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Friends! Be very careful. I want your full attention on this. You have to open up your mind, be receptive and accept the truth. 

We live in this Universe made up of 2 intricately linked dimensions of SPACE-TIME. SPACE & TIME are the 2 Dimensions we live in , Right!?

Now God gave you ability to move through space -time. You change the rate of passage of time T(motion) = T (rest) / Square root of 1 - v square/ c square is the equation for TIME. You don't need to stress your mind on that equation.


There's 1 thing. We are all prisoners of TIME. In the TIME DIMENSION we can ONLY MOVE IN the FORWARD DIRECTION. YOU will only go towards tomorrow. You cannot just jump to or travel to any day or time of your life at your will. TIME always Moves in the forward direction!!! RIGHT!?? Or i should say we are not having the ability to travel in any other direction in TIME except moving forward.  BUT my first #Remedy IS #time. Yes TIME. As you move forward in TIME you life, your ind, your views, thoughts, situations and everything else about your life CHANGES. THIS IS A THING YOU CANNOT CONTROL YET. But you know!!! That as You travel forward in TIME, everything will change. It is changing constantly.

But we are not in control of this Remedy. This Remedy Controls us. We are meant to change our life as per it's will. It is our LIMITATION. and HENCE, TIME~ represented by #Saturn is above every other Remedy and Law for Human Affairs. 
So beginning with my list of Remedies in Order of Effectiveness!

Remedy 1: 

TIME - The STRONGEST and the INVINCIBLE ONE. It is bound to CHANGE you and your Life both internally and externally. Dashas represent this Dimension in our life, and Dashas change you and your life.

Remedy 2: 

SPACE: Yes , the Space Dimension. As i told we live in Space-time. God did not give us freedom of movement through TIME. But fortunately in this WEB of Space-time in which we are intricately STUCK by strings. Strings of TIME and Space. He allowed us FREEDOM of movement in SPACE. Yes We don't have freedom of Movement in TIME to change our life to Any Specific Dasha as we want and when we want. BUT in SPACE!!! WE ARE FREE TO MOVE. ANYWHERE and at Any Moment of TIME. 

Changing your SPACE Co-ordinates Changes your life's Situations, Your Mindset, Your Mind, Your mental state, Your feelings, Your external scenarios, conditions and EVERYTHING in your life.  You fight at home and as soon as you reach your office or a friends' home, wolaa!! you are smiling and happy like nothing happened. ONCE again, Space and TIME are INTRICATELY INTERWOVEN AND LINKED. You cannot seperate them completely. BUT YES, There is OUR CHANCE!!!. This Space dimension is our chance to CHANGE our SCENARIOS. 

#Astrocartography and other #techniques can help us decipher GOING to what co-ordinates will confer what sort of results. You have a Problem, try changing your Space cordinates.

Remedy 3: 


These techniques also work BOTH on INTERNAL and EXTERNAL planes. 
The help you Realize as well as Transcend to levels where you can Intervene with the Wave-function of DESTINY. Realize probabilities of Events and Sequences and INTERVENE or Change the notes of those Strings. These things help you transcend to levels where you may even realize space and time in a totally different manner. This is a Thing that requires blessings, teachings, true Gurus, Wisdom, Natural Gifts as well as Inclination or Desire to Absorb.

Remedy 4: 

GOOD & NOBLE Deeds: or even better if it would be Self-less Karma/ Sewa without personal or selfish expectations and demands as labelled by few a 'Nishkama Karma': You can read more on that in the Bhagwat Geeta as my words will never be sufficient to express it in wholeness.

 #DONATION & CHARITY for those in Need. I don't need to explain to you , who is in real NEED and who is just playing with your kindness and has made begging his/her profession. This i am blessed to have been taught by My Mentor Sir Umang taneja ji. As he says this is one of the best remedies. 

Go to a Gurudwara and see how it runs. You will know what i mean.

All these things come under #GoodKarma in General.

Remedy 5: 

Good #MoralCharacter: Having a True and Good #MoralCharacter and Principals / ethics/ Virtues & Values. This Quality Strongly enhances both the SOLAR as well as SATURN-ic traits of your Soul and makes it have both a Good Will and a Good fate.

Remedy 6: 

#WILL POWER & DETERMINATION: A strong and #Persistent #WILLPower. SUN is the WILL of Desire while Saturn is the Fate or the LAW of this Universe. A Strong SUN or Ascendant in a birth charts helps you enforce your WILL more and more. Otherwise too, if you are persistent an firm, you can make it. But yes everyone has a separate strength of WILL and a Separate level of Obstacle or Difficulty. If you tell Anil Ambani to fight and WIN a WWE match and Khali to Handle Ambani's office for a month. We cannot say it is IMPOSSIBLE. It is Possible , but the cost is TOO HIGH. A firm and Strong #FAITH and #Belief in what you wish should manifest, will definitely manifest. A Sagittarian quality.

Remedy 7:

PERSISTENCE: IF you Never Give UP, You are Never Lost. Persist till are alive. 

Remedy 8: 

VASTUSHASTRA: And PLEASE!!! Half knowledge is DANGEROUS. Please don't say this room should be on this side and that on this side of the house is the end of the story. Understand the true meaning of #Vastu. It is SO SCIENTIFIC. I say the best person who opened my eyes to the true essence of Vastu is Mr. Umang Taneja Sir. My Mentor and on of  the #Best, most pragmatic, clear and accurate astrologers in todays world. I say, Attend a 6 day crash course from him and you will never be confused about anything. 

Anyways , Changing the Spacial orientation of things around you so that they are best suited to your lifestyle , your health, and the proper and efficient working of your mind and your body greatly increases the efficacy of every process.

Remedy 9:

Mantra, Yantra & Tantra:
Now i don't mean  chanting sanskrit verses you don't understand the meaning of, or just hanging some geometrical figures in your wall ,which you don't have any idea what they are or trying to practice occult things or sorcery which you don't yet understand.  i will write a detailed post on these later. Mantras , Yantras and tantra is to be individualised for every Person and this trio can be applied at esoteric, anthropological as well as mundane levels. Again a clear picture is needed. 

But to be concise:
Mantra is the Command line or the Expression of our will and Desire to God/or the Universe. It acts as a 'fuel' for a process to initiate. It is the Domain of Lord Brahma.

Yantra is the MACHINE or Apparatus used to apply and manifest the scenarios we wish to manifest. It is the Domain of Lord Vishnu.
TANTRA: Relates to the METHOD, or Process, or Mechanism resulting in the Culmination or END RESULT or Final Result that we or the Divine wishes to Manifest. This Component relates to Shiva or Kaali. 

This is the concise surface view of it. I hope you got the idea of what it actually is and how can you use it or misuse it. You MUST COMMAND and ASSERT and be Clear of your WILL or Desire (MANTRA). Than You MUST Create Scenarios or TAKE ACTIONS and create the necessary situations or Infrastructure required to fullfil or Accomplish a Goal. & Finally Your MUST know the METHOD OR MECHANISM or the HOW to do it. You must do it the right way with Discipline, Dedication and Persistance.


This is what is the Real Meaning of Mantra, Yantra & Tantra in Jyotish or Astrology. I don't know whatever you think, but this is what i believe. If there's more to it that what i believe or have revealed here you are free to share your views in the comments below or anywhere on my profile on this Website.

These are the basic Remedies. How much hey ALTER your life, no one can guarantee, but they definitely alter it internally and externally. 

Then their are Planet or house specific remedies that i am working on. You have already read my article on remedies for the planet #Saturn, #Moon and the 4rth house. Lets see what comes next. 

And also there are 1000's of other remedies like feeding a cow and many more. I tried many of them myself. I don't know how effective they are. i do not understand them and i cannot say anything positive or negative. If you Respect them, if you believe in them, you can try them to the cost of your faith, time and money. I Personally neither recommend them not can i comment on them. God bless you! 


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Combinations for SLEEP DISORDERS/Lack of sleep at Night / Anxiety / Erratic Sleep Patterns/ Emotional Damage/ Lack of Peace and Emotional Stability/

Combinations for SLEEP DISORDERS/Lack of sleep at Night / Anxiety / Erratic Sleep Patterns/ Emotional Damage , Instability, and Disturbances/ Lack of Peace and Emotional Stability/ erratic Heart Rhythms/ Arrhythmias/ Heart Rhythm Disorders/ Lack of Rest & Stability in Mind/ or a Bad tuning with Mother/ Lack of a Place to Rest in Privacy and Isolation:

1) 4rth house being occupied predominantly by the Sign of Aries, Virgo or Scorpio.
2) The Sign of Cancer occupies 6th or 8th house.
3) 4rth house has Rahu or Gullika or Mars.
4) 4rth lord is conjunct with 1st, 6th or 8th lord.
5) 4rth lord placed in 1st, 6th or 8th house/Sign.
6) 4rth lord is conjunct with Rahu or Gullika or MARS.
7) 4rth lord is in the Nakshtra of Ashwini, Ardra, Swati or Moola.
8) Moon is placed in 1,6 or 8 Sign/House.
9) Moon is Conjunct with 1st, 6th or 8th lord.
10) Moon is Conjunct Rahu or Gullika.
11) Moon is in the Nakshtra of Ashwini, Ardra, Swati or Moola.
12) Moon is in 1,6 and 8 signs in Navamsha or D9.
13) 4rth lord is in 1,6 and 8 in D9.
15) Moon and 4rth lord are in an "enemy sign or debilitation sign" (as commonly said)
16) Venus in the 6th or 8th Sign/house.
17) Venus Conjunct 6th or 8th lord.
18) Venus Conjunct Gullika or Rahu.

Now , Check how many of the above are present in a native to see his/her level of peace, emotional safety and security, stability and peace of mind. Add them up and do the Maths. There are factors that promote peace, harmony, sleep and satisfaction. Add up both the factors the positive ones and the negative ones. DO THE MATHS. SEE the final result if it is ( - ) 4 or 5 or above there is definitely a problem. if it is + 1 even things are good. (Y)


1) Try to have a good Sound Sleep in time at NIGHT.
2) Love UNCONDITIONALLY without expectations.
3) Feel Good.
4) Try to give others what you DON'T HAVE. You will GENERATE the same in you automatically.
5) Try to stay in company of those who have a Good 4rth house, lord and Moon in addition to a well placed Sign of Cancer(house wise).
6) Visit your temple on Monday. And make sure you go in Peace when there is not much Rush and Crowd. Only you and the source field.
7) Try to stay calm.
8) Relax and listen to some SOOTHING MUSIC in privacy and in your bedroom.
9) Try to do MEDITATION.
10) Have company of friends and people who feel good and make you feel good as friends and without expectations of-course.
11) Do not depend upon your emotions much and do not try to seek emotional satisfaction from others. Generate it within and distribute to others.

12) Try to travel in Sedans by hiring a Driver'
13) Be good to the Driver.
14) Be Very Good to those who are caring for you or care about you. TRUST them completely.
15) Feel Good!! (Y)

16) Try to be Stable, Calm and UNAFFECTED by any Disturbing events, phenomena or Stimuli occurring around you. DO NOT RESPOND to any such stimuli Emotionally. Do not let any such thing evoke an emotional response in you. Just you are not meant to be emotional affected as well as emotionally respond to these things. Do NOT respond emotionally to anything Bad.

17) Grow Mature and develop more Logic (Jupiter and Mercury) ,Accept the facts (Saturn) and Strengthen your Will (The SUN) and Move on.

18) Feel Good!! (Y)

19) COOKING!. Yes Cooking food for yourself and your family or the people you care about or even as a voluntary service in an orphanage or old age home or a Temple or Gurudwara or any place of worship. Cooking a delicious meal or food in a neat and clean manner at your home and serving it  to yourself or your family and consuming it makes you feel what? check it yourself! You can visit a Gurudwara and see how people do the whole process from peeling vegetables to cooking and serving voluntarily. It gives satisfaction. Cooking food is a remedy for the 2nd house, 3rd house, 4rth house, 5th house, 6th house, 11th house , Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. :) It is one of the best. It represents our accumulation, consumption, efforts, satisfaction and assimilation. So do it , try it and see what happens. Give me a feedback if you feel it is useless.

20) Feel Good! (Y)

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How to check WHO BELIEVES IN #ASTROLOGY!?? & to What Extent?


HOW MUCH do you have what it takes to Connect with the 'REALMS' of 'REALITY' :) (y)

A #QuantumPhysics Co-relation.

Is that a Blessing or a Curse!!?? :) O:) (y)

How can You determine if someone believes in Astrology or Not? And if someone does than to what extent?

There is RARELY an absolute case or an extreme case where one is FIRMLY believing in one of the above but 99.99% of the people in this planet believe in BOTH of the ABOVE. And they are not Stupid in doing so. ALL of you are RIGHT. It is because all of you a different interaction with this universe and the entirety of existence and the Multiverse/All there is.

It is just like a BAR or Point on a Ruler scale as shown in the figure below. You can move it in any direction, sometimes more inclination is on believing in Destiny and a Higher Power or LAW which controls or RUNS everything about this universe and including your life too. Some people believe everything is in our control and with the right Focus , Right KARMA, with the right MANTRA, YANTRA and TANTRA, or with their intelligence, faith, will power and right Efforts they can make things happen as per their will.

Well i will say that both of the above category of people are true in their minds and in their lives. Both are correct at their own places in their own lives.

There are higher REALMS, there are extra dimensions that is for sure now. Particles come into and go out of existence as we know it all the time at a Quantum level.

 EVERYTHING, EVERY ENTITY IN THIS UNIVERSE ranging from sub-atomic particles like muons, bosons, gravitons, quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons exists and then completely ceases to exist in this universe and no-one ever knows where did it go.

A quantum particle exists as a "Wave function" which represents the range or Probability of existence in terms of 'Position' (Space), 'Time' and 'Momentum'. It may or May not exist for periods in between in all of the above 3. Furthermore, the ACT of observation is what determines the Exactness of Specific location of an 'ENTITY' or 'Particle' or 'WAVE - FUNCTION' in terms of  'LOCATION, TIME AND MOMENTUM'. IF WE DO NOT OBSERVE IT MAY BE PRESENT EVERYWHERE AT EVERY TIME OR EVEN NOT EXIST AT ALL IN THIS UNIVERSE.

AS I EXPLAINED IN ONE OF MY PREVIOUS POSTS WHICH I DID about a YEAR ago i explained to you how 'AN ACT OF OBSERVATION' is also 'AN INTERACTION'. YOU CAN NEVER OBSERVE A THING IN THIS WHOLE SPACE-TIME WITHOUT 'INTERACTING' WITH it in one form of the other at both Macro-scopic and Micro-scopic levels. Observation itself affects and alters every phenomena in this universe, the entity being observed and the future outcome of 'EVERYTHING' in this existence.

Anyhow, focusing on the topic here , i wish to express that,

There are LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES in our dimensions.



LIGHT/Photons/EM waves for example have an existence that believes in 'NO TIME' AND 'NO SPACE'. May be They are something that exists in it's entirety outside of SPACE-TIME with only a part of their existence interacting or existing in our DIMENSIONS and YET they INTERACT with things that EXIST in this Universe and in SPACE-TIME.

Many Such entities like all EM Waves may be ENTIRE Existences and  small 'segment' of the whole 'truth' is what is 'interacting' our existing with and in respectively in our SPACE-TIME Dimensions.

SIMILAR is the case with all sub-atomic particles who come into existence and cease to exist and may exist in 2 states or places at the same time or exist in 2 times at the same place and much more stuff which is possible only through a linkage out of this existence.

ANYHOW , so coming to the Astrology Part :p :) O:)

So ,

 ..in our body, in our Neurons, in our Brain and in our Whole BODY and MIND IS coming into and going out of these SPACE-TIME dimensions every time. in a sense our whole body and this whole UNIVERSE we live in has extra -dimensional existence as well.

i will write an elaborate article on that extra-dimensional existence later but right now to narrow it down to our 'Astrological interpretations' here let us move on with the Astrological Part.


Bottom line, We and the Extra-Dimensions are CONNECTED AND INTERMINGLED. we are existing together. all together in one fabric. We all exist together in harmony. None can exist without the other to balance 'NATURE'

So we interact with them, they interact with us.


The Answer is We the SUN decide our 'WILL' or our 'Desire' , what we wish to 'SEE' and How we (the beings and entities of space-time) want things to be like.

However, The SATURN, PLUTO, RAHU & KETU ( the nodes or Draconic or the Shadow planets)  represent the Higher LAW or Extra Dimensional Connections, Phenomena and NATURE or WILL of the OUTER existence.


Who believes in the SELF, Who can manifest things as per HIS WILL and as how he/she wants things to be? Who are the People who say, I don't believe in Destiny, i make my own DESTINY?

A STRONG SUN AND A STRONG ASCENDANT will make this psyche. Why because this is what they face in their life. Because this is what they DO. This is what they CAN do. They EXIST predominantly in this DIMENSION and enforce the law of these dimensions. They cause extra-dimensions to exist and come into 'OURS' and exist as per our 'will' as per our 'DESIRE'. The act of 'observation' or the 'EYE' (THE SUN) determines the fate and NATURE OF THE OBSERVED PARTICLE/ENTITY.

People with a Weaker SUN, or a Weak Ascendant, a Strong Saturn or Pluto. People with conjunctions or Aspects of Saturn, Pluto, Rahu or Ketu on their Ascendant, SUN or MOON have a STRONG Faith or belief in the ARENA of Astrology and Spirituality.

Why? It is because this is what they are MORE CONNECTED TO. They are more connected to the HIGHER or EXTRA "REALMS" , they are more interactive with higher realms. Every single atoms, electron and quark in their body and mind is having MORE AND MORE connections and INFLUENCE from the 'OUTER REALMS' than a normal person.

ULTIMATELY, the existence of extra-dimensional rules cannot be denied and hence, EXTRA-DIMENSIONS AND their EFFECT always exists , but whose effect or "WILL" WINS or creates the 'OVERALL" picture is determined by the combined interactions of both. SO THE SUN AND ASCENDANT would manifest your will while the SATURN, PLUTO and the nodes will MANIFEST more of 'THEIR' 'WILL'.

INTERESTINGLY people with a SUN+SATURN conjunction ARE the "EXTREMISTS". They are either "everything is Astrology, Destiny and Religion" or "all this is all FAKE". They have either a STRONG BELIEF IN SELF AND WILL POWER AND COMPLETELY DENY ASTROLOGY or are HARDCORE BELIEVERS in this ARENA. because now their is a conflict of the 'WILL' of this 'Existence' and the 'WILL' or the 'HIGHER EXISTENCE'. NOW ONE OF THE TWO IS WINNING IN THE CHART AND WILL CAUSE THAT TO MANIFEST ALL THEIR LIFE and hence the belief.

SO either it is ALWAYS that what they wish is what they accomplish in the end or it is mostly always the opposite case and they start believing in DESTINY as and for-all. The houses like 6,8 and 12 also have greater EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL influence and other houses have greater SPACE-TIME AND JUPITARIAN OR SUN-ian influence and hence those labelled as 'Dushtana' houses are just that YOUR existence WANTS MORE OF 'EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL' LAW than the 'law' or 'will' of this 'EXISTENCE'.

So finally, if you have a weak SUN, A strong influence of Saturn , Pluto or the NODES on your Ascendant , on your SUN  or the MOON, You are DEFINITELY more inclined to ASTROLOGY and that DESTINY or the Higher REALMS are more influential than our own will and Desires. :)

Instead if your Ascendant, SUN and MOON are un-'afflicted' by these planets are in good strength and 'position' (out of house 6,8 and 12) than DEFINITLY you are not the one who believes much in ASTROLOGY. You are the one of this REALM and came here into this 'REALM' to exist, enforce and MANIFEST this REALM and it's LAWS, WISHES AND DESIRES through 'YOU'. :) ;) :) O:) (Y)

In Short,

The Houses/Signs:
6,8 & 12

The Planets:
Saturn, Rahu, Pluto and Ketu

The Degrees:
Any Planet Above 28 degree 54 minutes to up-to 1 degree 6 minutes in any sign.

will cause an extra-dimensional thinking and interaction.
Moon in addition is a unique planet, relates cross dimensionally. It can
connect you across all dimensions like Gravity I guess. It is emotional , 
fluidic and reactive. It is love!  



There are a set of #GenuineRemedies and yes some are complex and some are Easy.

The #Easy one here is to Strengthen your 'Existence' in 'THIS REALM' or 'SPACE-TIME' by Strengthening your 'SUN' and your 'SOUL' or your 'Character' and "ASCENDANT".

How do you do that?

I don't know about the traditional remedies. I hope and wish they are effective. I really wish. But what i can tell you is that, the Strongest and te easiest of all is "PERSISTENCE, FOCUS AND #FAITH". MANIFESTS your 'will' more here than 'there'. :)
i suppose.

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