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Certain Planets are Stronger in a Particular Direction when Viewed from any Point on Earth. This Strength of a Planet in a Chart due to it being present in a particular Direction is called DIG(Direction) BAL(Strength) or Directional Stregth. Now how do we know in which Direction the planet was at the time of Birth of a Native or at any moment of time at a Place.
Here's How we know it.

Know, WHAT IS THE ASCENDENT/First House at that place at 'Moment of Observation'?
When we draw a Horizontal line/Tangent from any Point on Earth towards the 'East' , the Zodiac Sign Visible in that Direction or 'Rising' in that Direction at that 'moment of observation' Becomes the Ascendent for that place at that Particular moment of time.
Hence, Obviously from the Above fact we can make out that East represent thae Ascendent or viz a viz, the Ascendent is in the Eastern Direction. Hence Obviously, the 4rth house in a Chart will represent the North, 7th House (exactly opposite in direction from 1st) will be in the WEST and 10th is in the Southern Direction at the moment of 'Observation'.

SO this way we know just by looking at a chart where and in Which Direction were the Planets at the Moment of this Natives Birth as Observed from the Birth Place on Earth.

Now What is The Rule of DIG Bala.
as per BPHS:
East / Ascendent/ 1st house:  Jupiter & Mercury
North/ 4rth House:                    Venus & Moon
WEST/ 7th House:                   Saturn
& South/ 10 House:                   Sun & Mars

Hence the Above Planets in these house Gain Directional Strength or DIG Bala & Give Beneficial Results specially from the DIRECTION they Represent or are in. Hence if One has Jupiter in the first house, owner of 2nd or 11th, They will Gain fruitful results, have good Financial gains or  Get Other Benefic Results from the Eastern Direction without any Obstacles in Jupiter's Dasha Period.

Thanks for Reading!

Dr. Rohit Sharma

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