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RAHU >> The Ascending Node of MOON.

RAHU >> The Ascending Node of MOON.

Here's a Post to familiarize you about the Planet Rahu and how it is related to our consciousness. After reading this you'll have a clear Picture of Why you are , what you are and Why you roll the way you roll in this life. ;) O:) :)

So here it is,

ASTRONOMICALLY, Rahu is the Ascending Node of the moon. This implies that It is the point in the Orbit of the Moon where it Goes Above the Elliptic Plane or the 'Plane of orbit of the earth & the Sun'. It is the Point where Moon( Our Mind/'Mann' in hindi) comes above and Beyond.


#RAHU is INSATIABLE & UNQUENCHABLE ; Does not understand Peace, Calmness, Satisfaction and Stability, Is UNSTABLE, Never Content, Never Settles & Breaks Barriers. It Represents DISSATISFACTION, Impulsiveness, Childish nature with instability and immature Actions and views, Wants to try everything, try new things, make faults and then learn from its experiences and not by pre-set standards or teachings of a Guru or society. It Represents DOUBT and false beliefs, Has SELF CREATED ETHICS and Logic (not universal ethics and principals like those of Jupiter and Saturn which when applied are for good of one and all simultaneously but self created ones that are of use or are good to self only and not everyone else), It represents MULTIPLICATION, AMPLIFICATION, MANIPULATION, MUTATION, ILLUSION, FALSE BUT FIRM BELIEF IN SOMETHING, PROMISCUITY, FETISHES, UNCONVENTIONAL AND UN-NATURAL DESIRES, WISHES & VIEWS, IT REPRESENTS EXPLOSIONS, Distractions, Blue colored SMOKE, EXTREMISM and the DESIRE for MORE at every stage; It wants more & more at every stage ; It Wants to Go Above and Beyond;  It was to come outside the box and see what is above and beyond; It wants to Break the Rules and Break boundaries and come out; It Wants to Go Outside the Box(Customs) by breaking Laws/Boundaries/ 'Rules' & Regulations etc; It is an Extremist (One extreme or the other extreme); It is Massive expansion or Explosion. It wants more and more; It wants Approval and Status; It wants Validation of it's views and its Existence; (Still does not get Content and Quenched after getting them); It represents Multiplication and Excess of Stuff; It represents a never ending desire to Grow , Multiply,  Achieve and Acquire at any cost and by any means. It also represents Darkness as it is outer side of the Lunar orbit were there is deep empty endless space to be explored. It can make you Adventurous and fearlessly leaping into the unknown or fearfully or the unknown and leaping out and above. Rahu also represents Illusions and false beliefs (but very firm false beliefs) and Virtual reality (Internet, video games etc).  
It believes the Something to be reality and its actions to be justified but Reality is something different and The real path that should be followed is different. It makes you follow a false and Wrong path based on the illusions and false and Extreme beliefs in Incorporates in you or follows. 

Rahu wants Validation and Status at any Cost or by any means and wants to be Above everything else. It wants what it wants at whatever it takes and weather the Aim is right or wrong and the method to achieve the aim is right or wrong it does not care. Rahu is a very Good Manipulator and can morph/change into anything to achieve it's Desire. It does not believe in or comply with or 'is able to see' Pre -set Morals/Standards/Rules/Conventions or Ethics. It Ridicules or Rejects them or is unable to understand and see them, Instead It makes it's own Conventions/rules/principals and ethics that work best in his own interest. It has illusions and misconceptions which may make one feel Good or Bad depending upon the Sign and House Placement.  

Rahu is Malleable, Morph-able or Mutable. It can change or morph or adapt to its best interest. It Imbibes the Characteristics of the Planet aspecting it and the Sign/Nakshatra it is Placed in. It takes some of the characteristics of the Sign it is placed in and also the Planet that aspects it. 

It can easily MUTATE and Morph very easily into something or someone that is useful for it's Existence & Validation and for the Accomplishment of it's Goals. 

Rahu is also very Dramatic, Expressive and Narcissistic. Rahu( Representing Massive Explosive expansion and Narcissism) as i wrote is very good Good in Morphing and Manipulating and Asserting it's existence and achieving the Reputation as well as Status it wants to achieve helps to create very Good ACTORS, POLITICIANS and STAGE PERFORMERS if it is Aspecting and or is aspected by a Well placed VENUS from a Beneficial and Helpful Sign and house and also Mercury( representing communication , reflexes, Genuineness and wittiness) and Sun (for Status, fame, authority and Government) are well placed in a Natives Chart. 

I Hope it explains a few characteristics and a gives a brief idea about it's characteristics and Qualities. Also There are things it believes are right and some it believes are wrong as per him based on weather they are in his interest or not. Rahu wanted the 'Nector of Immortality' and so he morphed into a "Deva" or "God" and Acted and behaved like them to mix into them and to get it. Now this story is just a symbolic, to show that what one believes is right and Justified (for himself specially) may not always be Right and Justified and Useful to all in General. God bless all!!!:) :) :) O:) (y) O:) :)
:) :) O:) (y) :) :) O:) :) :)

how will it affect you?

Here's a list of how Rahu affects different Planets:
Then in POst number 2 we'll discuss the effects in different Houses.
And post 3 will be on Signs.
Note: IN all these below, we assume no other influence on the planet, especially 'Ketu' which we'll deal later. #Ketu's Conjunction with the planets below will totally Alter the Scenario.

Rahu + Sun (Aspect or Conjunction) : This Person's Soul is Never Satisfied. They will have an unquenchable desire always to be a Leader or a King by any means. This Person will be prone to Break laws of society. It Does not have Good Principals or Moral Values. It Damages Attributes like one's Soul's Purity, Dignity, Self Respect(internally), Status in Society, Principals, Moral Values or Maintaining some STANDARDS And PRINCIPALS and Family Values. It wants Validation in Status and Shows off or Manipulates to achieve that validation. Makes a Cunning Leader who wants more and more Power by any means and is never quenched or satisfied with it. Wants Dignity and Status in Society but internally does not posses those ideals or Dignity of a King. It's father may even leave him and go to Far off distant places and Not perform his duties as a Good guardian or Father or this person may never Inherit his Fatherly Family traditions and Culture. It's Soul is unquenchable, Never Content, Desirous and Outrageous. It is Manipulative,  Cunning and Ambitious to achieve a Status, Dignity and Authority by any means. Can become a very Highly reputed Politician or Leader.

to be continued...

2) Rahu Aspecting or Conjunct the Moon: /

Moon represent our 'Mann'/'Chitt'/ Mind/ Emotional State, Feelings, Reaction and sensitivity or response to Emotions and feelings. Out inner mind and Intentions. Represent unconditional Love and Care. Represents care and nurturing qualities and the Mother with all her motherly Qualities.
Now, Rahu Impacting MOON> IN one line: EXTREMES OF ALL EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS, Illusions/false beliefs regarding many emotions AND NEVER CONTENT WITH what is possessed until there is a beneficial influence of Jupiter .

The native will have a Mind which is Adventurous; Which has Sinister/weird/unconventional plans and Habits, Whose mind is into doing unlawful/unnatural activities breaking societal taboos and Traditions. There is both Exaggeration as well as an Excess and Never ending Desire related to the attributes of the Moon. Loves unconditionally to the extreme. If they are into a Sinister Activity they do it with all their heart. The Mind may Be thinking Wrongly under an illusion or false belief but still having a fir belief that they are right in their views and their perception is correct.  This illusion takes the native to have a wrong illusionary mindset and follow a wrong path which may appear Gratifying and Justified.
The Person is Emotionally more and more demanding. They are also very outrageous in loving and caring about people in their life. There is both a more then normal or Excessive (depending upon the closeness) GIVING of CARE and Love for to their close friends/partners/loved ones and also more then normal or excessive EXPECTATION of the same care, love and affection from their loved ones/friends/partners etc.
THEY both give and demand care and love in excess of regular people. :) THIS RAHU Moon conjunction can therefore be called of as an "EMOTIONAL MANGLIK DOSHA" or and "EMOTIONAL Amplification DOSHA" because both partners should have it to stabilize and neutralize the imbalance. Impact of JUPITER or a Well placed (house wise or Sign wise) Moon in D1 or D9 will obviously make Moon more Strong, Dignified, Able to view Reality, Caring, Soft hearted, Stable and Satisfied. Rahu Amplifies moons Attributes as we can see above. Also it will make the Mind Break boundaries, THINK & DESIRE BEYOND REGULAR CONVENTIONAL ideas and stuff respectively and be involved in Social taboos, UN-NATURAL tendencies and uncommon/unconventional Desires and FETISHES. For example, if they have an unnatural desire, They are gonna go fulfill it, no matter what. (unless no other benefic impact).
People Who desire to Go to the top of Mount Everest in a Red Ferrari with their Girl-friend to have an ice-cream and then apply a tent their to have some sinister/ unique/fetish time with their Partner are this type. lol just an example.

They have Sinister or unconventional desires and they go any extent to fulfill them. They may also easily become Drug addicts or Have unquenchable Obsessive Habbit of something for exapmple people who do drugs, or Drink alcohol Daily or watching Pornography or are into any other bad habbit they wish to perform daily or excessively to achieve some gratification from it every day but it is never ending desire and they never actually get Gratification.
Obviously this also creates a Manipulative, Cunning, DESIROUS and Lustful as well as Emotionally Outrageous , Caring and Demanding and unsatisfied Personality ( both in giving and expecting)

NOTE: The above is the influence of RAHU on MOON. The Moon definitely will have other influences and Qualities in a chart as well in addition to the above which will either Cancel out or enhance the above effects. :) :)

#REMEDY:  Need to Meditate and feel Content and Proud of what you have is Best. Feel Satisfied and on the top of the world Already to feel better ;) :):)

 Tip as an overall #remedy: Try to have these feelings > Excess of Everything is Bad( even romance, lust, money, Power, Speech, Knowledge, discipline or anything good thing you can imagine) , You have enough and more then Many. You are happy, Content, complete and in the Best Possible scenario.

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