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How to check WHO BELIEVES IN #ASTROLOGY!?? & to What Extent?


HOW MUCH do you have what it takes to Connect with the 'REALMS' of 'REALITY' :) (y)

A #QuantumPhysics Co-relation.

Is that a Blessing or a Curse!!?? :) O:) (y)

How can You determine if someone believes in Astrology or Not? And if someone does than to what extent?

There is RARELY an absolute case or an extreme case where one is FIRMLY believing in one of the above but 99.99% of the people in this planet believe in BOTH of the ABOVE. And they are not Stupid in doing so. ALL of you are RIGHT. It is because all of you a different interaction with this universe and the entirety of existence and the Multiverse/All there is.

It is just like a BAR or Point on a Ruler scale as shown in the figure below. You can move it in any direction, sometimes more inclination is on believing in Destiny and a Higher Power or LAW which controls or RUNS everything about this universe and including your life too. Some people believe everything is in our control and with the right Focus , Right KARMA, with the right MANTRA, YANTRA and TANTRA, or with their intelligence, faith, will power and right Efforts they can make things happen as per their will.

Well i will say that both of the above category of people are true in their minds and in their lives. Both are correct at their own places in their own lives.

There are higher REALMS, there are extra dimensions that is for sure now. Particles come into and go out of existence as we know it all the time at a Quantum level.

 EVERYTHING, EVERY ENTITY IN THIS UNIVERSE ranging from sub-atomic particles like muons, bosons, gravitons, quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons exists and then completely ceases to exist in this universe and no-one ever knows where did it go.

A quantum particle exists as a "Wave function" which represents the range or Probability of existence in terms of 'Position' (Space), 'Time' and 'Momentum'. It may or May not exist for periods in between in all of the above 3. Furthermore, the ACT of observation is what determines the Exactness of Specific location of an 'ENTITY' or 'Particle' or 'WAVE - FUNCTION' in terms of  'LOCATION, TIME AND MOMENTUM'. IF WE DO NOT OBSERVE IT MAY BE PRESENT EVERYWHERE AT EVERY TIME OR EVEN NOT EXIST AT ALL IN THIS UNIVERSE.

AS I EXPLAINED IN ONE OF MY PREVIOUS POSTS WHICH I DID about a YEAR ago i explained to you how 'AN ACT OF OBSERVATION' is also 'AN INTERACTION'. YOU CAN NEVER OBSERVE A THING IN THIS WHOLE SPACE-TIME WITHOUT 'INTERACTING' WITH it in one form of the other at both Macro-scopic and Micro-scopic levels. Observation itself affects and alters every phenomena in this universe, the entity being observed and the future outcome of 'EVERYTHING' in this existence.

Anyhow, focusing on the topic here , i wish to express that,

There are LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES in our dimensions.



LIGHT/Photons/EM waves for example have an existence that believes in 'NO TIME' AND 'NO SPACE'. May be They are something that exists in it's entirety outside of SPACE-TIME with only a part of their existence interacting or existing in our DIMENSIONS and YET they INTERACT with things that EXIST in this Universe and in SPACE-TIME.

Many Such entities like all EM Waves may be ENTIRE Existences and  small 'segment' of the whole 'truth' is what is 'interacting' our existing with and in respectively in our SPACE-TIME Dimensions.

SIMILAR is the case with all sub-atomic particles who come into existence and cease to exist and may exist in 2 states or places at the same time or exist in 2 times at the same place and much more stuff which is possible only through a linkage out of this existence.

ANYHOW , so coming to the Astrology Part :p :) O:)

So ,

Every "Particle" (what we call particles are just 'SOMETHING' that comes into existence in this SPACE-TIME dimension or this OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE momentarily as per it's 'wave-function'. IT EXISTS WHEN IT INTERACTS WITH SOMETHING ELSE IN THIS SPACE-TIME OR EXISTENCE OR SPACE-TIME DIMENSION, IT ALSO COMES INTO A SPECIF EXISTING STATE WHEN IT IS 'OBSERVED' BY A MACHINE OR A CONSCIOUS MIND, BUT heyy, as i said, OBSERVATION is also an INTERACTION) our body, in our Neurons, in our Brain and in our Whole BODY and MIND IS coming into and going out of these SPACE-TIME dimensions every time. in a sense our whole body and this whole UNIVERSE we live in has extra -dimensional existence as well.

i will write an elaborate article on that extra-dimensional existence later but right now to narrow it down to our 'Astrological interpretations' here let us move on with the Astrological Part.


Bottom line, We and the Extra-Dimensions are CONNECTED AND INTERMINGLED. we are existing together. all together in one fabric. We all exist together in harmony. None can exist without the other to balance 'NATURE'

So we interact with them, they interact with us.


The Answer is We the SUN decide our 'WILL' or our 'Desire' , what we wish to 'SEE' and How we (the beings and entities of space-time) want things to be like.

However, The SATURN, PLUTO, RAHU & KETU ( the nodes or Draconic or the Shadow planets)  represent the Higher LAW or Extra Dimensional Connections, Phenomena and NATURE or WILL of the OUTER existence.


Who believes in the SELF, Who can manifest things as per HIS WILL and as how he/she wants things to be? Who are the People who say, I don't believe in Destiny, i make my own DESTINY?

A STRONG SUN AND A STRONG ASCENDANT will make this psyche. Why because this is what they face in their life. Because this is what they DO. This is what they CAN do. They EXIST predominantly in this DIMENSION and enforce the law of these dimensions. They cause extra-dimensions to exist and come into 'OURS' and exist as per our 'will' as per our 'DESIRE'. The act of 'observation' or the 'EYE' (THE SUN) determines the fate and NATURE OF THE OBSERVED PARTICLE/ENTITY.

People with a Weaker SUN, or a Weak Ascendant, a Strong Saturn or Pluto. People with conjunctions or Aspects of Saturn, Pluto, Rahu or Ketu on their Ascendant, SUN or MOON have a STRONG Faith or belief in the ARENA of Astrology and Spirituality.

Why? It is because this is what they are MORE CONNECTED TO. They are more connected to the HIGHER or EXTRA "REALMS" , they are more interactive with higher realms. Every single atoms, electron and quark in their body and mind is having MORE AND MORE connections and INFLUENCE from the 'OUTER REALMS' than a normal person.

ULTIMATELY, the existence of extra-dimensional rules cannot be denied and hence, EXTRA-DIMENSIONS AND their EFFECT always exists , but whose effect or "WILL" WINS or creates the 'OVERALL" picture is determined by the combined interactions of both. SO THE SUN AND ASCENDANT would manifest your will while the SATURN, PLUTO and the nodes will MANIFEST more of 'THEIR' 'WILL'.

INTERESTINGLY people with a SUN+SATURN conjunction ARE the "EXTREMISTS". They are either "everything is Astrology, Destiny and Religion" or "all this is all FAKE". They have either a STRONG BELIEF IN SELF AND WILL POWER AND COMPLETELY DENY ASTROLOGY or are HARDCORE BELIEVERS in this ARENA. because now their is a conflict of the 'WILL' of this 'Existence' and the 'WILL' or the 'HIGHER EXISTENCE'. NOW ONE OF THE TWO IS WINNING IN THE CHART AND WILL CAUSE THAT TO MANIFEST ALL THEIR LIFE and hence the belief.

SO either it is ALWAYS that what they wish is what they accomplish in the end or it is mostly always the opposite case and they start believing in DESTINY as and for-all. The houses like 6,8 and 12 also have greater EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL influence and other houses have greater SPACE-TIME AND JUPITARIAN OR SUN-ian influence and hence those labelled as 'Dushtana' houses are just that YOUR existence WANTS MORE OF 'EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL' LAW than the 'law' or 'will' of this 'EXISTENCE'.

So finally, if you have a weak SUN, A strong influence of Saturn , Pluto or the NODES on your Ascendant , on your SUN  or the MOON, You are DEFINITELY more inclined to ASTROLOGY and that DESTINY or the Higher REALMS are more influential than our own will and Desires. :)

Instead if your Ascendant, SUN and MOON are un-'afflicted' by these planets are in good strength and 'position' (out of house 6,8 and 12) than DEFINITLY you are not the one who believes much in ASTROLOGY. You are the one of this REALM and came here into this 'REALM' to exist, enforce and MANIFEST this REALM and it's LAWS, WISHES AND DESIRES through 'YOU'. :) ;) :) O:) (Y)

In Short,

The Houses/Signs:
6,8 & 12

The Planets:
Saturn, Rahu, Pluto and Ketu

The Degrees:
Any Planet Above 28 degree 54 minutes to up-to 1 degree 6 minutes in any sign.

will cause an extra-dimensional thinking and interaction.
Moon in addition is a unique planet, relates cross dimensionally. It can
connect you across all dimensions like Gravity I guess. It is emotional , 
fluidic and reactive. It is love!  



There are a set of #GenuineRemedies and yes some are complex and some are Easy.

The #Easy one here is to Strengthen your 'Existence' in 'THIS REALM' or 'SPACE-TIME' by Strengthening your 'SUN' and your 'SOUL' or your 'Character' and "ASCENDANT".

How do you do that?

I don't know about the traditional remedies. I hope and wish they are effective. I really wish. But what i can tell you is that, the Strongest and te easiest of all is "PERSISTENCE, FOCUS AND #FAITH". MANIFESTS your 'will' more here than 'there'. :)
i suppose.

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:) God bless you all!! :) :) (y) :) :) :) :) O:)

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