Sunday, December 1, 2013

A little about this Blog... :)

Welcome to 'Decifer Eternity -
In this Blog and on my Youtube Channel i will Share My Personal Views and Ideologies

regarding this Observable and May be Unobservable, Perceivable and Interpretable and if

God Blesses me then also the Presently Unpercievable and Uninterpretable Aspects,

Qualities and Characteristics of this Whole Creation & Eternity. I Would like to Share with

You all Interesting and  Mind Boggling  facts and Info in various disciplines including but

not limited to Physics, Mathematics, Medicine, Surgery, Astrology, Astronomy, Numerology,

Philosophy, Unconventional Mathematical techniques & Mathematics.I Wish to  find out & Share with You guys the Technical, Scientific, Philosophical as well as Mathematical Aspects of Astrology and much more about ...

I will Share my Views or Whatever more...i feel like Sharing..  :D :p :) O:)

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