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Satrun represents SYSTEMS, MACHINES, ORGANISATIONS, STRUCTURES, ORDER AND LAWS. It is what represents what is the ultimate purpose or duty or Goal of an entity or sequence of events or phenomena. It represents discipline, regularity, repetitiveness, and lack of things that deviate one form one's goal like moods, imaginations, hopes or spirituality. Saturn represents the reality AND FUNCTIONING OF THE PRACTICAL WORLD and all the systems in it. It represents a dry, monotonous, regular , duty oriented, disciplined and pragmatic nature & personality. A nature or attitude without which Success in any venture is impossible. You cannot be successful in anything if you do not persistently make efforts in a disciplined as well as planned manner.

INNOVATION or PLANNING comes from JUPITER , The Discipline and PLAN in itself is represented by SATURN and implementing the PLAN or SYSTEM is represented by MARS. To know more about how MARS and Saturn are linked read my article on MARS. 

It can be compared to an Agricultural Crop Field or Growth of a Seed on Earth. Once the Seeds of a Crop are sown in the Soil (Say Wheat) , they will first Sprout into Small Seedlings, .then they will Slowly Grow at their Predetermined (Genetically and a little bit environmentally) determined pace, become a small plant, & then finally grow into a fully developed wheat crop/plant full of wheat fruits and seeds ready to be harvested and give the fruit of our hard work, Patience and Predetermined Growth. If a seed of a Banyan Tree is Planted , it will sprout into a small Plant, then grow bigger with time at it's own Pre-determined Pace and Once day become a Huge fruitful, Strong, Sturdy and Shady Banyan tree. It's unshakable while when it was a seedling it was fragile, but with time and Continuous and consistent Growth it became that Strong ,sturdy and Unshakable Huge Tree. Now the Growth of Crops in a field and this tree occurs at a determined pace and speed and with Consistency. It is unstoppable and Determined to be a Mature Crop or a Huge Tree but it will occur at the Pace that is determined for it. It will neither occur Earlier nor Later. A Wheat seedling will turn into a full grown Wheat plant one day. It is Destiny. But neither can you speed it up and Reach that Maturity or Destiny Sooner then Determined nor Later. Nor will it reach Maturity a day earlier nor a Day Late. Neither early nor late. it is Going to reach it's fate on that exact moment. This is the Law of Nature and all abide by it. It's the Nature and Duty of that wheat Seedling to Grow into a Wheat Plant and the Banyan Seedling to Grow into a Banyan tree. A wheat seedling cannot Grow into a Banyan tree nor the Banyan tree seedling tree Grow into Wheat Plant with any modifications. You can enhance or Delay the Certain Fate of the Seedling by changing it's Environmental/External Support and Conditions by a few days here and there but you cannot change it's Certain Fate or what it is meant to be or do. It has a limitation to grow at that determined pace and to become that Particular Plant or Tree one day when the Right time comes. As Humans We can change internal Environment and Perception to "things" or "Fate" but we cannot change it. As it says in the 'Terminator 3', "Judgement day is Inevitable, it can only be postponed". We can change our internal environment, feelings and Perception and attitude towards things. May be with our Prayers or efforts we can change the External Environment too, But fate and Destiny and has some rules that are certain and Determined and will be Executed in due time and usually at the Pre-determined TIME in the Sequence that is meant to be followed.

Saturn is the 2nd Largest Planet and is the Outermost Planet encircling all other Planets (elements of Consciousness) in the Visible Solar System to the unaided eye and the Vedic Astrology Birth Chart. It is Slow and Determined and Persistent in it's Path and limits all other Inner Planets / elements of Consciousness within it. It is Slow and Steady but it the one that Determines our fate, and it is the one that Wins. 

Saturns' ill placement, weakness, affliction by malefics or Retrogradation weakens our ability to understand this and accept fate. It does not allow us to Accept the PACE we are meant to follow or the Direction that is Determined for our motion. We Rebel principals like Discipline , Regularity, Steadiness, Destiny , Universal laws, Patience, Dutifulness and Social Justice and find a tough time with these elements of our consciousness or these elements of Reality.

We have to reconsider and re-analyse them repeatedly or Just blatantly Ridicule and Reject them as the overall planetary alignment will say. These Attributes in out Personality may prove useful or harmful in the long run, i have absolutely no idea at present.

Understanding of truth and Having Patience and Acceptance of these elements of reality with the Constant Will to Fight and to keep trying till the Desire is Accomplished or the Goal is reached is Every Human's Duty.

Anyways, Moving on..

It represents People of lower Strata, Poor and Old people, Common People or Population, Voters in a Democracy, Physically Challenged People, Labor Class, Farmers or Class 4 employees in Govt. sector jobs  etc. 

Remember we have all the POWER in the form of Consciousness and Awareness.  

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