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 What are "RAHU" & "KETU" & Where in the Sky are the 'Planets' named "Rahu" & "Ketu" SITUATED??

This Question has been in my Mind for Long,,There's the SUN, The Moon, The Epitome of Wisdom Jupiter, The Master of the Occult Venus, The Brave & Bold Mars, The Justice Loving Saturn & The Prajapati Uranus, The Neptune, The Pluto (All Qualities or Adjectives assigned to Planets above are as per Vedic Astrology) and all these Planets in the Solar System and are Shown in Horoscopes & Astrological Charts,, But Where are the Mystical or also Called Shadow Planets named 'Rahu' & 'Ketu' in the Solar System or the Cosmos. So here's what i found out.. Hope You all like it. :)
So The Earth Revolves around the Sun And the Moon Revolves around the Earth in an Elliptical Orbit. We all Know that!! O:)
But Everything we see is Defined from the Point of Observation. How Something appears/looks to us or how something Behaves depends upon from where are we looking at it. Not only in Astronomy but also in our life in general how something appears to us depends a lot upon the Position/Perspective of the Observer. Anyways Observing from any point on earth it would appear as if both the Sun & Moon are Orbiting the earth in a Plane Horizontal Orbit.
BUT, The Orbit of the earth around the Sun(The Elliptic) and the Orbit of the Moon around the Earth (Lunar Orbit) are not in the Same horizontal Plane. These Orbits are inclined to each other making an Angle of Around 5 degree 9 minutes with each other. This Particular Arrangement of the 2 'Orbits' makes them have 2 Points of Intersection with each other as seen in the Figures Below.
These 2 Points of Intersection of the 'Elliptic' and the 'Lunar Orbit' are Assigned the Designation of Lord 'Rahu' & Lord 'Ketu' in Vedic Astrology.
Now, The Point of Intersection from where the Moon would appear to be Going above the Plane of the Elliptic after crossing it is called the 'North Node' or the Ascending Node and Assigned the Point for Planet/Lord "Rahu" in the Cosmos and the 2nd Point of Intersection of the Orbits where the Moon will Run below the elliptic after crossing has been assigned the Position of the 'Southern Node' or Lord "Ketu".


Now the Sun And Moon Always Move(as seen from earth) in an Antegrade Direction (Clockwise) due to the Mutual Relative Positions of the earth & the Moon & the Sun. THEY WILL ALWAYS MOVE ANTE-GRADE. ;) (y) Hence these Points of Intersection will ALWAYS appear to move in an Anti-Clockwise (Retrograde) direction as seen from earth. Hence "Rahu" & "Ketu" ALWAYS move RETROGRADE.

Now When we Say Rahu & Ketu are in a Particular "Nakshatra" or "Zodiac Sign" in someone's Horoscope it simply means the if we look at these points of intersection from any point on earth at any particular time , That Particular 'Nakshatra' or "Zodiac Sign" would appear in the Background/Behind these Points as seen from earth. i.e If we Draw a Straight line (Vector) from the Point of Observation(Particular Space-time co-ordinate on earth/Place & Time of Birth of an Individual) from Earth to "Rahu"/"Ketu" and Extend that Vector Beyond these Points of Intersection,, It Will Reach a Particular Zodiac Sign or Nakshtra in the Background of "Rahu"/"Ketu" And Hence we define or Give them a Particular Sign Or Nakshtra Placement in A Horoscope Chart as is the case with all other planets. This is How we See in Which Sign a Planet is from a "Point of Observation on Planet Earth"  :)
Also These Points of Intersection/Nodes/Rahu & Ketu 'move' approximately 3 minutes and 11 seconds relative to the Earth (Earth Considered at rest) Every day/24 hours, making a complete circle of the 12 Zodiacs( 360 degrees) with respect to/Around  the Planet earth in around 18.6 Years, remaining almost 1.25 Years in a Particular Zodiac Sign. This arrangement is also the Reason Why they both have Exactly the same Degrees and In Exactly the Opposite 'Signs' in the Zodiac always. :)

INTERESTINGLY, The Relative Positions of the Orbits of the Sun and the Moon are the Reason why  'Rahu' & 'Ketu'  EXIST.
Sun and Moon (Father & Mother in Astrology) are the Reason why Rahu & Ketu Exist ( Not in Any Astronomical Text, these are just my Views).
Sun and Moon are Responsible for the Very Existence of "Rahu" & "Ketu"(actually in mythology too, Rahu sat in between Sun and Moon to get the Nector of IMMORTALITY from 'Mohini' , and was seen by Sun(or moon, not sure right now) who then Complained to Lord Vishnu about him. Lord Vishnu Cut of His Head, Creating/Bringing into Existence the two PLanets, SO mythologicallly also tHEY are the Reason i guess, Anyways ).
 Thus, as Long as the Sun & Moon will Exist , Rahu & Ketu will also Exist as "Immortals" along with them.

SOLAR & LUNAR ECLIPSE & The Position of 'Rahu' & 'Ketu' in the Solar System Plate!

ALSO, When Moon is at the Points labelled as "Rahu" or "Ketu" there will be a Solar Eclipse because it will come between the earth and the Sun. Similarly when the Moon is at the Points labelled 'Rahu' and 'Ketu' there's a Lunar Eclipse if Earth came In between the Sun and the Moon. :) :)


Now, I Don't Know if there are actually any Physical Bodies like Asteroids or Any Rocks or Anything 'Physical' Revolving the Earth at these Points of Intersection but i Guess there is NOTHING PHYSICAL at these Points Still These Points of Intersection are known to Represent Actual Physical Bodies or Planets named "Rahu" & "Ketu" and Above that are Assigned So Many Unique Qualities and Characteristics as other Planets in Astrology & much more. Some Qualities are Exceptionally unique to these two Only these two in Vedic Astrology (which are beyond the scope of my knowledge at present) that help in making Such Accurate Horoscope Predictions & Doing  Analysis of Horoscopes & Wordly Events which would be almost impossible without using them or their Characteristics.

So there are No Actual Planets at these 'Sites' BUT Our Sages Chose these 2  Arbitary Points and Assigned them So Many 'Qualities' and 'Properties' and much more that helps make Calculations & Predictions.

So are the Stories Related to Them.
'Rahu', though Ineligible (No Planet there(S), Not a 'Deva'(M)) became eligible ( Given the Status of a Planet(A/S)/Got the Nector of Immortality(M)) & is Worshiped Like a 'Devata'/God & and 'Assigned Qualities & Characteristics Like other Planets' where as actually there is No Planet there. This is How it is Seen in Astrology, Someone Who Givens You Status, Position, And other Things that You are Not Legible to get as per Honest and Ethical Rules of the Society. It Breaks the Rules of Society/Does Manipulations to Get what it Wants, to become Legible for something it is not & Give You fruitful results. Getting Money through illegit means, Getting a Position for which you may or May not be eligible, there's a lot more but that beyond the Present scope of my Knowledge of Astrology and This Topic Too. :p :)

This Makes me think how we can choose Any Number of Arbitrary Points in the Cosmos which are Observable from earth & which make a Periodic Motion with respect to our Planet Earth and Assign them Qualities, Characteristics, Designations & Much More to do Calculation , make Predictions, deduce inferences,& Do More Accurate Horoscope, Event Sequence & other Eternity Predictions from them. Assign them Qualities & More Intensively And Accurately Predict Everything,, Every Action, Reaction, Causality, Consequence, Sequence & Event in this Universe & Eternity.

These all,
And this 12 Block Chart is all but a Clock,, A "Mathematical Matrix" ,, A Mathematical Set of Equations we are Looking at with the "EYE" of an Astrologer, With a "Human EYE" ,
As per me it is a "Mathematical Block/Set of Blocks, Equations Which "RUN"//"EXECUTE" with this Seem-able Sequence or Flow of "Time" towards what seems to us as and is Called the 'future'. THIS IS ALL SUPER AMAZING.. :)
I Will Share more on that..

These Planets including the 2 Arbitary Points which are Given And Assigned the Qualities a, Characteristics of Planets act as Clocks or Markers in Motion. A Still Untapped Mathematical Tool which can be Tapped to unimaginable depths. Rahu and Ketu are the Best Support/Example in my Theory how any number of Points can be Chosen, I Don't know 'how' Yet, But I Hope One Day..I Do,, :)

As i like to say,

You Just need to be Genius Enough to

DECIPHER THE CODE...of this Eternity!!! :)

Thank you for Reading.. :)
God Bless All O:) :)

~Dr. Rohit Sharma O:)


  1. Thank you for your explanation it is very simple and easy to understand. After reading this details I got more interested in this subject.

  2. Thank you for your explanation it is very simple and easy to understand. After reading this details I got more interested in this subject.