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Jupiter, Saturn & the Aviation Sector

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Jupiter~~~~ HOPE, Inspiration, Aspirations, MOTIVATION, What we aspire to be, our hopes and WISHES, Wealth, Happiness, Joy, Expansion(like a balloon in all Directions) , Wisdom, Morals, A New Order, New Life or New Hopes (of a good life ahead), Positive thinking, Our Virtues(also relate to the SUN), UNDERSTANDING the Situation of others or what OTHER people are going through, FREE WILL, Desires, Creativity and Creations by the Soul, Loyalty, Regality, Royalty, GUIDANCE, Teaching, Spirituality, IMAGINATION, Learning, Experience and Salvation.

Saturn~~~~~ Rules and Regulations, The LAW, Social Justice, Justice, Terms & Conditions, FORMATS, Organizational Behavior and Skills, Organizations, How Good you follow the Rules and Regulations set by the SUN, Common people, Strictness, Dry, Emotionless, Pragmatic, Practical, Practical Realities, Persistence, Long term phenomena, Slowness and Steadiness, Efforts, Services, Truth, TIME, Destiny and the LAW.
People with a JU-Sa Conjunction or Opposition usually put up many terms & Conditions on their Hopes, Happiness and free will, and hence are not feeling good freely about anything in expanse and holistically. A Ju-Sa Conjunction/opposition is Very good for SATURN but not so Good for Jupiter. Jupiters Behavior of Expansion in every Direction like a Baloon, and it's Characteristics like HOPE, Inspiration , Hope and Free will are Restricted and a Person puts up a lot of Conditions on these. "I will be happy only if such and such specific case scenario exists". "I will not have False hopes, i will only have hopes or feel good if it is practically feasible", "I will see the real practical picture and not understand what others are trying to guide me on or Motivate me with" I will not have Motivation without a Practical Base."
Hence not a Good placement for Jupiter, But for SATURN it is VERY GOOD, NOW i can expand my Capricorn-ic behavior to LARGE extents, Now i can EXPAND and Enhance my Rules, Practicality and Law abiding behavior. It is very good for Saturn and it's Attributes in a Chart.
It's just as if Jupiter is Standing at one end of a Crop field (Capricorn & Aquarius) and it wants to just fly or expand to reach the other end while Saturn says 'NO' you have to follow this and this path, turn here and go from here to there and than there to finally reach the other end of Hope an Happiness and wealth. Basically it has Slowed down JUPITER and has put limitations on its movement and Expansion. While Saturn itself, i.e the Crop field has EXPANDED in Size and become much Larger than it was before bcz of Jupiter's Influence. And hence benefited Saturn but harmed Jupiter even more. Ultimately the attributes of Jupiter get limitations and slowness while those of Saturn get Expanded and Elaborate.

This Combination obviously promotes a legal or Judicial line for a Native as a field of Study as well as a Profession too. Anyways our moto here is to study it in terms of Aviation Sector Phenomena.

1) What is an AIRPLANE?

It flies and Expands and Connects over large Distance like the Jupiter but it does so in a Format , moving in specific directions and As per the 'Rules' set for the flight. And hence a Flight Process or Event is Always represented by a Ju-Sa Conjunction. 

2) What is a MACHINE?

A machine is something that does 2 things. 1) It enforces our will or the law or the rules ~~ MARS and 2) It follows the laws or rules set for it by the programmer or Designer or the Driver ~~ SATURN
Hence a MA-SA Combination represents Machines and technical things.

3) What is Electricity?

RAHU is something that out of the interpretable information range for the human mind. Instantaneouness and unpredictability. Expansion at a much rapid rate compared to Jupiter. but Rahu alone (Electricity alone ) is useless. it need some Machine or Other Body to act upon. i.e MARS or SATURN. It can affect the WILL (i.e the SUN) in the Human Psyche or may be one day in Artificial Intelligence systems.
What is things do we see in Air Travel?
Air Signs i.e ‪#‎Gemini‬, ‪#‎Libra‬ and ‪#‎Aquarious‬
Air Planets: Rahu, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury.
Air houses: 3, 7 and 11
The Ascendant as a Significator of the Pilot and the flight.
The Moon as Co-Pilot.
The SUN as 1) The Pilot and 2) As a Significator of Life force and Vitality and the Character or Path of the flight. (the later can be represented by Jupiter too)

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