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RETROGRADE Planets in Astrology


Retrograde planets have a very high influence on our Soul, our Psyche and the Situations and Events we face in our life. Your life revolves around and is affected by a retrograde planet a LOT MORE then all other planets in your Natal chart. You are Always feeling the effect of the Retrograde Planet in your life every day and in every dasha. Sometimes mild , sometimes Predominant, irrespective of the dasha you are going through. Some call it just an Optical Phenomena or illusion but whole Astrology is basically based on Optical Observations and Phenomena as seen from earth. So it has a Higher influence on us because Optically as seen from earth a planet is Nearest to Earth when it is under retrogradation period and hence Comparatively Very influential and Closer to our Psyche and has higher control on the Situations we will face and how we will respond to them.


A planet appears retrograde because as seen from earth it appears to move in an opposite Direction in the elliptic belt then normal. It can be due to difference in the relative speeds of earth and the planet in their respective orbits as seen from earth. Retrograde phenomena is only observed from a Geocentric view of the Solar System and the Zodiacs and not possible from a Heliocentric View where we observe everything considering Sun as the center and point of observation. If earth is the point of Observation then Retrogradation occurs. A retrograde planet is also usually closer to earth during its retrogradation period then normal. So it has a Higher influence on our Soul and Psyche just like the Sun and the Moon and Causes more introspection and Influence on us.


Retrograde Planets makes us Re-consider, Re-analyse, Pay more attention, Come-back & Redo, 'Repair', Re-peat, Repeated attempts to exercise the planets attributes and Qualities & Transform and Ascend with a new mature and Evolved Beginning, opposite of traditional/conventional direction of the planets' attributes.

It can mean moving in opposite direction. it can mean doing opposite of what must be done or executed or opposite of what ought to exist. it is against the norms of society and universal good of all. it is more practical and materialistic. it can be braking laws related to that planet. it could mean the planet does opposite of what is ought to do. :)

IT Could also mean the planet is having the same characteristics or qualities inside but external manifestations are demonic or going in opposite direction, going back with regard to the attributes of the planet or giving effects opposite of what ought to be given by it.

It basically means repeated attempts, Redoing from the beginning, Going back and Starting over again from Point/level Zero, Reconsidering and reanalyzing things, Introspection, and A New & Better Beginning after all this. Retro Planet has a Greater and Deeper influence on us then the Normal Pro-grade Scenario of the Same planet at the same Place in a Chart. 

One has to Make repeated attempts, Go back and Start afresh in a new better way relating to the attributes of that planet. There is dissatisfaction in the first attempt. There is never a "Perfect, Comfortable , Satisfied MOVING ON & Ahead/FORWARD" type of Attitude with regard to the attributes of that planet. Retrogradation means Moving in the Opposite 
direction to Start over a New Cycle a New Cycle of Consciousness, A New type of Consciousness and a New Type of Beginning with full vigour, but for that New Beginning You have to Go back and Start over again. But in case of a Natal Chart it is a SNAPSHOT and is Fixed at the Going BACK moment, so it takes you back , reanalysing and Redoing 
everything ,, Rising or Moving ahead 5 steps and then Falling back to the Ground to start over again. It is Sort of a Demonic Quality , not  a benefic but a malefic characteristic but the Planet involved in itself may be benefic or malefic.

Also a Retrograde Planet always has a Higher influence on our lives Compared to all other planets because a) it is closer to earth Astronomically.

It also makes more and more Refined or i would say Better and Superior Internally and on an Abstract plane. We achieve more Experiences and Wisdom, We Rise and Acquire the Qualities of that planet a Lot Internally and on an Abstract plane but Externally we See repeated failures, set backs and Repetitions and the External Manifestations are in the Direction opposite of what ought to be usually. It usually takes Multiple Tries to finally get to your AIM and Desire. ;)

"All Planets represent and are the different elements of our consciousness." 

Now lets Do all planets one by one.

As observed from earth, Sun and the Moon NEVER go retrograde. They are always Ante-grade or Pro-grade(moving forward). SO Lucky You. They say in Hindi  'Insaan ki fitrat kabhi nahi badalti' , which means the Basic tenets and Characteristics of a Human Never change. No one changes and reconsiders themselves. Because the Sun and the Moon never Reanalyse. they just Move on and Go on. While Yes the Ascendent Lord ( the 3rd planet that Defines our Personality/characteristics and Nature) can be Retrograde making us Reanalyse and Reconsider ourselves, Repair and Change with time ( mostly for our own Good) ;)

Now lets See the influence of other Planets: :)

Whenever A PLANET IS RETROGRADE, The Internal Qualities, Characteristics and Nature and Tenets of that Planet Remain unchanged. It is still the same planet/'deva'/set of Qualities. It will still affect the same areas of your life or the same 'elements of your consciousness'. It will internally always want to give you the same things it is Represented by in Astrology. 

It will represent the same thing or be the 'Karaka' of the same Things. eg. 

Jupiter Antegrade or Retrograde always represents Children, Happiness, New Creations, Knowledge, Teachers, Wisdom and Religion likewise Venus (A) or (R) will always decide about our Relationships, Pleasures of the 5 senses and Sense or Perception of Beauty BUT what Differs is the Planets Approach to get it or it's Methods to Manifest it, the methods it follows, the ways it follows , the Pathway one goes through or uses and It's Method or Approach to feel/Perceive those elements of our consciousness and Approach to get what that Planet makes us Want.

How it behaves and Acts Externally is Different from how it should Behave and Act Externally.

The internal Qualities and The Gifts it wants to give you are the SAME but the EXTERNAL MANIFESTATION and Appearance for the world and yourself too is Opposite of what should be the case. And the Methods it will take to Give it's attributes to you will be Different from normal. 

What you externally see Manifesting or Executing or Happening is Different and Usually opposite of what should be and also Includes Repetitions, Going backwards or Re-doing things by falling down to level Zero and Starting over again , trying and trying again till you reach your 
Goal or Perfection. Internally or introspectively the Planets is Still the SAME. Or i should say Inside it is the same planet, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn etc who is influencing you but externally it behaves or appears to Act and Give you results in an nontraditional , opposite and Wrong way( wrong 

according to that planet e.g if saturn wants to act slow and Steady , (R) effect will cause it to wrongly act Quick and Give everything QUICKly). 

Internally the Planet is the same , WANTS the same, But externally it 

shows you the opposite, makes you do Opposite things, Manifests and produces opposite of what it is supposed to be manifested. Internally it 

DRIVES YOU in a Direction according to it's Internal Nature, But externally it Drives you or takes you in the opposite direction. Internally it Gives you wishes or Desires as per it's nature and Makes you Desire to go in a 

Direction as per it's sign and House BUT externally Or on a Practical plane you Go in the Opposite direction and Get opposite of what you want. 

Exampli Gratia: A Venus (R) in LIBRA in 5th house will 
internally DRIVE you , make you desire a Love filled, Romantic, Passionate , COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP full off Love and Passion and Bonding but externally it gives you Repeated Breakups, Multiple relationships, lack of commitment, Lack of Real Passionate Relationships sometimes No Relationships for a long time even after having a Huge desire Inside or multiple tries and attempts before you finally get one. 

Basically Internal Desires, Directions and Accomplishments are opposite from External Appearances, Desires, Directions and Accomplishments.


What are the similarities and differences between a Pro-grade and a Retrograde Planet:

A Planet Say Jupiter will behave or influence us as per 5 things predominantly:

1) It's Basic Internal Nature and Characteristics Assigned as per Astrology

2) It's Sign Placement

3) It's House Placement

4) It's Nakshatra Placement (the situation of the lords of above 3 also influences the Qualities and Strength of the Planet of-course)

& 5) It's Shad Bala 

Now When A Planet say for example Jupiter is Retrograde,

A) It's Behavior , characteristics it imparts to us, the sphere/areas of our life it affects and it's Basic internal Nature ( or i can say our basic internal nature) will be as per the above 5 points. I mean Internally or on an Abstract plane or Psychological plane or in regards to our approach to things or our desires and our Internal Drive and Direction will depend upon the above 5 points. As the above 5 points do not account of the Direction of motion of the planet in the orbit as seen from earth so it will be the Same Result as in a Pro-grade moving Planet. 

So it will behave the SAME way as if it is Pro-grade with regards to the things mentioned above in this paragraph. A planets location in the chart, it's Strength, sign , house and the planet concerned will Impart the same results due to it's basic nature and Specific location in the chart no matter it is moving Pro-grade or retro-grade. Basically speaking, it means the
internal results, abstract plane results, psyche and Qualities will be the same , no matter what the direction of motion of the planet is. Mercury in Virgo will make you very logical, analytical, Expressive, talkative, and intelligent, no matter Pro-grade or retrograde. Jupiter in Pisces in 12th house will make you Spiritual as well as Religious, Seeker of higher learning, Wise. All things that are internal and Abstract are the SAME , both in Prograde and Retrograde motion. Internal Drive, Desires and Characteristics are the Same,BUT the difference lies in the External Manifestations, Results and Outcomes. how you act, how you get the Results, that is opposite of what would have been in the Normal Pro-grade motion. External Outcomes take you back, makes you Re-analyse things, Redo things, Act as well as get results in an Opposite Direction and manner, to what you ought to do. So for example Say In a Natal Chart with Gemini Ascendant Venus is Retrograde in 5th house in Libra. The Person will be Very Romantic and Passionate lover. He will  wish to and 
have a Drive to create Romantic and Love based harmonious as well as Committed relationships. Obviously this is what Venus in Libra in 5th house will do aspecting the Ascendant too. On the Inside or on an an Abstract plane this is what Manifests. But Externally he/she will experience break ups, Repeated Committed Relationships, Once Serious Relation, followed by moving back and Break up and then a New one. There can also be a Come back of a Previous Lover into your life. So You see internal Drive and Internal Manifestations are the Same as the Pro-grade Scenario. Results are the Same Internally or on an Abstract plane or in the inner soul but on a Practical Plane things are Moving in an opposite direction and Causing Backing out, Backward motion and Redoing of Inner Qualities & things related to that planet and it's location in the natal chart.
In-short the Internal Nature & Behavior Will be Repeated again and Again.

Once Again Inner Drive and Inner Qualities are the Same. On the Abstract Plane, Or on the level of the Soul and Nature , the Results are the same. Everything is Same. All feelings and 
Effects are the Same. But on the Practical Plane , External Visible Worldly Plane, Practical Actions and Results are Opposite to Normal , Moving in an Opposite Direction and Different
from Normal Pro-grade Scenario. :) You will try to do the same things , behave the same way , but go in an opposite direction. Go back, Start over again and Redo the things. This all is very basic. I will explain with examples and on a Practical plane in Paragraphs that follow.

All Planets One by One :)

Mars: Mars retrogradation means You cannot Get All that Assertive and Rule following Determined Executor in first Go. It also represents Trouble with Mechanical Equipment and Machines.They do not work and Need repair, Services and Repeated Repairs for them to start working again. Usually they will require replacement of the non functional Part with a 
new one. Recent Mars retrogradation in Virgo witnessed not only Large scale Mechanical failure of Machines and Electrical and Mechanical Equipment in Home of Most people but also large scale Mechanical failures in Ships and Airplanes all over the planet. 

Internally the Machines' Duty and Desire( as Programmed and Engeneered by us) is to Work As per the Rules with Vigour but externally it cannot.

Even flight 777-200 of #Malaysia #Airlines also had Scorpio Ascendant and Mars (R) in the 12th house in Libra (Air Sign) in Conjunction with a Retro Saturn and RAHU( Air Planets).

Mars retrograde finds it difficult to follow the rules and regulations set by the company/Govt/King etc. There is Difficulty maitaining Cardio-vascular function as well as there can be trauma or Diseases of the Chest/Breast Area if the 4rth house is also Damaged and Rahu impacts Mars in addition. Rahu Mars Conjunction along with a Damaged 4rth house and a Retro Mars which is also Not Supported by Divisional Charts can Cause 
Cancers and Other Traumas of the Breast or Chest areas in a Human.

Note: Here too you can see that Internally Mars represents the Same qualities and INternally gives your Consciousness the same Direction and DRIVE and the Same Qualities and Tenets but it's external approach,  Behavior and Manifestation is Opposite of what ought to be. What it ahieves and Exerts those tenets is Opposite to normal. Mars wants to Run fast , act with aggression and force but It has to try again and gain. Start aggressively, then Quit anger and Action Midway bcz of one reason or other and Repair/Re-consider , come back to zero or Be at  PEACE and ACT Again or Start Again or i should say Run again with full vigour from STARTING Point. This cause it to externally appear as a SLOW Executor or creates Slowness in the execution of the Task. Making MARS behave or ACT in a Saturn type manner with full aggression internally. :)

Jupiter: A Retro Jupiter / Guru is  Teacher, who introspects a LOT. He wants Perfect Knowledge and Wisdom of Eternal and omnipresent truth and Wisdom. He wants to be Omniscient but for that he repeatedly learns and learns and transforms and reconsiders what is best and Most Divine and Purest form of Truth. He wishes to know and follow the best form of Ideology. Now it also will make him Redo his thought process, reconsider the path what people normally follow, Drop the Idea or Project they are pursuing and  Start over again by Find a New Light, a new hope and a New Better Wisdom and Ideology and Scenario. 

Jupiter represents HOPE, NEW LIGHT, Optimism, Positivity, faith, Peace,Internal Happiness, Pleasures and Feeling Good (through Abstract things and  Internal feelings of Contentment as opposed to venusian pleasures), Serenity, Satisfaction, Wealth, Riches, Growth, Gold, 
Creations, Creativity, Children, New Light, New Order, New Creations, Happiness, Husband, Grand-father, Teacher, Preacher, Knowledge, Wisdom, Laxmi & Saraswati of all kinds ( Dhan laxmi, Aishwarya laxmi etc) and Protection from evil. It is all the Positive feelings and things 
you can imagine. It represents Blessings of a Guru for your Good and your Peace & Happiness.

Now if Jupiter is Retrograde in a Natal Chart, it represents Disruption and restarting with regard to it's parameters. Your cause of Happiness may disrupt to create a new one. You may not be able to finish your Projects and Assignments and Endeavors in first Go. You face Obstacles and Delays in Accomplishing your Endeavors and Goals. You reach a level 
of accomplishment and Suddenly everything is Vanished and comes down to Zero and you start over again. Exampli Gratia if you have Stared a Journey, you might have to come back home and Start over again. When Jupiter is Retrograde in Transit you will witness the BrideGroom Running Away from home or Breaking up the Relation leaving his future bride just a few days before the marriage or on the day of Marriage even and abandoning the Girl and the Girl being left alone only to find a New Groom later. There may be Pregnancy Delays or terminations as It represents Children. So there may be Repeated attempts to forge or 
Create a Child or a New Life into this world. There is Basically Reaching a certain level, Abandoning or Leaving that level of Accomplishment , Going Back to level zero and Start over again to finally get something or Accomplish /create something Good after repeated attempts. In order to be happy and satisfied too you have to leave the first endeavor and try 
again starting a new beginning. :)

Note: Internally Jupiter will Give you a LOT of Wisdom, A lot of Learning. You will be Very learned , very wise, understanding but externally it will make you fail repeatedly and make you learn new wisdom again, try new methods. You fail , you learn, you re-try. You finally become a Gem in Wisdom and Learning Internally and Your Experience and External Persona is Still of a Person making Repeated attempts to Manifest a Simple Goal or happiness in life. Finally You are always Happy, Satisfied and Feel good Internally but externally it takes you multiple attempts to manifest your happiness. INternal Abstract things are achieved far more Then the Other people around you but External ones take time and 

multiple tries to Manifest. :)God Bless All... :) O:) :) :) :)

Saturn Retrograde: Saturn Represent Social Law, Justice, Patience, Slowness & Steadiness, Strict Discipline, Truth , Honesty and Destiny/fate. So a retrograde Saturn will cause repeated tries and trials to try to follow these domains and qualities as well as reconsideration and re-analysis about these things. Usually to rebel these qualities. So a 
Person is usually Impatient, tries again and again to focus and work hard but then changes his/her mind and drops the idea as well as the ideology of Saturn. He does not believe in Slow patient long term work and Getting the fruit of the hard work and patience at the expected time. He wants instant Accomplishment and Finishing of his desire and Goal as well as instant rewards. Work should finish asap and Result should be in hand Quick and Fast. Law should be Quick. Justice should be Speedy. It confers some Martian Methods to the tenets and qualities of Saturn. I mean Saturn will stay Saturn. It's Characteristics and Ideologies and Qualities will be the same but the METHODS and ways it uses to manifest and Exert them will be MARTIAN and Fast.  No boundaries and Patience in their approach to work. 

'The time is NOW and it should manifest NOW' is the approach to everything. They are not 

the type who take up a lot of burden and work on it slowly and PERSISTENTLY to one day get the Fruit of the Hard work at the right time. Not at all. They cannot take much burden. 

Little work, Instant finishing and Quick accomplishment and Fast results is what their Approach is. So what it manifest is this.

A Saturn (R) Conjunct Venus say will cause what? 
Internally you want a Stable long term , Long distance mostly and an Honest Relation that will form and Develop slowly and after a long time & you get a relationship later or late in life compared to other people. (Basic Internal qualities of Saturn) but the External manifestation , methods/approach and ways will be different,, they are to Quickly find that perfect partner, being honest and Loyal to them, Making a trustworthy Committed relation Not slowly but Quickly, making a life long bond or a Stable and Steady Relationship very Quick. 

Also It makes them Repeatedly work in the sphere of life/house involved. Again and again. Say Saturn is retrograde in 5th house will make the native either have a Back or Failure in exam to re-study ( If ill placed) OR it will make him/her Do multiple degrees, like graduation, Post graduation, Ph.D, then research, then something else, an on and on and on,, repeatedly Studying and slow and steady Education for long term(if in a friendly Sign). On the other hand Saturn (R) in 11th house in a friendly Sign, will denote, repeated attempts to make money, Making money again and again, Going back to ZERO , then accumulating all money AGAIN, OR Earning from 1 source, then 2nd, then 3rd and so on. Also Earning SLOWLY but HUGE Amounts and Making HUGE circles, then breaking up with them, then making a NEW Circle AGAIN, then AGAIN and then AGAIN, Everything HUGE, LARGE SCALE with respect to contact, network circles, income and repeatedly getting it, and ALSO the URGE to attain all this QUICK and FAST is there INSIDE. And Saturn Gives you all this For REAL too in RETRO-GRADATION. SATURN is a Planet in this position Which is both INTERNALLY guiding Large Network, of High Renowned Status and Wealth and EXTERNALLY too it is moving in a MARTIAN way so giving QUICK RESULTS. 

Say Retro Saturn is Conjunct to Retro Mars: This Consciousness does what? It will not be interested in Hard and Consistent and Persistent work or following Rules firmly. Wants to have Quick manifestations of all goals by any means and least effort. Will repeatedly try and then Quit its Desire. WHILE On the Other Hand a Saturn + MARS ( both antegrade/pro-grade) 
Conjunction will make a Person very Obsessed and Dedicated to work for that sphere of life (house) Persistently and Fight for it and Go Get it. There will be conflicts due to Slow and Fast nature of Saturn and Mars but there is Unidirectional Force to achieve one's Goal and Work for it SINCERELY by following the Rules. 

To be Continued with Venus & Mercury... :) :) :)

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