Sunday, September 28, 2014

JUPITER - KETU Conjunction - The REAL Picture

A Jupiter and Ketu Conjunction or Jupiter's placement in any of Ketu's Nakshtras like Ashwini, Magha or Moola will make the Native feel they have a very Complete and holistic type of wisdom which is complete or 'whole' in every aspect and is beyond and above every one elses'.
It makes People who are Very Firm and Orthodox believers in their beliefs.
They Feel their wisdom and ideologies and Complete and Perfect in every respect and that they are the Best Teachers and that Everyone should listen to them.
Ketu which is Rigidity, Focus, Unidirectionalism, Self-Assurance and Wholeness or unification and Completeness When Combines this Giant, Wise, Optimistic and Ideological teacher and Guide named Jupiter makes them a Very FIRM BELIEVER in his Beliefs. 

These people have a very focused, unique, original , true(mostly) , complete, and Orthodox belief system.
‪#‎Ashwini‬ Jupiter is more of Impulsive, Optimistic, Creative and Motivating Wisdom. They Show everyone a Vision as to how they can Grow and Rise and Rejuvenate themselves. Very Good at healing or Bringing new life and Elation in All via their Firm Beliefs , Motivating speeches and Firm Faith. It is the least orthodox of all i believe as it has potential to grow in all possibilites. It is the most Positive of all.
On a Practical Plane this is Good for entrepreneurs and Go Getters.

‪#‎Magha‬ Jupiter: Self Assured, Sustaining and Royal Wisdom. These people will believe in Sustaining and Governing all with their wisdom.

‪#‎Moola‬ Jupiter: The Most FIRM & Rigid believer in their beliefs, as it is also in the Signs of Belief Systems i.e Sagittarius, so much so that they can either Destroy or get Destroyed for an ideology or belief. This can be seen in orthodox religious leaders or terrorists too. This Immense Faith in oneself and a Single blind Direction is sure to give the Native a LOT of Height, Status and Power in his life but if the Native is Wrong and ill-willed in his beliefs causing harm to others via his orthodox beliefs it will certainly cause destruction and Downfall of Self.
Now 2 things which come out of this are:
1) This combination will bless the native with Material Properity but never demand or desire for it. It is as a gift to a saint who has renounced everything and all that is important for him/her are his beliefs with a wish wanting good of others(may be his community members or all humanity) with an attitude of the SIGN involved that they are given so much respect and status in society.
2) Even the 3 Nakshtras(Creations) of Planet Ketu has the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and SadaShiva Incorporated in them as You can clearly see in them as first one being a More f Initiator, Second one as a Sustain-er and the 3rd one and the most powerful of all relating to the Root of everything and the ultimate truth i.e In the end everything Dissolutes and Death comes to Erase everything.

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