Sunday, June 29, 2014


SO here's another post on Retrograde Planets. What i  have been observing over a past few months. A retrograde planet as i said makes us REDO and repeatedly do the activity related to that house and Sign again and again and again. Now this is sort of Beneficial too.

A Person accumulates more and more of the Attribute represented by that planet in the natal chart over time by repeated attempts and efforts. There is an obsession regarding that area of life.

We GAIN More and More of that attribute. We will live that attribute, then relive it, then relive it again. So here's the outcome of it with a few examples.

Example 1:

Jupiter (R) in 3rd house. This Native will communicate or Write Repeatedly. As time passes by in his/her life (specially in Jupiter's dashas) The native will keep on ADDING MORE AND MORE to it's library self written and created literature and communication as well as communication skills keep on adding up to new horizons and ways and levels. In short this attribute of one's life keeps RISING and Enhancing and Adding up more and more to it with time due to repeated redoing and re-living of this attribute of life. It happens on both the intellectual and abstract plane as well as the external worldly plane.

Example 2:
Jupiter (R) in 9th house: Repeated Acquisition of new belief systems. and finally having a huge expertise on various sorts of belief systems and becoming a priestly wise person who feel more and more fortunate by adding up more and more philosophies to it's beliefs. Aspects of other planets may alter a few things.

Example 3: 

Saturn (R) in say 5th house: Adding up more and more to one's education and knowledge by repeated attempts i.e doing one course or degree followed by another one then another one. 

Example 4:

Saturn (R) in 11th house: Gaining money again and again, Adding up more and more income sources either by regaining from 1 source again & again or by adding new sources one after another to Gain more and more income again and again. Final Bank balance though depends upon the 2rth or 4rth house.

Example 5: 

Mercury (R) say in the 11th house: Effects similar to example 4 but on a smaller scale and includes business deals.

Example 6:

Mercury (R) in 1st house, the native becomes more and more communicative, flirty, logical, business oriented with time and with repeated attempts to show this behavior. 

Example 7:

Venus (R) in say 5th house: Repeated Romantic and emotional Relationships making one earn more and more experience of this aspect of life and having more and more desires for the same too, specially if there is aspect of Rahu or Mercury on Venus or 7th house and Sun is not dignified. More and more Enhancement and Skill development in educational Fields like fine arts, beauty etc.

Example 8:

Venus (R) in 3rd house will make one learn more and more skill at writing beautiful pieces of art or communicate art work or writing Poetry more and more.

Example 9: 
A retrograde planet in the first house or a retrograde ascendant will make one continuosly reform and refine his personality and making repeated attempts to reform and improve with time. This person tries to become better and better as a person with time.  

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