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The VENUS ~ Only the Astrology Part with a bit of Astronomy

Here are a few Astronomical points about planet Venus:

a) Venus has an excpetionally Symmetrical & circular orbit but the Circles are also a part of bigger gradually progressive circles.

b) Venus earth form a Perfectly symmetrical and Golden ratio 5 point Pentacle design from their orbits every 8 years on earth and 13 years on venus and this cycle repeats endlessly.

c) Venus rotates in a direction opposite to all other planets.

d) It is the 3rd most brightest, Dazzling and Beautiful Heavenly body in the Sky at night and Appears Just before sunrise or just after sunset.

e) Outside it appears beautiful and attractive but inside it has high temperatures, lava, fire, continuous remodeling and Energy.

f) It follows Patterns in a Regular Cycle in a harmonious way and in Divine / Golden Geometrical Ratios making Geometrical and Rose like or flower like beautiful Regularly repeating as well as slowly evoluting or moving Patterns in time. 

g) It becomes retrograde before each of the inferior conjunctions and stays so for a few days after also to begin a new cycle / beginning.



So Let's Get started with the ASTROLOGY PART:

VENUS represents connectivity and interactions. it includes bonding at various levels and in various formats. It represents equality and sharing. It represents give and take relationships, committed, promised and bonded relationships. 

VENUSIAN LOVE differs from SOLAR LOVE, Ascendant Love  & the true LUNAR love.

LUNAR Love is the true, unconditional, caring, nurturing and eternal LOVE. This love know NO rules or cultures or wordly 'things' or Conditions or Situations. It is Immortal once created and is eternal forever and in every situation and is totally 'BLIND' as they say. it knows no rules of space, time, place, person , situation or life or death. It is Immortal, Pure, divine, unconditional and ever caring and ever giving and without expectations and demands, only requiring revival happiness and an eternal bonding without any demands or complaints. MUCH like the Motherly love. ONE Sided love is an example too.

VENUSIAN love on the other hand is similar but it Requires Participation of both, involves Promises, commitment, legal binding, trust is needed, give & take relationship, Marriages, PLEASURES are seeked, Satisfaction is required for both parties entering into it and this LOVE is or i would say 'Making Love' is important to create something New 'a new life'.

SOLAR or ASCENDANT LOVE is a Material Worldly attraction cum bonding. Helps to connect and bind two entities.

In addition MOON & VENUS both represent CYCLIC & Repetitive Beautiful Patterns or activities as well and hence relate to WOMEN and the Menstrual Cycle seen in most female mammals as well.

has Symmetry, Divine Ratios, Repetition, Repetitive yet evolving and changing at the same time pentagonal cycles in the orbit, Evolution and Harmony and Brightness as seen from earth. As viewed from earth its is the 3rd most brightest, And hence the 3rd most influential planet on our Physical and Metaphysical Being-hood. Also the planet is full of internal , self generated heat, Power and force inside while it seems calm and beautiful from the outside. What is hidden deep inside/hidden/occult beneath it's outer cloud cover is not visible on the surface.

Okay what are the things Venus Represents in Astrology,

Here are a few things the Venus represents in All forms of Astrology:

1) Regeneration 
2) Fertility & Reproduction
3) Females & femininity
4) Beauty

5) Symmetry
6) Harmony
4, 5 & 6 are seen in Art works, in Music, In Architecture, In Stage Performances and Anything Beautiful.
7) Attraction & Charm
8) Lust 

9) Seduction and Female persuasive & captivating Charm. 
10) Promised and Committed Relationships
11) Union of opposite Sexes
12) Music and Rhymes and Poetry
13) Art and Craft
14) Occult/ Hidden and Rare Knowledge
15) Super-Specialization Courses (After Post-Graduation) or Mastery of a field.
16) Fertility as in the form of Semen or Sperms etc.
17) Wife or Life Partner or a Romantic Partner.
18) Opposite Sex
19) Comforts, Luxuries and Conveniences.

20) Relationships and Harmony among Different or
     Opposite Consciousnesses. Also Romance and Romantic Love.
21) Youthfulness
23) Happiness (due to materialistic, Physical, Practical and tangible stimuli.)

23) Pleasures from the 5 senses.
24) Doctors/Medical Health Workers with Super-specialization or Specialization       in a Specialty. 
25) Healing, Curing and Reviving Powers.

#VENUS would be represented words like  ''Harmony', 'Romance' & 'Romantic Relationships'
It represents 'Harmonizing/connecting different types Consciousnesses(Minds)' by connecting, sharing, Making relationships and bonding etc.
Venus refers to "Making Relationships" with others people/opposite sex/common masses by living amongst/with them and not by living Above them.

It likes bonding with them, making a relationship with them (Sorry for the repetition) and understanding them. It refers to "COMPROMISING, SHARING, Giving and taking(in return)" , Expecting in return the same love , compassion and feelings and pleasure it gives to the opposite sex for pleasure/happiness and Sexual Gratification.

Meeting/blending/harmonizing into one body/combination/relationship  with the opposite Sex/ with Opposite poles in our life. Venus is the Relationship inducing/urging Planet in a Horoscope analysis. Venus wants to come into the masses/opposite sex and make love with them, make relationships with them and it enjoys those feelings. It wants to know What 'OTHER WANT' and how to 'Connect and Relate' with them. It lives the luxuries, gives itself comforts, enjoys the services and comforts he/she is receiving from any source e.g the King. :)

VENUSIAN love is give and take, it has connectivity, It gives something and demands the same gratification and pleasure and satisfaction in return , So it helps making bonds and connectivity.Venus wants to make you comforted, GRATIFIED and Happy but it has the same demand in return to have a Permanent Bond and Connection. :)

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