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Consequences of Time Travel ('Everything is Consequential & Significant') : PART - 1

Consequences of Time Travel ('Everything is Consequential & Significant') :

Effects of a single change will resonate till the end of eternity and will influence or change the future BIG time.

Time travel should be Suspended and Banned as soon as the required technology is 

developed as long as we are not prepared to deal with or handle the changes or 

Consequences that will follow. This article will show you how just "Appearing" in the Past will change the future of the Whole universe forever and how just a slight/small changes in the Past can bring about HUGE changes or Big changes in the future and have great impacts on the future. How a slight shift or change can ENORMOUSLY change the future.

Here i am writing an article about that. i have been having these thoughts and fragments of i
deas and views with my thought experiments for a long time about how things work and 

follow. As i said in one of my previous posts/articles,"EVERYTHING IS CONSEQUENTIAL" 

TILL THE END OF THE ETERNITY. 'Everything', Every action, event, thought, idea, data 

processing process, Word spoken to a Sight Seen ( which is also a form of data processing 

by this nature made machine called the CNS or central nervous system as we gather 

information/data in the form of photons on our retina by adjusting our lens' focal length and 

the direction of our face and eyes, which is transported and processed and understood by 

our Brain's Nerves, Occipital lobes and Cerebral cortex respectively and then makes us react accordingly 

to it, anyhow...) so everything and every event that occurs no matter how small or huge is Consequential and the 

consequences or effects of that event will have consequences and results till the end of this eternity, for all the 

future to come, like a chain reaction till the universe exists or i would say it may even affect 

the duration/life-time of the whole universe.

What has happened in the past 14 billion years is a timeline of events. what will follow is also 

a time line to come. Now ... to be continued..

Okay So Now, in this post i have to write about what will be the consequences of TIME 


Here's an example i wish to share to express the idea.

Suppose, In the near future say year 2045 AD,  My friend Larry ( i like that name) invents a 

"Time" Machine. He is super excited to use it and put it to test. He decides he wants to Go 

back to the year 1974 , just to Observe that time and Hang out a while in that era. how things 

were , how people lived, without any Cell phones or the Internet. Now Imagine he enters 

inside his machine and Presses a few buttons on the holographic screen in front of his eyes 

and enters his co-ordinates for teleportation through space and time. He commands the 

computer to send him to Boston, USA, Date February 4, 1974 and Initiates launch. The 

Machine starts, and Poof,, In the flick of an eye, Larry dissapears from the lab. Larry opens 

his eyes and he is standing in a park in Boston USA. it is year 1974. 

Okay, So now from here on, from this very moment, from this single event, the whole future 

of the entire Human Race, Mankind and the Whole Universe will change. Lets see what 

happens next... 

As soon as Larry 'Appeared' at this place, it occupied some space and displaced the Air 

molecules there. This changed the alignment of Future motion of all the molecules of Air on 

the Whole Planet. Just his appearance will change the subsequent motion of all the molecules

 of air on earth forever. ;)  

Though seemingly insignificant , the appearance of Larry changed the 

interactions between all the matter in this whole universe. Why? The Gravitational 

interactions between the all the matter that exists in this whole universe including the stars, 

planets, the trees and the humans "Changed" as soon as larry appeared in this Timeline at 

february 4, 1974. Now there exists a Gravitational force between larry and all the matter in 

this whole universe including the force of gravitational attraction between larry and all the 

people in Boston, 1974, all the planets and animals and black holes and everything and larry 

has affected their motion, though minuscule small but Larry has DONE it. The Gravitational 

force between larry and the earth, between larry and all other human beings, between larry 

and all the matter that exists in this whole universe now Exists, while without Larry's 

intervention of "time travel' it would never have existed. This force has cause a change in the 

timeline of all humans, all animals, all planets, all the stars and the collective timeline of the 

whole universe that will follow from now. Larry has affected the motion and futures of the all 

the stars and planets in this whole universe by his sudden 'appearance' on Feb 4, 1974 in 

this universe. ;) These affects or changes may seem insignificant to human life and future of 

all humans on the planet but wait,, there's more to see, 

There will be a multitude of effects , both short term as well as long term, measurable as well 

as unmeasuable. A lot in the future will have changed in this entire universe and on this 

earth by his appearance both at the moment he appeared and also in the time that will 

follow. The future will alter both because of his 'appearance/creation' in that moment and also 

because of the Interactions(both anthropological as well as physical) he will do with his 

surroundings in the times to come. But here we will narrow down our focus on a few events 

that may follow to understand what could possibly Happen. We will focus on a single chain 

of events or i would say A single trajectory of events. ;)

 We will learn how A small change in the Initial starting conditions, or a small change in time 

timeline or flow of eternity will lead to different trajectories, different chains of events or 

different timelines and development of great differences over time resulting in the final 

outsomes/ final scenarios & final conditions that are totally different from ehat would have 

been otherwise & development ofentirely different timelines. A Single Change/a single 

event/disturbance in the Previos/original Timeline will start an entirely different chain of 

events and create a totally different timeline and the futures over time will keep getting more 

and more different.

Lets say larry appeared at this moment in time. because of larry's appearance, the air was displaced a bit and it caused a small gush of air to flow in some direction. That say caused some bird or a small butterfly to fly away of fear. The bird changes its path or direction of flight as soon as it sees larry appearing. The bird sees does into another direction and does not find her mate which it was meant to find on it's normal course if larry wasn't there. It finds Another mate later and create a different lineage of birds, which fly in directions different from the original timeline. May be in the original timeline, the bird's Original progeny had to be one day used to create a vaccine that would save the world, or attract the attention of a scientist at a very specific moment to cause him to have an epiphany for a huge discovery. May be these progeny will harbour a virus that will eradicate humanity from the planet. Anyways leaving the bird, lets focus on the butterly. Say the butterly changed its direction bcz of larry. the butterfly will then fly in a slightly different direction from destined and say sit on or pollinate Flower B instead of Flower A on an Apple tree near by. This cause Flower A to wither in time and Flower B to form an Apple. A Man (say Mr.X) passes that tree in a few months. He grabs the apple from Position B instead of Position A(change 1) . Because of being on Position B , he sees a wonderful sight, like say a Beautiful Girl, which he would not have seen if he Grabbed an apple from Position A, bcz of someone standing in the way. This makes him wait for a few seconds to stay at that place and watch the beautiful Girl or may be think about trying to approach her(observed change 2) . There are thousands of possibilities at every moment of time to happen. Each choice will create a different future for the whole universe and everyone in it. okay putting that aside, lets focus on the Mr.X.

This change causes Mr. X to look at the Girl for a few moments and then continue on his Path/Aim he was persuing. Bcz of a delay of a few seconds, Mr. X Reaches the Road crossing a few metres ahead of the tree a few seconds later. Mr. X misses the green light at the signal by just 5 seconds. He stops (observed change 3) This causes another theif named Mr. Y to steal his purse (Obseved change 4). Mr. X crosses the light 1 minute later(observed change 5). He reaches the other side and calls for the Cab. He sits in A CAB and misses the cab he was to sit in the original timeline.( Observed change 6). He has to share the cab with a Pretty Girl (OC 7). on the 40 minute ride, Mr X and Miss t become friends. (OC 8) Mr.X and Miss t start datng and make out.(oc 10) MIss t becomes pregnant. (O 11) Miss t gives birth to a child and becomes a single mother. ( OC 12) A child comes into being , grows in poverty, decide to remove poverty, enters politics and grows up to become the President of the united states. (OC 13) He invests money into NASA to send BIG Ship to Mars. (OC 13) at some point of time different then it would have happened otherwise. The PUSH by the exaust of Gasses coming out of the rear end of the Rocket cause the earth to be pushed too, though a little( say 1 billionth of a mm) from its normal path in the orbit and the cosmos. (OC14) This cause the Earth to be at an Entirely different location in the orbit around the sun or in the cosmos (in around 1000000000000 years) causing entirely different Seasons, or weather patterns or Many other changes on a HUGE Scale. ( OC 15) Meanwhile , Mr. X missed meeting Miss P who was sitting in the cab A he missed. Miss U finally ends up marrying Mr U. Mr U and Miss P give birth or Mr. D and Mr W. They cause a sequence of events that never happened in the original timeline and also caused dissapearance of a multitude of events that were to happen in the original timline. Mean while say Mr. X and Miss P had to bear a child that would make the largest ship in the world, like titanic, which would sink and cause hundreds to loose their life, while due to Just Larry's appearance and change in the path of a butterfly, and thus a different flower being pollinated , and a small change in the trajectory/ path of Mr.X they never met, they never had children who will make the titanic like ship and the ship will never sink.( OC 16) This will change the whole population. Who will exist and who will not. (OC 17) say The President born out of Mr. X will declare Declare a War while The other timeline's president did not.


So here's the thing , small change in the initial conditions, a small change in 1 seemingly insignificant event will set up a different series of events and cause HUGE changes in the Future to come with time. Every event is important in the timeline of this universe. 1 change in the timeline and the whole timeline that will follow will be different from the original one. how different it depends but the it will definitly be different. May be slightly may be Extensively but it will be different. :)

So i say going to the Past or sending anything, Data, Machines, Things or Humans to the Pat can have dire changes in the timeline that we night even exist. A small change like changing the direction of wind , or a change in the path of flight of a butterfly can eventually lead to a World War or a Mass Pandemic or even save the whole planet destined to be doomed. we cannot calculate how much will change yet i guess.

"Beauty, lust, feelings, emotions can be converted to mathematical rations and numbers and mathematical expressions."

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Satrun represents SYSTEMS, MACHINES, ORGANISATIONS, STRUCTURES, ORDER AND LAWS. It is what represents what is the ultimate purpose or duty or Goal of an entity or sequence of events or phenomena. It represents discipline, regularity, repetitiveness, and lack of things that deviate one form one's goal like moods, imaginations, hopes or spirituality. Saturn represents the reality AND FUNCTIONING OF THE PRACTICAL WORLD and all the systems in it. It represents a dry, monotonous, regular , duty oriented, disciplined and pragmatic nature & personality. A nature or attitude without which Success in any venture is impossible. You cannot be successful in anything if you do not persistently make efforts in a disciplined as well as planned manner.

INNOVATION or PLANNING comes from JUPITER , The Discipline and PLAN in itself is represented by SATURN and implementing the PLAN or SYSTEM is represented by MARS. To know more about how MARS and Saturn are linked read my article on MARS. 

It can be compared to an Agricultural Crop Field or Growth of a Seed on Earth. Once the Seeds of a Crop are sown in the Soil (Say Wheat) , they will first Sprout into Small Seedlings, .then they will Slowly Grow at their Predetermined (Genetically and a little bit environmentally) determined pace, become a small plant, & then finally grow into a fully developed wheat crop/plant full of wheat fruits and seeds ready to be harvested and give the fruit of our hard work, Patience and Predetermined Growth. If a seed of a Banyan Tree is Planted , it will sprout into a small Plant, then grow bigger with time at it's own Pre-determined Pace and Once day become a Huge fruitful, Strong, Sturdy and Shady Banyan tree. It's unshakable while when it was a seedling it was fragile, but with time and Continuous and consistent Growth it became that Strong ,sturdy and Unshakable Huge Tree. Now the Growth of Crops in a field and this tree occurs at a determined pace and speed and with Consistency. It is unstoppable and Determined to be a Mature Crop or a Huge Tree but it will occur at the Pace that is determined for it. It will neither occur Earlier nor Later. A Wheat seedling will turn into a full grown Wheat plant one day. It is Destiny. But neither can you speed it up and Reach that Maturity or Destiny Sooner then Determined nor Later. Nor will it reach Maturity a day earlier nor a Day Late. Neither early nor late. it is Going to reach it's fate on that exact moment. This is the Law of Nature and all abide by it. It's the Nature and Duty of that wheat Seedling to Grow into a Wheat Plant and the Banyan Seedling to Grow into a Banyan tree. A wheat seedling cannot Grow into a Banyan tree nor the Banyan tree seedling tree Grow into Wheat Plant with any modifications. You can enhance or Delay the Certain Fate of the Seedling by changing it's Environmental/External Support and Conditions by a few days here and there but you cannot change it's Certain Fate or what it is meant to be or do. It has a limitation to grow at that determined pace and to become that Particular Plant or Tree one day when the Right time comes. As Humans We can change internal Environment and Perception to "things" or "Fate" but we cannot change it. As it says in the 'Terminator 3', "Judgement day is Inevitable, it can only be postponed". We can change our internal environment, feelings and Perception and attitude towards things. May be with our Prayers or efforts we can change the External Environment too, But fate and Destiny and has some rules that are certain and Determined and will be Executed in due time and usually at the Pre-determined TIME in the Sequence that is meant to be followed.

Saturn is the 2nd Largest Planet and is the Outermost Planet encircling all other Planets (elements of Consciousness) in the Visible Solar System to the unaided eye and the Vedic Astrology Birth Chart. It is Slow and Determined and Persistent in it's Path and limits all other Inner Planets / elements of Consciousness within it. It is Slow and Steady but it the one that Determines our fate, and it is the one that Wins. 

Saturns' ill placement, weakness, affliction by malefics or Retrogradation weakens our ability to understand this and accept fate. It does not allow us to Accept the PACE we are meant to follow or the Direction that is Determined for our motion. We Rebel principals like Discipline , Regularity, Steadiness, Destiny , Universal laws, Patience, Dutifulness and Social Justice and find a tough time with these elements of our consciousness or these elements of Reality.

We have to reconsider and re-analyse them repeatedly or Just blatantly Ridicule and Reject them as the overall planetary alignment will say. These Attributes in out Personality may prove useful or harmful in the long run, i have absolutely no idea at present.

Understanding of truth and Having Patience and Acceptance of these elements of reality with the Constant Will to Fight and to keep trying till the Desire is Accomplished or the Goal is reached is Every Human's Duty.

Anyways, Moving on..

It represents People of lower Strata, Poor and Old people, Common People or Population, Voters in a Democracy, Physically Challenged People, Labor Class, Farmers or Class 4 employees in Govt. sector jobs  etc. 

Remember we have all the POWER in the form of Consciousness and Awareness.  

Stay Tuned & Keep Visiting my blog for more.

Thank you all.