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THE KETU & its Conjunctions:


Mythological the TAIL OR THE
Body of the Serpent, Most classical texts define  ketu by broad terms like dissatisfaction, detachment , austerity and Spirituality. But why does it represent these things, and what is the root cause. Every specification of a planet has a ROOT. These Roots give birth to all other specifications. Hence here i am to give you the roots of a planet that itself Is ROOT of everything else in this creation. :)

Okay first of all In my Book ‘Vedic Astrology – The Nine Planets’ I wrote these lines about Ketu which i was not satisfied from and which I have updated now,

‘‘Ketu is Detached, satisfied, does not want ‘anything’, Spiritual, Hidden, Secretive, Secret Thinker, Austere, Spiritual, Aimless, Obsessive but to Moving away from life and Worldly affairs, Sharp and Ingenious, Runs after Higher Physics, Philosophy and spiritual detachments.”

It was a good enough explanation but I was not satisfied with my work , there should be logical co-relation to life and mundane events and why something is assigned some particular characteristics and particular nakshtras or signs.

Anyhow, before I move to the Crux of information about ketu here is some more of classical information regarding ketu.

Ketu represents Introvert-ness, hiding one’s feelings and Introspection. It represents 'deep connections' as well as 'privacy' and 'isolation'. It represents detachments, losses and letting go of worldly connections, wishes and demands."

"Ketu also represents directionless and impulsive initiation of action or movement without thought and consideration, meaning it takes action and Runs ahead without proper planning or any Pre-set Goals, Just acts and interprets the consequences later on.  Thus People with a Mars-Ketu conjunction can be very impulsive and thoughtless while taking action.”

Above were a a few lines from the chapter on Ketu from my book(before i edited it).

But as I said I was not satisfied with my own explanation about Ketu. Somewhere Down inside I was not clear, I was not confident about many characteristics. But suddenly I had an epiphany. The concept of Rahu & Ketu is a work of GENIUS. Who-soever came up with the idea of Rahu and Ketu and who so ever defined their characteristics,, OMG wow Man ,, That guy was Divinely Brilliant. ;)
He has given us EVERYTHING via these 2.
which I will Share Soon…

Anyhow, Let’s start with my latest views on ketu,

KETU Actually represents the downwards lowest form of energy state. In the level Bar graph of Entropy or Randomness, Ketu represents the Zero or minimal entropy state. It can also represent a state where either there is no Entropy/Radomness at all or there is no change in the level of Entropy/randomness i.e there is a fixed level of Entropy.

On a Kelvin Scale it represents ABSOLUTE ZERO temperature. It represents the state acquired after Giving off all energy, heat, randomness or acquisition and achieving Peace, Zero-ness, Immobility, Rigidity, focus and Stability.

Anyhow this State is similar to Infinity or RAHU in 1 aspect. It has NO INFORMATION to interpret or observe by a regular Human being exists here. It is a No Information state.
And by information I mean it is a state where nothing is happening( nothing of the regular physical world) and so nothing to observe. It is 'Moksha' or 'Zeroness' and liberation from worldly Order ( Devas) as well as Disorder ( Rahu).

So NOW We start from here,, We start with BIRTH of Something out of Nothing.

All we need is an Impulse or Energy that only has One direction to move into with focus, Enhancement and Impulse( The BIG BANG theory). Racing in one direction to give a START to create Observable and interpretable Phenomena which will be a Sort of ‘Information’ for us humans to Observe. HEya.. Hello,, what do you see,,, Out of NOTHING,, we now have an Impulse, a creation, A Birth, A Randomness, A unidirectional , unstoppable RACE to Grow into multiple options and directions, after going  through multiple levels as well as types of readable interpretable ‘information’ to ultimately reach massive deep empty expansion where again there is NO Interpretable ‘Information’ to be read.

You all may be feeling ‘What is all this’. But if you re-read the Above text, I have Given you a small Glimpse on the ORIGIN of Astrology and EVERYTHING.

I just explained to you What is KETU? Why is it the Zeroness and Nothingness/Moksha State and Also Why is it the Starting Point of everything? I just explained to you the CHARACTERISTICS of the ASHWINI Nakshatra. As we all know that the first Nakshtra is #Ashwini who is lorded by ketu and by reading the above lines you can understand that out of nothing or zero or fixed state come a blast of unidirectional focused energy to give a jump start to creation. Hence We have startings from Ketu + Ashwini + Aries + Mars.
J How We move on with other signs and Nakshtras I will explain in later articles.

Hence we can see ketu represents ‘a focused beam with no mind, No Confusion and total self- assurance and Focused action.

Ketu can also be referred to a circle or a sphere which is complete and whole in itself and does not need any change or any addition or subtraction to improve or get better, it is already accomplished the best possible state and needs no change or variation. Any change will only cause imperfection.

The Root of this Planet is:
It is Rigid, fixed, Complete, a Whole in itself like a circle or sphere or a Zero, it is Stable, Self-assured and unidirectional in motion.

It does not like much change , randomness or making mistakes and learning and making continuous improvements like Rahu.

It already knows everything, has lived everything, renounces everything and Meditates with focus and Stability in mind as well as mundane things.

It also believes I have lived and felt all the experiences in a specific arena of life already and I don’t need more information or experience in it anymore.

Now if this focused beam conjuncts a planet. See the results,

1) Sun-Ketu – Self Proclaimed and Self-felt Status and confidence like no one can achieve. Blind, Full, firm and Hardcore belief in one’s views. Full on internal confidence and self –belief that does not need anyone’s approval or Support. They know they are the best inside or internally. Do not need external support or approval. Although you do not get involved in society as this King bcz of that “focused beam” being uncaring and unconcerned of what the world thinks. It is Self assured that I am the King, People believe or not. Focused Clear-cut orthodox beliefs and views. Creates a Similar father with clear –cut confident and firm ideologies. Creates a similar ideology Pattern in the native. On the contrary Rahu-Sun people have a fragile confidence, no harcore beliefs and also they need constant approval from people to feel they are the King or to feel confident and hence are always seeking approval to satisfy their ego and status by different means and trying to prove themselves.

Mars – Ketu: Such a focused beam of devastating Anger and Instant impulsive fearless, mindless and Finishing action. You know you are RIGHT as per the RULES and you attack believing you will win. You Enter the battle to Kill and Win. You don’t doubt. You don’t think twice before fighting. You attack. You don’t give a single thought you will win or loose, live or die afterwards. You know you will win. Focussed clear cut Action, fealess Action.

Moon - Ketu: Deep emotions, You hide them, You know all that can be felt. You connect at the deepest emotional level. You know as a “focused beam” what someone is feeling in the room. You can connect with a person emotionally, how they feel at the deepest point PRCISELY.
Focussed Clear cut picture of depth of emotions. Knows the Greatness of Feelings, how faith and feelings can make accomplish anything but still renounces the “WANT” or “WISH” or “Desire” of tangible accomplishment. Because it ‘knows’ , unconditional love is Just Giving love and care without the need for Accomplishment.

Mercury – Ketu: Not a Good Combination for both. Mercury the adolescent, Random, flirt, Experimental, Manager, Connects to multiple consciousnesses in way that all those consciousnesses like to connect, Reacts that is the best as per the scenario for Goal accomplishment. Sort of like Rahu, While KETU is deep , focused and likes Renunciation, isolation and Truth. So Can be beneficial in A few scenarios where Strict rules of LOGIC and Maths are to be applied. But not good where multiple options are to considered in parallel to arrive at a result like Algebra, Business and to decipher a  Matrix.

Venus – Ketu: Relationships like one woman man. Commitment to an extreme. Even one – sided can be a commitment to an extreme. These people have pre-set in their mind their perfect case scenario which obviously is difficult to find in the world and hence they move away from most “time-pass” type relationships. But when they form a relation or bond they want it to be fixed and eternal and forever. Unlike rahu-venus who are very confused and lack focus on 1 relationship and hence there is randomness and doubt in relationships(to be very brief).

Ketu-Jupiter: A Very focused rigid and deep desire for supreme wisdom and knowledge. Very self assured and Confident about their views, ideologies and wisdom. Consider it to be way better and higher then most other people, unlike Rahu-jupiter which has changing belief systems, ideologies and confusions, which always wants to learn all philosophies and belief systems but unable to follow anyone for long with faith and dedication. But Ketu – Jupiter are very rigid in their beliefs.

Saturn – Ketu: A Very focused and dedicated hard-working and Personality. Efforts are very focused and fruitful , no wastage of effort in useless and random activities. Stability , slowness and Minimum required efforts that are righteous and necessary for fruitification of events.

Thank you!

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