Thursday, September 11, 2014

RAHU V/s KETU – A Comparison of Lunar Nodes.

RAHU V/s Ketu – A Comparison of Lunar Nodes.

Rahu is illusion while ketu is truth. Rahu is fantasy while ketu is reality.

Rahu is the Mind who thinks about doing everything, wanting everything, thinks in every direction and everything but has no body to satisfy and settle in the end while Ketu is a Blind, Focused, unidirectional, Running in one direction without a Goal or Mission( a Self-less, Beam-like, Fixed and Stable Soul.

Rahu is pomp, show, explosions, Extrovertness and extremism while ketu is austerity and shyness, secrecy , hiding and introspection and inversion and analysis. Rahu is Explosions and infinity while ketu is Singularity, Zero-ness or nothingness andMoksha. Rahu is illusion, false reality, false-ness and while ketu is spiritualism and truth and letting go.

Rahu is self interest and self centered-ness while ketu is others interest and philanthropism or others' centered. Rahu is Expansion and Heights while Ketu is Involution and Depth. Ketu represents DEEP CONNECTIONS of Empathic, Spiritual and true Nature.

Rahu is ego-centric , ketu is letting go of self interest and ego, rahu is ego and Status, while ketu is letting go of one’s ego or Status, it is loss of ego, loss of false feelings of worldly status, reputation , public opinions and attitudes, because ketu knows these all are false and temporary feelings which are not universal and permanent.

Rahu is inconsiderate of others while ketu is considerate of others. Rahu is Proud while ketu is aware. Ketu knows all this show off, ego and status is actually just a temporary phase and a false illusion.

Rahu is childish ketu is old and mature, rahu is fun, ketu is satisfied and boring, RAHU is RANDOMNESS and Confusion, KETU is focused and Self-Assured, rahu is expressive and ketu is quiet and introvert. Rahu gets what it wants, ketu gives people what they want, rahu is extrover, ketu is introvert, rahu tells you i want this, ketu will hide it, never tell and do or give what others want. Rahu is materialistic and worldly while ketu is spiritual. Rahu breaks boundaries and rules to go out of the box while ketu encircles all that is and goes deep in. It is already outside, above or beyond all boundaries and rules. Rahu is false show off and exaggeration ketu is simplicity , austerity and introspection.
Rahu is Coming out and Expressing your Desires and Demands, Ketu is Meditating and Contentment and Isolation.

Rahu is Roller Coaster ride in a Beach Party at Night in the smoke and Loud music from all sides and Drugs on our mind making a Random, unstable and confused picture or a fake reality giving you burst and Extremes of emotions of random kinds, Happiness, Joy and courage or tears and fears,,its all random and unpredictable, it can be Good or Bad :) on the other hand Ketu is a Meditating Saint in Himalayas because he has already experienced and lived all worldly affairs.

Rahu is false reality, virtual reality, acting, animation, cameras, want and wishes, while ketu is true reality, true status and conditions, neither high or egoistic nor down to earth, just plain true, detached, alone, hidden, secret and usually far away from worldly matters and affairs no matter they(worldly affairs) are true or false, good or bad , likable or unlikeable.

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