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The Moon

The Moon:
The Moon is accommodative, receptive and reactive.

What I mean by this is that Moon represents entities or psyches that accommodate you providing a safe haven to relax and release your intense energies in a gentle and soft manner. It accepts whatever you give & responds to it/according to it in a gentle soothing likeable manner.
It does not have it’s own view, Will or assertion but it only reciprocates, accepts and responds to ot acts according to others’ will of the Stimuli giving agent.

It relates to Unconditional Love & care. Love & Care that responds to or reacts to you according to you & in a manner that is most comforting, soothing and ‘REVIVING’ to you and never asserts its will against yours.

It is not having an Assertive Will. It responds to other’s will and Desire using the light they give it reflects the same light but appears much more calmer and soothing and charming.

It is comforting, caring, soothing, gentle, fluidic and calm.

It loves stability as well as flexibility and adaptability.

And as I said , It is ever accommodating, caring and responsive/reactive to external stimuli.

Moon represents personalities that love deeply & emotionally. It is charming, comforting & soothing.

On a Human Plane:

Moon represents FEELINGS, Emotions & motherly Love.

Moon’s Love is transcendental.

The effects of Moon like feelings, emotions & love are transcendental.

It means that Moons effects leak through space and are beyond space & time.

They have No BOUNDRIES. They can leak or Pass through all barriers of this universe. They no no laws, customs or even facts like ‘Life’ or ‘Death’. Moon’s love & feelings work cross dimensionally, universally & eternally.

It is limitless and omniexistent. It is true yet situational ( its truth and morals or values change according to it’s SUN or the one it is responding to and come in a manner that is most likeable and comforting to the one It is reacting to or responding to OR IT'S SUN) and hence makes it very loved/ liked by all.

But these qualities ADD a certain amount of Promiscuous Nature and Behavior as well to the MOON and the Sign of Cancer. This is a Royal Planet and Cancer is a Royal Sign and hence a certain amount of Assertion/ Power / Self centeredness is added to the charm, attractive force, Love, care & the pleasing response of the Moon & hence may make a Cancer native Very Romantic as well as Promiscuous if other factors are supportive.

These qualities give Birth to Lunar Human significations like 'Mothers', home, and liquids/ fluids and many more. This also explains how it loves the sign of cancer ( gentle fluid) , taurus( accumulative growth & security cum stability) & Pisces( deep, transforming & truly calm).

In the wordly plane:

The Moon represents the Mother/ Queen/ Co-founders/ Co- Pilots and the Vice-President , Permanent Support or backing of any kind etc:

Humanely The Moon is the Gentle Caring, nurturing and unconditionally loving mother or the Lady, who supports the soul / the Father/the king/or the Mind emotional, reactive , caring and  empathic abilities.

It represents our state of Mood and how we are feeling at any moment.

It can make empathic connections and reciprocate to empathic stimuli. It works on the plane of empathy and feelings.

The Moon is the Support or Partner of the Sun or we can say that our emotions/Psyche/Moods are the Support or give Strength to our Mind/Soul & Will Power.

IN Short Moon can only make empathic connections and interpretations in our psyche. How well they are, weather they make us feel good, comforted and strong or they make us feel weak , upset and disturbed depends upon the relative placement of the moon in our natal chart.

Moon is the Home, the caring nurturing and reviving supportive environment as well as people in our lives. Once again Moon reciprocates and interprets feelings of love, empathy, peace, care and support.


Moon is what RECIPROCATES to the WILL/Stimuli in a manner that is Most pleasing and Supportive to the WILL /the Stimuli provider/ the SUN.

True unconditional & eternal, love, concern & Care is represented through Moon and not Venus.

TO Understand the Slight difference b/w Venusian Love & Lunar Love:

#Moon's love and support is unconditional and for all without any expectations or demands. It gratifies only by giving, loving, nourishing, caring, nurturing and supporting with selfless love and Joy. It is sensitive and reacts to feelings and emotions only. It needs emotional Support if it is weak but it is different from the Give and take Relationship in Venus. If strong it has no demands in return. It only "Gives" and "Reacts to your feelings and actions" to make you feel comforted and Happy. It always wants to give comfort, support and Care.

Moon in short is Sensitive, reactive to feelings, caring and supporting. It makes a connection on an emotional plane which always gives always stays and always loves/cares/supports/nurtures unconditionally.

Moon also represents a Beautiful, High Class Lady, with a lot of Caliber, Abilities, status and repute.

Afterall Moon & Sun are Royal Planets and hence relate to the Queen & the King.

Moon represents fluids like Water, Milk, Mocktails, other Drinkable liquid products or Liquids that can act as Universal Solvents and allow the content to release energy, stabilize and mix up and attain a stable state after diffusion and dispersion all over the place.

Medically Moon represents our Psyche and the Moods of a Person. It is the Software of the Head.
Moon can also represents the Vertebral column, the Ovaries, the Uterus, Serosa, Body cavities, Peritoneum, Pericardium and their cavities, It can also represents the meninges and Meningeal layers of the Brain. Liver can also be partially represented by the Moon but Jupiter & Saturn will also play a role. Testicles are also represented by both Moon and the Venus. The Abdominal Cavity as a whole and Pouches like Pouch of Douglas etc can also be represented by the Moon. More experimentation & research of course is required.

Moon also represents the night and our Sleep.
It can represent how relaxed, rested, safe, strong and comforted we feel in our Privacy or when we alone with ourselves or during night or during our sleep time. Hence afflictions of Moon can represent Sleep disorders or psychiatric problems of manifestations of various kinds ranging sleep disorders to erratic sleep patterns to Depression to Mania to Bipolar disorder or mood disorders of various kinds.

As per BPHS, “The Moon is very windy and phlegmatic. She has round body and is learned. She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickle minded and very lustful”

A few #Remedies I think have a +ve influence:


1) Try to have a good Sound Sleep in time at NIGHT.
2) Love UNCONDITIONALLY without expectations.
3) Feel Good.
4) Try to give others what you DON'T HAVE. You will GENERATE the same in you automatically.
5) Try to stay in company of those who have a Good 4rth house, lord and Moon in addition to a well placed Sign of Cancer(house wise).
6) Visit your temple on Monday. And make sure you go in Peace when there is not much Rush and Crowd. Only you and the source field.
7) Try to stay calm.
8) Relax and listen to some SOOTHING MUSIC in privacy and in your bedroom.
9) Try to do MEDITATION.
10) Have company of friends and people who feel good and make you feel good as friends and without expectations of-course.
11) Do not depend upon your emotions much and do not try to seek emotional satisfaction from others. Generate it within and distribute to others.

12) Try to travel in Sedans by hiring a Driver'
13) Be good to the Driver.
14) Be Very Good to those who are caring for you or care about you. TRUST them completely.
15) Feel Good!! (Y)

16) Try to be Stable, Calm and UNAFFECTED by any Disturbing events, phenomena or Stimuli occurring around you. DO NOT RESPOND to any such stimuli Emotionally. Do not let any such thing evoke an emotional response in you. Just you are not meant to be emotional affected as well as emotionally respond to these things. Do NOT respond emotionally to anything Bad.

17) Grow Mature and develop more Logic (Jupiter and Mercury) ,Accept the facts (Saturn) and Strengthen your Will (The SUN) and Move on.

18) React or Respond or BEHAVE in a NICE , Gentle, CHARMING, Pleasing & Appeasing manner with everyone. BEHAVE in a manner with others that the other person feels good, rested & comforted. They feel u r in agreement with them and are supporting them.

19) COOKING!. Yes Cooking food for yourself and your family or the people you care about or even as a voluntary service in an orphanage or old age home or a Temple or Gurudwara or any place of worship. Cooking a delicious meal or food in a neat and clean manner at your home and serving it  to yourself or your family and consuming it makes you feel what? check it yourself! You can visit a Gurudwara and see how people do the whole process from peeling vegetables to cooking and serving voluntarily. It gives satisfaction. Cooking food is a remedy for the 2nd house, 3rd house, 4rth house, 5th house, 6th house, 11th house , Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. :) It is one of the best. It represents our accumulation, consumption, efforts, satisfaction and assimilation. So do it , try it and see what happens. Give me a feedback if you feel it is useless.

Eating good food, Cooking good food, Being served good food by someone who cares or Serving Good food to others all help strengthen your Lunar Specifications. No Wonder people who suffer from depression tend to unknowingly eat more and more when alone and feel better doing it although unaware of it.

20) WATER: Yes from what i 'feel' or 'felt' , refreshing water has a positive refreshing and reviving effect on us. Use a bath tub, Feel the rain, use a Shower, use a bore-well, bathe in a calm pond or River and take a dip and come out. I hope it 'feels' Good and free of worries in that state.
BUT Keep safe. REPEAT: BE SAFE...

21) Feel Safe! Feel Assured, Feel Supported, Feel loved, Feel comforted & above all …
22) Feel Good! J (y)

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