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JUPITER - KETU Conjunction - The REAL Picture

A Jupiter and Ketu Conjunction or Jupiter's placement in any of Ketu's Nakshtras like Ashwini, Magha or Moola will make the Native feel they have a very Complete and holistic type of wisdom which is complete or 'whole' in every aspect and is beyond and above every one elses'.
It makes People who are Very Firm and Orthodox believers in their beliefs.
They Feel their wisdom and ideologies and Complete and Perfect in every respect and that they are the Best Teachers and that Everyone should listen to them.
Ketu which is Rigidity, Focus, Unidirectionalism, Self-Assurance and Wholeness or unification and Completeness When Combines this Giant, Wise, Optimistic and Ideological teacher and Guide named Jupiter makes them a Very FIRM BELIEVER in his Beliefs. 

These people have a very focused, unique, original , true(mostly) , complete, and Orthodox belief system.
‪#‎Ashwini‬ Jupiter is more of Impulsive, Optimistic, Creative and Motivating Wisdom. They Show everyone a Vision as to how they can Grow and Rise and Rejuvenate themselves. Very Good at healing or Bringing new life and Elation in All via their Firm Beliefs , Motivating speeches and Firm Faith. It is the least orthodox of all i believe as it has potential to grow in all possibilites. It is the most Positive of all.
On a Practical Plane this is Good for entrepreneurs and Go Getters.

‪#‎Magha‬ Jupiter: Self Assured, Sustaining and Royal Wisdom. These people will believe in Sustaining and Governing all with their wisdom.

‪#‎Moola‬ Jupiter: The Most FIRM & Rigid believer in their beliefs, as it is also in the Signs of Belief Systems i.e Sagittarius, so much so that they can either Destroy or get Destroyed for an ideology or belief. This can be seen in orthodox religious leaders or terrorists too. This Immense Faith in oneself and a Single blind Direction is sure to give the Native a LOT of Height, Status and Power in his life but if the Native is Wrong and ill-willed in his beliefs causing harm to others via his orthodox beliefs it will certainly cause destruction and Downfall of Self.
Now 2 things which come out of this are:
1) This combination will bless the native with Material Properity but never demand or desire for it. It is as a gift to a saint who has renounced everything and all that is important for him/her are his beliefs with a wish wanting good of others(may be his community members or all humanity) with an attitude of the SIGN involved that they are given so much respect and status in society.
2) Even the 3 Nakshtras(Creations) of Planet Ketu has the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and SadaShiva Incorporated in them as You can clearly see in them as first one being a More f Initiator, Second one as a Sustain-er and the 3rd one and the most powerful of all relating to the Root of everything and the ultimate truth i.e In the end everything Dissolutes and Death comes to Erase everything.

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Truth about Retro-grade Planets!

Truth about Retro-grade Planets!

#Myths BUSTED and #Truth Revealed!!!!! #AnOriginalStory with reasons. O:) :) (y)

This post is a very brief one explaining the practical effects in general, If you all want an even more detailed analysis on retro planets visit my previous posts here at

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© COPYRIGHT Dr. Rohit Sharma

Finally you can accept this truth which is not given in any of the classical texts, and which is not copied from anywhere nor has it ever been taught by anyone yet. It is 100% an original work and concluded by me after my continuous, observations, thought provoking ideas and repeated experimentation.

People give such a WIDE RANGE of theories and assertions about retrograde planets which they come at from God knows where without ANY SINGLE Logical or even philosophical reasoning or explanation. They just blatantly give such befooling assertions which if given a thought are quite obvious to be true partially in every case.

First of all I will share some of these Vague and Baseless Assertions or I should say MISCONCEPTIONS that are running on the Internet these days:

 #Myth No: 1 – “An Exalted Retrograde planet gives BAD results like it is debilitated and vice versa.”

A brief Explanation: How can such a lame statement be true. A planet is exalted or debilitated based on how it’s characteristics blend with the characteristics of that particular SIGN. Like a Goal Oriented Action taking MARS that follows the Orders of a King with Honesty and Vigour feels Good in Fiery and Impulsive Aries, Feels Good in Transforming, Reacting(Permanently) and Action taking Scorpio and feels Exalted in the Orderly and Rule-abiding Sign of Capricorn. Now How can a retro Mars behave like a debilitated Mars in Capricorn,, Either Mars has changed or the sign of Capricorn has turned its nature into a cancerian one,,lol. The truth is NOTHING of this sort has happened. What has actually changed is what you will soon know.

#Myth No: 2:
A Retrograde Planet gives Variable, inconsistent and Changing results from time to time:

The Assertion is so lame and against any Scientific Attitude that I need no explanation to prove it is ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

#Myth no: 3:

A retrograde Planet gives results of the House 7th from it.:
OMG, Now what can I say. EVERY planet aspects the house 7th from it. What a clever strategy to befool everyone and prove yourself right. Lol
Anycase, See your own chart if you have a retro planet, What are you doing or facing in life the effects of the house the planet is retro in or the effects of the house it is giving 7th aspect at.

Think about it..
Confused… You can never say anything,, this such  a clever statement to befool everyone, but from all the charts now I have seen the Effect is of the house it is sitting in and not 7th. I will share 5 charts as example charts in the End so wait for it.

#Myth No 4:
A retrograde planet behaves like it’s vedanta or opposite planet and hence gives bad results in it’s own sign and Good results in an Enemy sign.

OMG, lol – All these things make me feel so annoyed. Anyhow, let move on..
See I can understand WHY people came to these assertions or MYTHS or Misconceptions in their analysis. These results were obtained bcz they didn’t look deep enough or they didn’t looked at all and just crammed what being taught. I understand how these results or myths can be derived by a careless approach of an astrologer and I will explain the ultimate truth to you soon in this Article.

How can Jupiter (R) behave like Venus and Venus (R) behave like Jupiter or Saturn ® behave like Mars and Mars (R) behave like Saturn? This is what this Myth or Assertion says over the internet. My Jupiter MD is going on which is Retrograde in my chart in the 3rd house in Aries Sign and in 2nd house in cusp chart in Pisces (Sign is irrelevant in cusp charts as per some) anyhow. I never felt like I am going through the MD of VENUS in Aries or Venus in 2nd house or Venus in Pisces. But you know what there are some results that you will get in this case that will resemble Venusian traits and that is what led to this MISCONCEPTION among many.

Anyhow, moving on,

#Myth no 5:

A retrograde planet is going to make you suffer and fail in it’s dashas.
Explanation: Keep reading further.

#Myth No 6: It gives the Results of the Previous House.

Again a Lame statement bcz in mony of the charts it will automatically move to the previous house in the cusp chart and hence give some results of that house. Hence it is not bcz it is RETROGRADE, it would have happened even in a Prograde scenario too. And No planet can give results of a house it is neither sitting in nor aspecting nor owning etc.

Okay,, So there were a few Myths circulating over the Internet.

Now, let us come to what my observations and Experiments say. I wish to express here what I deduced since now.

I will start here with a small explanation and create a little background for you using ASTRONOMY of retrograde planets and also HOW ASTROLOGY was invented and RULES OF ASTROLOGY CREATED using OPTICALLY VISIBLE PHENOMENA FROM EARTH frame of reference. ALL RULES and hence ROOTS of Astrology are based how things appear from earth and how they influence our Planet Earth and it’s Beings. Many orthodox people are NEVER open to new ideas or finding out a truth because as I said they are ORTHODOX AND EGOISTIC. Anyhow let’s begin.

A Small astronomical fact:

A Retrograde planet appears to move retrograde as seen from earth but heliocentrically and in reality it is still moving forward and is still the same planet in the Same sign. It’s like it is internally still the same guy but externally appears to be going in the opposite direction.

In Addition Whenever a Planet is retrograde it is it’s closer to earth in mutual orbits. I mean when a Planet goes retrograde during that part of it’s orbit it is much closer to earth and it’s orbit then during the regular Prograde motion and hence it is OPTICALLY very near and hence has a HIGHER INFLUENCE on our PSYCHE and MIND. As I said planets are assigned roles deep down based on how close they are OPTICALLY SEEING FROM EARTH and THAT will determine how much that planet influences our Psychology. Why do you think are the SUN and the MOON represent the biggest Areas of our Psychology as per astrology i.e the mann(chitt/mind) and the soul/character. And hence a Retrograde planet being nearer than usual and appearing closer and bigger as seen with the naked eye also has a Higher influence on us compared to a normal Prograde version of that planet on us. Hence we cannot avoid predicting using them bcz retrograde planets are highly influential and their results and effects can overpower all other results in a chart.

Important NOTE: Whatever the retrograde planet is in your chart you are TOO INVOLVED in that area of your life always or in the houses it owns.

#Assertion 1:
Okay that said, now you know how they being nearer to earth in retrograde path affect our psyche a lot more than usual. We pay attention to its attributes a lot more then usual.

Moving further ,
#Assertion 2: Every Planet has internal specifications and External specifications.
Internal are those that are at the level of Thought , Ideas, Emotions, that are Abstract, include inner Peace, Inner Feeling of Accomplishment etc and things or ideas that cannot be touched.

External are those that are tangible, of the Practical world, externally visible results of something and Practical success.
Now A retrograde planet owing to it being visible as or appearing to be going retrograde or lagging behind in speed but still in reality being the Same planet moving in the Same direction with the same usual speed will do what?

Here is the result,
You will see that the internal inner specifications of that planet are the same or actually ENHANCED in us (why? Because it is now very near to earth in it’s orbit). A retrograde Mars (Internal specifications of MARSlike Goal Oriented thoughts, Anger, Passion ENHANCED) but external Specifications show REPEATED Attempts to attain but failures, Retrying, falling back and trying again from ZERO. You rise to a level, fall back and start over again hence IN Mars, Efforts to accomplish external wordly Goals will not get Manifested. I said Efforts are not manifested , I did not say Goals are not manifested. One cannot make that Effort as one should.

Likewise Jupiter (r) Internally
A Very wise, mature, knowledgeable and Understanding person. Well behaved, Magnanimity in thought and ideas.
Externally, Difficulty creating Or finishing Projects, or Gaining Wealth and money or Gold, May even cause difficulty getting children or making franchisees. All internal specifications of Jupiter are enhanced bcz of proximity and sameness of Jupiter and external are delayed and demand repeated attempts due to optically visible retrogradation.

Saturn (r) Internal Specifications: Sense of Justice, Sense of fair play, Sense of Discipline, how should things be, All very Good (y)
Externally: No discipline in life, Very difficult to follow schedule and time, No order and structure in surroundings, No external manifestation of this inner sense how how things should be.

Venus (r) Internally: Romantic feelings and desires, Appreciation of beauty,
Externally: No successful external or tangible relationships after repeated attempts. A previous relationship can come back.

Assertion 3: The External Manifestations of a planet and also the houses it rules are difficult to achieve. It causes delays, repeated attempts, transformation and retries in a better way every time. You rise a certain level fall back, RECONSIDER what went wrong and then you retry in a better way and after multiple tries you give it your best shot.

So see what the planet is and what houses it rules and this is what will happen.


#Assertion 4:

Retrograde planet & #GAINS:
As a retrograde planet is nearer and also highly influential and also causes us to redo, repeat things, And does this to an EXCESS (owing to proximity to earth and having a higher influence on our psyche), what happens is that WHICHEVER HOUSE IT SITS IN, IT GIVES US EXCESS OF THE SPECIFICATIONS OF THAT HOUSE AGAIN AND AGAIN.
Now in this aspect the planet and Sign are not that significant although they will slightly change the DIRECTION and METHODOLOGY of results obtained but the Basic rule of the thumb is you repeatedly face and live the specifications of that house again and again.
A retro planet in 2nd house: You will gain and gain more and more of BANK BALANCE. Accumulate a lot in life. You may even be involved a lot in giving speeches or singing.(As I said, depending upon the planet and sign the method may change but this is the basic rule of law)
In 1st house: You transform and refine yourself and change over course of time and make yourself a better and better person as years pass. You will be self centered and a Man of Impressive PERSONNA.
3rd house: You will Be into IT, marketing, Writing, Communication, Expressiveness, Blogs, Videos, etc. Very effortful Person.
4rth house: A lot of fixed assets.
5th house: Many children, Studying for long, One course after another then another,,, and so on.. Very good in creating things, Projects etc, Very Good in Media and Arts too. 

6th house: Conflicts and law suits and competition, Person may also be too involved in jobs dealing with emotionaly, physically or mentaly damaged people like Serving the Poor, Running NGOs or Old age homes or may even be a Doctor or health care provider.

7th house: Public figure, Public relations, Multiple Relationships can be signified. Always in a relationship one after another, May give fame among Masses.

8th house: A deep interest in occult sciences, always into undercover , transforming and occult sciences and experiences, a surgeon, under the cover transformations are many in life.

9th house: Always into reading philosophy, or religion, getting higher education, Obsessed as well as gains a lot about and in these things.
10th house: Obviously dedicated to jobs and may change repeatedly.
11th  house: Gains a lot of Wealth and income, all wishes are fulfilled and accomplished.
12th  house: Meditation , Bed pleasures, Foreign travel, Salvation, Many are the significations of this house as I said but whatever the signification, it will be in excess and native will repeatedly experience it. Only the Method changes with sign and planet involved.

The basic points to SUM UP the effects of #retrograde Planets are :

1) You gain and accomplish a lot in terms of the "INTERNAL SPECIFICATIONS" of a retrograde planet and the 'internal specifications of the HOUSES that the retrograde planet owns' in your chart. Internal Specifications include abstract and Intangible things at the level of thought process and feelings. e.g Jupiter retrograde will impart greater wisdom while Saturn will impart 'a sense of' fair play & justice.

2) In terms of "EXTERNAL SPECIFICATIONS" of the Planet concerned and the houses it owns You face repeated set-backs,have to make repeated attempts , there are repeated failures, falling back and then rising up, re-tries, falling back after reaching a certain level to level zero again only to retry and try and try again in a better and refined way every time so finally you get up and give your best shot and WIN in the end or achieve your goal with regards to the "EXTERNAL(or Practical) SPECIFICATION" Of that planet and the houses it rules. e.g is if 7th lord is retrograde then relationships or business pacts are difficult to establish for long until some other Supporting planet's dasha runs.

3) You gain a lot regarding the Specifications of the HOUSE in which a retrograde planet is sitting.You repeatedly experience the Specifications of the HOUSE (both internal and external) in which a retrograde planet is sitting. You get repeated experiences both Abstract and Tangible of the house concerned. e.g A retrograde planet in 11th house or 2nd house will bless the native with repetitive income and hence a lot of wealth and accomplishment in it's Dashas.  (Y)

4) In order to experience these effects you must face their MD or AD or PD. Results in your life are Predominantly a combination of MD>AD>PD> transits but short term observations of day to day life are transits>PD>AD>MD and hence be careful while interpreting results.

5) If there is a conflict in the results based on house ownership and house lord(the planet placed in a house) , then the house lord WINS. e.g if your 2nd lord is damaged or retrograde but your 2nd house itself has a retrograde planet, the results of the 2nd house will PREDOMINANTLY be based on the planet sitting in the 2nd house, similarly if 7th lord is retro (to cause delay and repeated tries) in terms of relationships or 7th lord is damaged or afflicted and suggests no relationships or marriage but there's a retro-planet sitting in the 7th house then relationships/marriage will be established specially in the Retro-planet's dasha and the type of relationship can be deduced from the planet and sign combination involved. ;) (y) 

Last but not the least,

6) This point is still under research and needs more testing but i believe this is a possibility. So i will need your feedback to let me know if this final point is true or false.
I believe as a Direct planet first slows down, later it Stops(becomes stationary) then it starts gaining speed in opposite direction ,,till maximum speed it achieved,, Finally it again starts loosing speed then i again Stops and now again it starts to move in the Prograde/Direct direction and regains Speed in the Normal Direct path. So i believe in the first half of this process from Stop 1 till Mid point of Top speed in opposite direction there is more probability and tendency to finally giving Up our en-devours after falling back a few times Instead of Keep on to Retrying and Make repeated efforts to finally win , ON the Other hand in the 2nd half of retro motion one is more Inclined to keep trying with a hope that one day they will MAKE IT and they after continuous refinement Make it happen. TO check this Go to your natal chart , Find the retro planet and see the date when it Started or became retro and then finally see the date it became direct. Divide the days by 2 and then see Do you belong to the first half or the 2nd one. (y)

7) (
Added Oct 4, 2014)

I wish to elaborate Point number 1 via this point. Once again i want to re-enforce that the 'EXTERNAL MANIFESTATIONS' of the retrograde planet and the houses it owns are difficult to achieve. One has to make repeated attempts to acquire or attain the external manifestations and failures and retries and Re-CONSIDERATION and Deeper analysis again and again occurs for the purpose of Reformation and Refinement of our psyche to create a new cycle or awareness in us.

Anyhow what i wish to say IN ADDITION to this is that on a MUNDANE/PRACTICAL/EXTERNAL plane one may do deeds exactly opposite of what Is the DHARMA or DUTY of that planet concerned in that particular Sign as and as a House Owner. While on a inner/psychic plane it has an enhanced and heightened sense of the Dharma of that planet.

P.S: Do not apply this Point 7 for the house the planet is Sitting in. :) (Y)

So friends this was my own analysis and research work over retrograde planets after seeing 100s of charts including those who consulted me, my friends and also many celebrities. In the next post I will try to prove my point via examples of REAL CASES or CELEBRITIES. So you get confident on this even more.

You can send me your own views and comments. If you have proves that contradict my theory you are welcome to send me emails with birth data and results. I am always ready to refine and improvise my Knowledge as Science is the desire to seek and know the truth , I may be wrong but I welcome you to correct me or improvise me wherever needed with all due respect.

If you all want an even more detailed analysis on retro planets visit my previous posts here at

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Dr. Rohit Sharma
An observer..  (y)

© COPYRIGHT Dr. Rohit Sharma

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EVERY PLANET has a a ROOT or some ROOTS. These ROOTS give birth to it's GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS which in turn give birth to it's Practical results as well as specifications.

Now how is this ROOT formed or how it comes into origin or how is this Root established?

The Answer to this is still unknown to me, but with continuous observations about almost everything in my life to whatever i experience and witness i can at-least make out that each planet this Hierarchy in it and to understand what a planet represents in ASTROLOGY following this Hierarchy is Very important. We must as per me see everything in the Astrological world based on this hierarchy. 


Why is this Hierarchy important?

As we know when astrology was established by our sages in 5th to 6th millennium BC the world was a very different place. Although as humans and as part of Mother earth's eco-system and Niches we all living beings including us humans share the same BASIC Instincts and Characteristics and Still have the same Social Structure and attitudes as our primitive ancestors but many a things have changes too.  The Structure of Governments changes from place to place and time to time, The Rule of law changes, The traditions change,, and above all TECHNOLOGY CHANGES/transforms and advances or Deteriorates with time. TIME changes a LOT. There was no INTERNET, NO AEROPLANES ( may be there were) , NO telephones, No Skype, NO facebook , No social media marketting, No websites, No cars running without horses, there was no television, no movies and much more, But while reading these sentences you must have thought in your minds that although these things did not exist but their reletive or analogous counter-parts still existed even back in 5000 BC or even in Primitive humans and apes. we had Role plays or Performs, We had Dramas (Ram-leela sort of) We had theatres, We had Messengers, We back then still wanted to Gather and Share all sorts of Information(views, ideas and stories) with each other. We developed trust and Acted in co-operation and under a leadership or under a motivation to construct WONDERS on this planet.

Anyhow the point here is that the world and the  ORGANISMS including Humans WILL KEEP ON CHANGING on a Practical and Externally visible and tangible plane but the Basic instincts and it's BASIC NATURE/Rules will stay the same. Because that is how our Universe functions and that is how it Creates dfferent Creations one of which is LIFE and it's beings to observe itself and play with it and that is how we Evolve and Perform as Living beings.

Anyways, So if we understand the ROOTSof every PLANET , SIGN and HOUSE we can Give birth to a MULTITUDE of GENERAL Specification from those ROOTS regarding that house, planet or Sign and then further assign it Practical results and Characteristics further up NO matter what Millenium it is and what new technologies or NEW Creations or Orders come into being. Nomatter what new profession or technology comes into birth or how the world changes we can still assign Planets,houses and Signs to them...

So i Follow this methodology to understand New concepts, Learn Classical texts and RECTIFY MISCONCEPTIONS in Astrology.

Anyhow more on this later but today in this Post i will Give to you what i feel is the ROOT for the planet "RAHU"

And the ROOT for the Planet Rahu which represents it's most BASIC CHARACTER which in turn Gives birth to all other Characteristics of this "DISTURBING AND DISTURBED PLANET is:


Now I will explain how this GIVES BIRTH to ALLL the Characteristics imposed on Rahu from Practical /mundane and tangible results to Emotions and Character sketch elements in Humans and all Organisms.

Consider "AIR", All molecules in it are having movements what we call "Brownian Movements" ( we all have read this and you can google it to know what 'Brownian Movements' are)

Now suppose you raise the Temperature of a closed vessel full of Air or Steam. What happens is the Randomness of movement and unpredictability of location and behavior of each molecule in that vessel  increases. Water Heated in such a vessel has increased kinetic energy of all molecules in Every direction, and causes expansion and causes each individual molecule to run haywire and randomly in Every possible direction and ultimately seperate from each other and break the arrangement or order between water molecules as liquid water and Change into Steam,, then the steam molecules still want to Go farther and farther. Soled>liquid>Gas>Plasma> isolation of Quarks to infinite seperation.

This was just a Picture Now Read the lines below...



OF MOVEMENT OR NO PREDICTABLE PATTERN =>> PRESENT at Multiple places one after another in a

random fashion and in a Quick succession = Randomness AGAIN >> Entropy >>  MULTI-PRESENCE




If you combine expansion, randomness, sudden events, and Desire in all directions, obviously it causes a sort of Dramatic and Attention seeking behavior.

Now see yourself the effects in a house, and how the above characteristics change by

getting an aspect or by aspecting something.

Also you can easily see these qualities in someone with rahu's impact on Ascedant or the


Hence we see that A single ROOT or a few BASIC characteristics can be applied to a Multitude of Practical things be it Mundane and Mechanical things or Be it the different types of our behavioural or Psychological Patterns.

Now we can see we can relate this Never ending desire to expand, and Randomness and Expanse and Multiple connections and placements and omnipresence to

FALSE REALITY >> hence you see something but it is not it, because due to randomness "it" changes as soon as you think it is "it". Hence your perception of  what was reality from a previous observation is no longer the case.

False images, Desire to Grow / Expand in every direction gives birth to desires that are never ending and Unfocussed, desires that want everything in every Direction, which is impossible. You need focus and Unidirectional-ism to achieve a Goal and Stability. Hence a false perception or indeed no perception at all. No Definite mindset at all.

Virtual Reality:>> Out of the real world.

Internet>> Expanse, multi-presence, dynamism, false reality and much more....

This Disorder and EXPANSION in all directions gives birth to Websites. Some may argue that Websites, virtual reality and all other things i mentioned HAVE an order / have a Beauty/ Have an Arrangement, they are not random or Plain understandable confusions. YES you are right but i am talking here ONLY about RAHU.  RAHU component of these things is what i am talking about.

So i wish to say in EVERYTHING, even in a Website there is BEAUTY and Symmetry (Venus) , An arrangement (Saturn) Rules (SUN) Codes and Programs (Saturn+Sun+Venus) it also has Actions(Mars) it is a Creation of a Programmer (his Jupiter and 5th house) and it gives you false never satisfiable Satisfaction and exists in your phone as a real thing altough the screen is not Real, REALITY is the Machinary and the CODES and hence (RAHU) , hence EVERY thing and Everyelement of our conciousness has EVERY planet involved. Why we have ALL planets in our chart,, similarly every CREATION, even a gemstone , a website and a musical composition to a GOVERNMENT to an AEROPLANE has ALL THESE PLANETS INFLUENCING IT AND RULING IT,, the only thing is What planet is the PREDOMINANT RULER IN A) THE PRESENT SITUATION AND B) IN OUR PERSPECTIVE OF THIS World, because remember in the END

2) At the bottomline We ALL are ONE, ONE UNIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS, Nothing is separated from anything. ALL are ONE.

:) (Y)

Thanks for reading, Please give your opinions, comments or suggestions and rectify and improvise me wherever you feel i need improvision.

Thank you again,, An article written under huge stress in my present life may not be perfect but still presenting the best way i can, Thank you! and have a Good time. God bless you!! (y)

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New Series "The Similarities & LIFE -CYCLE based of Astrology":

New Series "The Similarities & LIFE -CYCLE based of Astrology":
In this first part of this series i will start by explaining why certain houses/Signs represent what they are labeled for in Classical texts by default. There specifications differ a little with different Ascendant lords but they are BROADLY more or less the SAME.
So friends without wasting any-time let us begin with the first part or Chapter of the Series.

The 4th, 8th and 12th house/Signs:

After reading this Chapter you will know answers to these questions.

A) How Astrology is an ACTUAL representation of the life cycle of EVERYTHING in this universe including US.
B) How the 4th, 8th and 12th houses are doing the SAME function but at different stages of life.
C) How 4,8 and 12 houses represent Dissolution and transformation while the 1st, 5th and the 9th houses Represent New Beginnings/orders, faith, motivation, Unidirectional-isms and Realizations of various Kinds.

D) How they all relate to the Nakshtras in their ROOTS!
E) Why they represent what they represent in Astrology!

Okay, So here i will start with my 4 Assertions about this trio of houses i..e 4th , 8th and the 12th houses/signs in vedic astrology.

These 3 houses:

1) All 3 represent something Hidden, Secretive and Private.

2) All 3 represent in one or the other way, Renunciation and Transformation.

3) All three pave way for a New Beginning or a New order/Direction or Realization in our life.

4) All three are water Signs, why? All are like the different zones/layers of an Ocean or vast lake. They all represent the 'Water element'

You can see only the surface but a LOT is present and going on under the surface which you cannot See.


Cancer can represent the Surface of a Water Body, It is gentle to see, Reactive to all stimuli (Like if you throw a stone in it), All waves and responses are visible and interfere with each other. It can be stable or full of waves like in an ocean or huge Lake. But this Water Surface usually has Least Activity , Least Variation and most gentle to appear. Although there are tsunamis but their Origin is always DEEP in the depth of Oceans.
While the Sign of Scorpio or 8th house can be linked to DEEP uncalm waters which are near a Volcanic Bed or Tectonic plates. These keep changing the Scenario, keep transforming the oceanic bed and position of earth's plates. There can be Slow transformations or Sudden transformations. But there are transformations, renunciation of the older order and formation and following of a new ONE. Again it is deep under the surface and cannot be seen from outside. It is a deep under the surface transforming but continuous fludic Medium.
Then the Sign of Pisces and 12th house again represents renunciation of worldly connections and affairs and gaining liberation, isolation, privacy and Stability. It is represent the deep undisturbed ocean bed where nothing is going on and there is peace. It gives scope for peace, isolation and imaginations.
Okay here is depth and stability and one end of the transformation. BUT, where is the 2nd end of this houses transformation. The 2nd end is Again the 1st house. As i say , out of nothingness and comes out life and creation. 12th house stability finally again Gives a Sudden Impulse and Blast of Existence and Creation into the 1st house. Creation is 1st house but creation of the creature (i.e 1st house) is the 5th house that comes after Dissolution and renunciation of the Childhood life and family and comforts of home(4rth house) and Creating a New order, A New Creation (transformation and New beginning) by Going for
Basic Education/Primary degree courses/finding a mate(love life) or to Create your own Children (5th house) (New Beginning/ Creation of the Creature itself.
B) ANALOGY to these houses to PRIVACY, Dissolution, Depth, TRANSFORMATION and Beginning of a New order.
A) The 4rth house is family and mother's care. It represents the mother and the comforts of the home. It represents our internal happiness. It represents anything we can Bank upon as our source of Comfort, Anything we can Rest upon. It is sort of our Back-bone by Birth. Our Basic Support system in the early phases of life when we are dependents upon our family and also something we can rest upon and feel safe at when we are independent. It can also be your girlfriends' home if you feel safe and homely when you after fighting battles of your daily life come there to rest in her comforting lap and find it very caring and loving and you lie down on a couch to rest and feel safe, secure and relaxed there.
These are the Kind of places that make you feel you have a Place to go back to and hide or rest when all else is lost. Places you can bank upon, Places and People that are in your unconditional Support no matter what.
Okay ,So as we can see all these places are having a Gentle Aura like Water Medium. It is neither Random and Swift and Unpredictably Orientation and Multidirectional like WInd/Air Nor Firy like Fire, nor is it Rigid and Stable like Earth. It is Stable as well as Movable, It is gentle as well as hard. It is caring and it hides you inside to give support and transform you into a Stronger and Better and reformed being and then allows you to Beam through water and Go back to the world as a better being. And any-case it is available to Come back anytime. Hence Water like. Anyhow,,
Here you can see why 4rth house is a Water Sign and Why does it have Privacy and Depth.
Now Why do you have transformation here in the 4rth house? It is very clear as i said,you Grow and Develop into a Better being , You change and develop at your home in your childhood.
Hence You can clearly understand as to why the 4rth house and Sign represent 3 THINGS i.e
c) Giving Scenarios and Situations for BEGINNING of a NEW ORDER.
Now You can see how 4rth house represented these things in our Childhood or early life. We had
a) the Privacy and Safety and comfort of our home.
b) We continuously kept transforming and Developing and leaving behind old values, views, wishes and ideologies.
c) We developed a NEW Mindset, A Selfish and Self centered one, where We want to Go out and CREATE A NEW ORDER, We want to be Known and Respected, We should be the Smartest bosses, creating our own New Rules and Listen to NONE. (The Awesome TEEN Age Begins) lol.
And Now Starts the Journey of YOUTH AND YOUNG AGE , with all the New Wishes and Ideologies. fROM LEO, like a Self proclaimed and Confident and Ambitious KING or Prince. (Again NEW BEGINNINGS from ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS, Article on 1, 5 and 9 coming Soon), ANyhow, So begins the 2nd phase....
B) The 8th HOUSE:
8th house in all our internet texts and basic views represents Sudden ups and downs and sudden transformations. Obviously it is not gentle and loving transformation like CANCER (MOON) Sign where you transform in the tender, loving and caring privacy of your mother. It is a MARTIAN transformation, and it has to be a little Brutal and Quick.
Anyhow, let me focus on the real basic thing. okay, here we go...
After facing all the Worldly Issues in your Self Centered and Selfish approach from Leo to Libra( Status, Analysis, Doubts, ONE TO ONE RELATIONSHIPS and Business demands) your Brain finally develops a sense to learn that all this is such a tense and childish drama.
This Sign/house is not Comforting as i said, but it transforms you for Sure.
Why is the 9th house representing Higher Education, Knowledge of Holy texts, Religion and Sense of FORTUNE and Higher Teaching of our GURUS.
Because only after Give up your Status,your Relationships and Wordly Connections can you isolate yourself, undergo TRANSFORMATION can you achieve a Higher Sense of Wisdom and Knowledge.
Only after you see from above after quitting your selfish narrow interest, only after observing the world around you, and dealing with other people can you realize if you are fortunate or not. You get higher wisdom, higher education after living and quitting all this and transforming yourself.
When you live in this world in your Youth, You have made beliefs, views and targets which transform and you gain higher wisdom.
B) The 8th house/Sign:
Now here we see again the 3 THINGS of this trio.
a) PRIVACY & ISOLATION: 8th house Represents processes occurring deep under the surface. But here these processes involve a lot of Energy and Pressure.When You are Grown up and Have developed a Riged Mindset , obviously it requires a LOT of HUGE Ups and DOWNS, and Huge transformations, SUDDEN UNPREDICTABLE and UNCONTROLLABLE Events of High intensity and INTENSE REACTIONS to make you realize things and transform you to a Higher wisdom.
CONSIDER this analogy, IN any CHEMICAL REACTIONS occurring in Chemistry. e.g A + B -----(8th house)-----> C + D + (+/- Heat/energy) Energy may be absorbed or may be released to finally form a Strong and Stable end Product. A lot of Bods form and break, and Energy changes etc go on under the surface to form the final product.
The Signs of Leo, Virgo and Libra represent A and B and the Sign of Sagittarius represent C + D + Energy (The final Product). We only see what was and what is Produced or left in the end. But what happened under the surface, all the steps of the chemical reaction, the free energy changes, Entropy changes, the Pressure changes, the ups and Downs in Energy level of all atoms during the process, the bonds they made and broke and re-made to finally form the most stable and Stronger Product are all the processes Hidden from us. Although the Participating Molecules know it. And we can see the end results.
Now 8th house has changes at a stage of life cycle when we need, Aggression, force, wen we either want to realize what is going WRONG and change ourselves into better beings or we want to AVENGE those bad elements / demons both within ourselves and in the world by becoming wiser and better beings. Hence it more of a Martian energy in a Medium of transformation from where we again GET OUT as NEW Beings of NEW Mindset and NEW ORDER/REALIZATION in Sagittarius.
NOW Why does the 8th house represents, Oil, Gemstones, Diamonds, Mines, Minerals, Sudden ups and downs in life, Accidents, Dowry, Casinos, Gambling, Inheritance, legacy and Natural calamities.
You can see that it is bcs it represents the 3 THINGS of this trio:
A) Privacy and Isolation: All the above events and changes that bring about the above events are hidden.
B) Dissolution , Renunciation and Transformation: There is breakage and destruction of the old to form a new and better order and ideology.
C) Beginning of NEW order/NEW REALIZATION: We see how here transformation leads to a new form and a new state and a new ideology. but here due to Martian involvement and also because we are a stage in our life where we have already renounced the home care and tenderness we need to struggle and face things the harsh way.
You can take the example of a Diamond to understand the 8th house. It is COAL to begin with. After facing of years temperature changes and High Pressures and buried deep inside the surface it finally transforms into a Diamond*. Same is the case with Oil and all natural resources. They were not born that way. They faced pressure and changes in their environment under the surface hidden from the world and changed into what they are today.
P.S: "We can see that MARTIAN Sign and MARS energy give an earth and Fire energy/element also to this House and Sign."

NOW after reading the above paragraphs you can easily understand WHY the 8th house represent all these and why it has ANALOGY to a) WATER MEDIUM (because allows B) dissolution, change, transformation in A) Privacy/SECRECY and isolation and Allows for C) the EXIT to a New world & Order Later on) and how the 8th house is also the 3 things of this TRIO but with a different Situation and Energy involved. It is all because of a different Situation and a Different Part of the LIFE CYCLE of EVERYTHING on this Planet. We need energy and Action MARS to transform at this stage of life. but it must be hidden so that we are safe during the process and COME BACK as better people capable of Winning and living well.
Then one enter the "MOOLA" Nakshtra, in Sagittarius, a Higher being , with higher wisdom , NEW Person, WISER, HAS HIGHER KNOWLEDGE, Aware and Experienced with NEW VIEWS about life and the world but AGAIN ONE is Rigid and unidirectional Views.
Hence just like like "Ashwini" and "Magha" (in ARIES AND LEO), WE ENTER A NEW CYCLE and a New Order of life where after our experiences and transformations in this world we are now Better and learned beings. We now again have a New MINDSET and New ideologies, Not self centered, not selfish, We are wiser and more learned and Changed people and beings. Again Ketu is always the NEW unidirectional and Focused Beginnings.
The SIGNS & houses / SITUATIONS change but the Basic Nakshtra / Direction is the SAME.
" 1, 5 and 9 Always represent NEW Beginnings and NEW ORDERS of Different Kinds at different Stages of life, in different situations but all of them begin with KETU ( Zeroness or ONENESS, rigidness and unidirectional focused motion). "
"Ashwini' is Unidirectional and Focussed in an impulsive way to come into being, to start the "creation" to come into existence. 'Magha' is Already into being, It is Rigid , focused and unidirectional to Assert its existence and the ideologies it learn in 4rth house/family (a tranformation into an adult) as being the most RIGHT and GENUINE and Prove itself as RIGHT, prove itself as the King. I fact it knows i am the King and I am the RIGHTEST. They are the most Confident Kings or PEOPLE. It is only when in PPh (Venus=Relations and Harmony) that they learn oh There is more to the world. Anyhow and then in "MOOLA" one is Focused and Wants to Stay in this state of higher Knowledge & Wisdom in a Very Rigid way. One Does not budge from it."
We WORK not for the Self( 2nd and 3rd house) neither for just our Partners(6 and 7) but Serve and known for our service to all (10th and 11th). We make universal connections and we have universal ideologies (11th house) We believe that now we know everything, we are in the best possible state of consciousness and Awareness and that now we should focus on upliftment via Unification with all Eternity and everything.
Now lets come to
C) The 12th house: Now we all know the Specifications of the 12th house/Sign:
Here they are,
Isolation, Privacy, Imagination, Stability, Depth, Meditation, Higher realms, Letting go of worldly connections and affairs, foreign lands and countries, Things out of our view, Bed Pleasures, Spiritualism and Salvation etc.
Some may call all these a LOSS but as you can see it is not LOSS. It is our natural instinct and Our Natural life-cycle.
Now as you can see, in this 3rd and last phase of the life- cycle, which began in Saggitarious from KETU, we Finally again do what, What do saints or old retired people do, what does EVERYTHING on this planet do in the end.
It let's go of it's Existance and Involvements and Gives up everything and every Energy to be deep and Calm,
What else everything do, It gives up it's Existance So that it can give birth to something NEW, So that SOmething NEW can Come out of it.
We Pass Away so that our Descendant can come and replace us and Guess what USE the same resources that once we used in this world, undergo the same cycle, face the same scenarios and stages of life, We just give up our existence for the new Existence to come into being. Only the Participant changes , There approach to things ( the Ascendant,SUn and Moon) Changes, but the Scenarios, The Situation, the Phases in their life cycle are always Constant and Repeated over and over again and again.
As i said HUMANS keep doing the SAME SAME SAME things Generations after Generations , same feelings, Same Demands, Same actions, Same responsibilities and Same thoughts, Only the Characters change.
This is Also one of the Reasons why the 12th house also represents Parents. Because Parents are the reason we came into being, and they always Let go of their Personal Interests and Everything important to them for their children to flourish the most and Rise the most into existence because their children will replace them as their legacies.
Now in order to have all these characteristics of the 12th house like Meditation, bed pleasures, Spiritualism and Salvation, what do we need.
We need,
a) Privacy and isolation
b) Dissolution & transformation ( We break up our worldly social circle and transform to become spiritual)
There is finally RESOLUTION and DISSOLUTION of the 3rd phase of life, which we started after gaining higher wisdom and knowledge in Sagittarius and wiser beings. We understand that all this knowledge is also Mortal and Creation of our mind and existence as human beings. We realize that all that we know of, and all this ideology and Social circle and Social order we created and all this knowledge of the Vedas or Scriptures is just a HUMAN Mind's creation and exists till we exist to Observe, interpret and share it. As we go , we are again nothingness and Zeroness in this vast infinite universe. SO Arises SPIRITUALISM and ETERNAL-ISM in our consciousness.
The HIGHEST and MOST Mature form of consciousnesses and thinking one can achieve ans an Aware and Intelligent being.
"HERE it represent the calm, Deep, Serene and undisturbed waters of depth and WIDE expanse." That needs no change for becoming any better, and come but a Change to let go and attain moksha and leave all attachments and commands to make way or place for the new ones/new beings to come and replace them and re-start the cycle with them.
The Creation of the 9th house of higher learning and wisdom is SPIRITUALISM.
So hence the 3rd part of the 3 characteristics of this trio houses
c) Formation of a New order/Realization/Beginning: As the Parents mate in Privacy and Isolation they give birth to a NEW Being into this Existence. So hey can leave be replaced. This Letting Go is MOST PRONONCED in the 4rth pada of REVATI nakshtra. This Pada represents what you loose in your dasha of a planet in it.

So now you all know why the houses 4,8 and 12 represent

1) Privacy and Secrecy
2) Transformations and Dissolution of what is old
3) Making way for a New beginning/order/realization

Why they are similar in their character to different types or parts of a "Water Body."
NOW you know how these 3 are actually the SAME. The only difference lies in the SIGN Energy Which is by Default occupies by 4(Moon, caring and gentle transformation), 8(MARS, aggressive and fiery transformation) and 12(Jupiter, a wiser, Spiritual and aware transformation).
Hence here in this article by being as brief as i can i have tried to explain to you how Astrology is an ACTUAL representation of the life cycle of EVERYTHING in this universe including US.
How the 4rth, 8th and 12th houses are doing the SAME function at different stages of life.
How 4,8 and 12 houses represent Dissolution and transformation while the 1st, 5th and the 9th houses Represent New Beginnings and Realizations of various Kinds.
How they all relate to the Nakshtras in their ROOTS!
Why they represent what they represent in Astrology!
I wish to write and elaborate more and better respectively but i am running out of time as well as my connection to the source energy.
God bless me with more connectivity and Wisdom.
Anyways, Thanks a lot for reading and Once again,
God bless me and all!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

RAHU V/s KETU – A Comparison of Lunar Nodes.

RAHU V/s Ketu – A Comparison of Lunar Nodes.

Rahu is illusion while ketu is truth. Rahu is fantasy while ketu is reality.

Rahu is the Mind who thinks about doing everything, wanting everything, thinks in every direction and everything but has no body to satisfy and settle in the end while Ketu is a Blind, Focused, unidirectional, Running in one direction without a Goal or Mission( a Self-less, Beam-like, Fixed and Stable Soul.

Rahu is pomp, show, explosions, Extrovertness and extremism while ketu is austerity and shyness, secrecy , hiding and introspection and inversion and analysis. Rahu is Explosions and infinity while ketu is Singularity, Zero-ness or nothingness andMoksha. Rahu is illusion, false reality, false-ness and while ketu is spiritualism and truth and letting go.

Rahu is self interest and self centered-ness while ketu is others interest and philanthropism or others' centered. Rahu is Expansion and Heights while Ketu is Involution and Depth. Ketu represents DEEP CONNECTIONS of Empathic, Spiritual and true Nature.

Rahu is ego-centric , ketu is letting go of self interest and ego, rahu is ego and Status, while ketu is letting go of one’s ego or Status, it is loss of ego, loss of false feelings of worldly status, reputation , public opinions and attitudes, because ketu knows these all are false and temporary feelings which are not universal and permanent.

Rahu is inconsiderate of others while ketu is considerate of others. Rahu is Proud while ketu is aware. Ketu knows all this show off, ego and status is actually just a temporary phase and a false illusion.

Rahu is childish ketu is old and mature, rahu is fun, ketu is satisfied and boring, RAHU is RANDOMNESS and Confusion, KETU is focused and Self-Assured, rahu is expressive and ketu is quiet and introvert. Rahu gets what it wants, ketu gives people what they want, rahu is extrover, ketu is introvert, rahu tells you i want this, ketu will hide it, never tell and do or give what others want. Rahu is materialistic and worldly while ketu is spiritual. Rahu breaks boundaries and rules to go out of the box while ketu encircles all that is and goes deep in. It is already outside, above or beyond all boundaries and rules. Rahu is false show off and exaggeration ketu is simplicity , austerity and introspection.
Rahu is Coming out and Expressing your Desires and Demands, Ketu is Meditating and Contentment and Isolation.

Rahu is Roller Coaster ride in a Beach Party at Night in the smoke and Loud music from all sides and Drugs on our mind making a Random, unstable and confused picture or a fake reality giving you burst and Extremes of emotions of random kinds, Happiness, Joy and courage or tears and fears,,its all random and unpredictable, it can be Good or Bad :) on the other hand Ketu is a Meditating Saint in Himalayas because he has already experienced and lived all worldly affairs.

Rahu is false reality, virtual reality, acting, animation, cameras, want and wishes, while ketu is true reality, true status and conditions, neither high or egoistic nor down to earth, just plain true, detached, alone, hidden, secret and usually far away from worldly matters and affairs no matter they(worldly affairs) are true or false, good or bad , likable or unlikeable.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

THE KETU & its Conjunctions:


Mythological the TAIL OR THE
Body of the Serpent, Most classical texts define  ketu by broad terms like dissatisfaction, detachment , austerity and Spirituality. But why does it represent these things, and what is the root cause. Every specification of a planet has a ROOT. These Roots give birth to all other specifications. Hence here i am to give you the roots of a planet that itself Is ROOT of everything else in this creation. :)

Okay first of all In my Book ‘Vedic Astrology – The Nine Planets’ I wrote these lines about Ketu which i was not satisfied from and which I have updated now,

‘‘Ketu is Detached, satisfied, does not want ‘anything’, Spiritual, Hidden, Secretive, Secret Thinker, Austere, Spiritual, Aimless, Obsessive but to Moving away from life and Worldly affairs, Sharp and Ingenious, Runs after Higher Physics, Philosophy and spiritual detachments.”

It was a good enough explanation but I was not satisfied with my work , there should be logical co-relation to life and mundane events and why something is assigned some particular characteristics and particular nakshtras or signs.

Anyhow, before I move to the Crux of information about ketu here is some more of classical information regarding ketu.

Ketu represents Introvert-ness, hiding one’s feelings and Introspection. It represents 'deep connections' as well as 'privacy' and 'isolation'. It represents detachments, losses and letting go of worldly connections, wishes and demands."

"Ketu also represents directionless and impulsive initiation of action or movement without thought and consideration, meaning it takes action and Runs ahead without proper planning or any Pre-set Goals, Just acts and interprets the consequences later on.  Thus People with a Mars-Ketu conjunction can be very impulsive and thoughtless while taking action.”

Above were a a few lines from the chapter on Ketu from my book(before i edited it).

But as I said I was not satisfied with my own explanation about Ketu. Somewhere Down inside I was not clear, I was not confident about many characteristics. But suddenly I had an epiphany. The concept of Rahu & Ketu is a work of GENIUS. Who-soever came up with the idea of Rahu and Ketu and who so ever defined their characteristics,, OMG wow Man ,, That guy was Divinely Brilliant. ;)
He has given us EVERYTHING via these 2.
which I will Share Soon…

Anyhow, Let’s start with my latest views on ketu,

KETU Actually represents the downwards lowest form of energy state. In the level Bar graph of Entropy or Randomness, Ketu represents the Zero or minimal entropy state. It can also represent a state where either there is no Entropy/Radomness at all or there is no change in the level of Entropy/randomness i.e there is a fixed level of Entropy.

On a Kelvin Scale it represents ABSOLUTE ZERO temperature. It represents the state acquired after Giving off all energy, heat, randomness or acquisition and achieving Peace, Zero-ness, Immobility, Rigidity, focus and Stability.

Anyhow this State is similar to Infinity or RAHU in 1 aspect. It has NO INFORMATION to interpret or observe by a regular Human being exists here. It is a No Information state.
And by information I mean it is a state where nothing is happening( nothing of the regular physical world) and so nothing to observe. It is 'Moksha' or 'Zeroness' and liberation from worldly Order ( Devas) as well as Disorder ( Rahu).

So NOW We start from here,, We start with BIRTH of Something out of Nothing.

All we need is an Impulse or Energy that only has One direction to move into with focus, Enhancement and Impulse( The BIG BANG theory). Racing in one direction to give a START to create Observable and interpretable Phenomena which will be a Sort of ‘Information’ for us humans to Observe. HEya.. Hello,, what do you see,,, Out of NOTHING,, we now have an Impulse, a creation, A Birth, A Randomness, A unidirectional , unstoppable RACE to Grow into multiple options and directions, after going  through multiple levels as well as types of readable interpretable ‘information’ to ultimately reach massive deep empty expansion where again there is NO Interpretable ‘Information’ to be read.

You all may be feeling ‘What is all this’. But if you re-read the Above text, I have Given you a small Glimpse on the ORIGIN of Astrology and EVERYTHING.

I just explained to you What is KETU? Why is it the Zeroness and Nothingness/Moksha State and Also Why is it the Starting Point of everything? I just explained to you the CHARACTERISTICS of the ASHWINI Nakshatra. As we all know that the first Nakshtra is #Ashwini who is lorded by ketu and by reading the above lines you can understand that out of nothing or zero or fixed state come a blast of unidirectional focused energy to give a jump start to creation. Hence We have startings from Ketu + Ashwini + Aries + Mars.
J How We move on with other signs and Nakshtras I will explain in later articles.

Hence we can see ketu represents ‘a focused beam with no mind, No Confusion and total self- assurance and Focused action.

Ketu can also be referred to a circle or a sphere which is complete and whole in itself and does not need any change or any addition or subtraction to improve or get better, it is already accomplished the best possible state and needs no change or variation. Any change will only cause imperfection.

The Root of this Planet is:
It is Rigid, fixed, Complete, a Whole in itself like a circle or sphere or a Zero, it is Stable, Self-assured and unidirectional in motion.

It does not like much change , randomness or making mistakes and learning and making continuous improvements like Rahu.

It already knows everything, has lived everything, renounces everything and Meditates with focus and Stability in mind as well as mundane things.

It also believes I have lived and felt all the experiences in a specific arena of life already and I don’t need more information or experience in it anymore.

Now if this focused beam conjuncts a planet. See the results,

1) Sun-Ketu – Self Proclaimed and Self-felt Status and confidence like no one can achieve. Blind, Full, firm and Hardcore belief in one’s views. Full on internal confidence and self –belief that does not need anyone’s approval or Support. They know they are the best inside or internally. Do not need external support or approval. Although you do not get involved in society as this King bcz of that “focused beam” being uncaring and unconcerned of what the world thinks. It is Self assured that I am the King, People believe or not. Focused Clear-cut orthodox beliefs and views. Creates a Similar father with clear –cut confident and firm ideologies. Creates a similar ideology Pattern in the native. On the contrary Rahu-Sun people have a fragile confidence, no harcore beliefs and also they need constant approval from people to feel they are the King or to feel confident and hence are always seeking approval to satisfy their ego and status by different means and trying to prove themselves.

Mars – Ketu: Such a focused beam of devastating Anger and Instant impulsive fearless, mindless and Finishing action. You know you are RIGHT as per the RULES and you attack believing you will win. You Enter the battle to Kill and Win. You don’t doubt. You don’t think twice before fighting. You attack. You don’t give a single thought you will win or loose, live or die afterwards. You know you will win. Focussed clear cut Action, fealess Action.

Moon - Ketu: Deep emotions, You hide them, You know all that can be felt. You connect at the deepest emotional level. You know as a “focused beam” what someone is feeling in the room. You can connect with a person emotionally, how they feel at the deepest point PRCISELY.
Focussed Clear cut picture of depth of emotions. Knows the Greatness of Feelings, how faith and feelings can make accomplish anything but still renounces the “WANT” or “WISH” or “Desire” of tangible accomplishment. Because it ‘knows’ , unconditional love is Just Giving love and care without the need for Accomplishment.

Mercury – Ketu: Not a Good Combination for both. Mercury the adolescent, Random, flirt, Experimental, Manager, Connects to multiple consciousnesses in way that all those consciousnesses like to connect, Reacts that is the best as per the scenario for Goal accomplishment. Sort of like Rahu, While KETU is deep , focused and likes Renunciation, isolation and Truth. So Can be beneficial in A few scenarios where Strict rules of LOGIC and Maths are to be applied. But not good where multiple options are to considered in parallel to arrive at a result like Algebra, Business and to decipher a  Matrix.

Venus – Ketu: Relationships like one woman man. Commitment to an extreme. Even one – sided can be a commitment to an extreme. These people have pre-set in their mind their perfect case scenario which obviously is difficult to find in the world and hence they move away from most “time-pass” type relationships. But when they form a relation or bond they want it to be fixed and eternal and forever. Unlike rahu-venus who are very confused and lack focus on 1 relationship and hence there is randomness and doubt in relationships(to be very brief).

Ketu-Jupiter: A Very focused rigid and deep desire for supreme wisdom and knowledge. Very self assured and Confident about their views, ideologies and wisdom. Consider it to be way better and higher then most other people, unlike Rahu-jupiter which has changing belief systems, ideologies and confusions, which always wants to learn all philosophies and belief systems but unable to follow anyone for long with faith and dedication. But Ketu – Jupiter are very rigid in their beliefs.

Saturn – Ketu: A Very focused and dedicated hard-working and Personality. Efforts are very focused and fruitful , no wastage of effort in useless and random activities. Stability , slowness and Minimum required efforts that are righteous and necessary for fruitification of events.

Thank you!