation but PReventive combinations, their dashas and even a GOOD preventive combination in HUSBAND's Chart will Prevent and SAVE the Marriage, hence do not conclude straightaway)

1) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord is in ARDRA Nakshatra.
2) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord in the 6th house or Conjunct 6th lord.
3) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord in the 4rth Pada of REVATI Nakshatra
4) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord are in the 12th house from their Sign lords.
5) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord in MOOLA Nakshtra.
6) Jupiter, Venus or 7th lord is above 28 degrees and 54 minutes in the chart in any Sign. &
7) Jupiter, Venus or 7th Lord is within 4 degrees and 24 minutes of PLUTO.
8) LEGAL or Physical Separation occurs mostly in Dashas of Saturn or Mars.
9) Other Dashas can cause breakups or Discord but official separation usually does not occur.
10) Venus or 7th lord in the 8th house or conjunct 8th lord can also cause transformation and ultimately either Refinement/improvement or Ending of a Relationship.
11) Impact of Rahu always causes disturbance and Confusion in Relationships and May cause multiple relationships as well as break-ups as well as it can cause FALSE Doubts specially of infidelity by the Native and hence a Negative factor, while impact of Ketu causes Sticking to ONE relation and not getting distracted but at the same time it is difficult to find 'the one'.


In case of a MALE Native we can replace this 'Jupiter' with the 2nd lord because it is the Accumulated family ofthe native.

Further research going on... :)

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An Article on ‪#‎Imprisonment‬ ‪#‎Confinement‬ ‪#‎Housearrest‬ ‪#‎Jail‬ experience in life of a Native.

An Article on ‪#‎Imprisonment‬ ‪#‎Confinement‬ ‪#‎Housearrest‬ ‪#‎Jail‬ experience in life of a Native.

In Order to end up in Jail a Native has to go through a series of steps in it's life

#Step 1: Performing an Action that is illegal and unacceptable to the Society or the rule of law in this state.

Planetary combinations:

1) ‪#‎SATURN‬ ‪#‎Retrograde‬ (which causes difficulty in external manifestations of saturn, see my article on retrogradation) or Saturn in ‪#‎Conjunction‬ with or aspected by RAHU specially in FIRE Signs i.e Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

2) Weakness of ‪#‎SUN‬ in the Natal Chart w.r.t to it's position, it's degrees (more than 28 degree 54 minutes) or Conjunction or Aspect of RAHU on SUN.

3) Jupiter Retro-gradation( externally righteous deeds are difficult to manifest), Jupiter's Debilitation, Placement of Jupiter in Ardra Nakshatra or in Conjunction with Rahu.

4) Mars in Conjunction with KETU or PLUTO or in KETU's NAKSHATRA or having an Aspect of these Planets.

#Step 2) There may be direct placement into this step in cases of false accusation.

Step 2 is #LITIGATION or legal process in a court of law which you must loose.

Planetary combinations:

1) Involvement of 6th house and 6th lord.

2) Saturn and Or Mahadasha Lord in 6th house or conjunct with 6th lord.

3) Mars in the 8th house.

4) Placement of Jupiter or Saturn in BHARANI( Lorded by YAMA the lord of justice and bearing the consequenses of one's deeds) or MOOLA (extremism and rigidity in ideology or action leading to dissolution of enemies or self) Nakshatra.

5) Debilitated Mars in 7th house or 3rd house.

6) 2nd lord or 4rth lord in Ardra , Bharani or Moola Nakshtra.

Step 3: Ending up in Jail:

"Ending up in Jail is a sudden event after loosing a legal fight where Justice prevails and one has to suffer and live in isolation from all."

Planetary Combinations:

1) MD or AD of Saturn or Jupiter. (note: they need not be debilitated or in bad shape, EVEN an exalted Saturn can send you to jail)

2) Sade-Satti of Saturn.

3) A Dasha Combination (MD +AD +PD) of a malplaced/unsupportive 4rth lord (place of accomodation), 6th lord (litigation), 8th lord (sudden transformation) and 12th lord (Isolation and Loss of self Esteem).

4) Dasha of a Planet in Ardra, Anuradha or Purva Bhadrapad nakshtra only in case the above Step 1 and 2 combinations co-exist.

Additional notes:

1) Contrary to the popular internet propaganda, RAHU is not the reason for imprisonment. It can be the cause of Doing Unlawful activities but the native Never ENDS UP IN A JAIL in RAHU MD or if Rahu is in the Ascendant or Aspecting the Ascendant or even if it is TRANSITING the ascendant. RAHU creates an illusion and fake image and never admits its faults. People give validation and status to rahu always even if it's methods are wrong ideologically. Hence the case. IMPRISONMENT can only occur in the DASHA of EXTERNAL PLANETS JUPITER AND SATURN OR in the dasha of a combination of a DAMAGED 4rth lord with 8th and 12th lord. Hence RAHU is actually a SAVIOR from imprisonment or confinement.

2) DASHA of an Ascendant or PUNARVASU nakshtra can save or bring back the native from jail.

3) Dasha of Ascendant, a well placed 2nd house, 4rth house or 11th house can also save or bring back the native from Captivation and Isolation.

4) Involvement of 3rd and 9th house (travelling) with step 1, 2 and 3 will promote chances of Imprisonment.

5) Karakas for imprisonment are mainly SATURN & JUPITER( As Planets) 4RTH, 8TH AND 12TH HOUSE( As houses) and BHARANI, ARDRA & MOOLA Nakshtras.

6) MARS in the 6th house or Benefics in the 6th house also SAVE the Native by overcoming all litigation and enemies.

7) Malefics on both sides of the ascendant i.e in the 12th and 2nd house with no benefic influence on the first house is a combination that will promote Jail like sufferings in a native's life.

Hence this is a brief post on Imprisonment.

8) In addition Combination of the above Steps 1,2 and 3 with Dhanishta Nakshtra or PADA 1 & 2 of the Nakshatra of REVATI will promote Confinement in a Jail and isolation from all.

A few more points will be added soon.
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