Saturday, January 10, 2015


Online Classroom will include 2 types of courses to choose from.

1) Basic Course
2) Professional/Expert Course


1) Basic Course: 
It includes Classes on
·      What is a Birth Chart?
·      How to Construct a Birth chart
·      Astronomy behind Astrology
·      Houses
·      Planets
·      Signs
·      Astrocartography
·      What are RAHU & KETU (The Nodes) and How do they influence us
·      Dashas
·      Transits
·      Basic Methodologies on how to Judge and Interpret information revealed by a birth chart
- A Special Lecture on Retrograde Planets and how to interpret their effects.

2) Advance Course / Expert Course:

This Course includes all of the above PLUS the topics given below.

·      Formulas application and developing formulas according to the situation
·      Advance Methodologies on how to Judge and Interpret information revealed by a birth chart
·      Practical application

  • ·      Case Studies
  • Nakshtras & Padas
·      Research topics
·      Prashna Charts (Horary Astrology)
·      Degrees and their Meaning and Significance
·      Divisional Charts & HOW to really Use them
·      Remedies
·      Query class
·      In depth Study class
·      Assignments & Projects
·      Research participation
·      Webinars & Online Broadcasts of Researches
·      Transformation in Astrological significators
·      How to Judge Significators of anything via Astrology
·      Medical Astrology
·      Career Astrology
·      Wealth Astrology
·      Relationships Astrology
·      Longevity Issues

  • Two Newly Constructed Secret Divisional Charts, Invented by me. (Still under Evaluation though)
·      Ethics & Wisdom for Astrologers

Method of Study:

The classes will be held online as mentioned above. I will use a software by the name "Go to Meeting" which will allow me to have a conference meeting with all of you online and we can all discuss everything in a conference. My Screen and myself would be visible to all of you. Anytime we can have meetings over skype and Google hangout as well. You all will have to install the "Go to Meeting" app/software in your Phone or Computer as well. As you will only be joining the Meeting and i am the Organizer you will not have to pay anything to use it. Hence classes will be interactive and Available throughout the globe.

Fee for both the course is US $1.5 per hour. Basic course will take ~60 hours to finish while the advance course will take ~90 hours to complete.
Hence the fee for basic and advance courses is approximately $90 and $135 only.

To Clarify Anything you can personally contact me
   Over my Mobile: +91 7837693984
WhatsApp: +91 9464359929
or e-mail @: with subject line "DE Classrooms"

Class Room Schedule:

Classes will begin in the 3rd week of January. Enroll today asap. Only 15 students per batch are allowed. Only 1 batch will be started in the 2nd week of every month.


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