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MERCURY - The Communicator / 'Messenger of the Gods'

Mercury refers to the part of our psyche that deals with Communicating and connecting abilities with people on an expressive and verbal plane. Mercury is to Speech, Communication, Vocabulary, Clarity of speech and words, Expressiveness, Intelligence, IQ, Maths and Logic etc. Mercury is a traveler, a Prince, a wandering traveler, witty talker, Ability to say things with double meaning or multiple meanings, Ability to talk or speak in multiple ways or mimic others. 

While Jupiter is the 'MEANING' or 'IDEA' or a simple 'View' or 'ideology' , Mercury is the thoughts, 'Words' or 'Means to Express and Communicate' or 'Methods to Share that Idea or Meaning or View/ideology/desire with others'. 

Hence Mercury's Duty or Role is 'EXPRESSION of the WILL' or 'Expression of the Rule Making entity/ or the Soul/ the character'

SUN is the Soul/ Genes / DNA / Character / Goal / Will / Our Will or Desire & Moon is our Psyche or Mood or emotional State & Jupiter is our Wisdom/ enlightenment/ evolution/ new ideas / freedom and Guidance & 'MERCURY' 
IS THE 'EXPRESSION' of all these. 

To cut it short Mercury is 'the expression of the will'

It is the means or reason or method via which the SUN or our character 'expresses or communicates itself to the surroundings or other entities.

Say the SUN is the HEAT source then the PHOTONS it emits is the MERCURY.

These qualities help Mercurian and Venusian 'purposes' to be very similar i.e to help to "CONNECT/ INTERACT" between 2 or more 'SUNS' or 'Souls' or 2 or more 'Entities' but the Methods and Goals are different in both the planets. You will understand more when we read about Venus. 

On a HUmane or Wordly plane:

Mercury represents communication skills, vocabulary, telephonic conversations, language command, speech, our speech apparatus in body, our teeth and tongue as well (other factors represent as well) and much more...

Mercury is our Brilliance, Intelligent, Youthfulness, playfulness, Logic, wittyness, puns, double meaning words, cleverness, Manipulation etc.. 

Mercury is as they say 'the Prince of the Planetary Kingdom'. 

It is also a messenger or a 'Doot' as spoken in 'hindi' language of the Gods.

A hopping , Characterless, Young, Witty, Communicative and Lusty Prince who wants everything, hopps from here & there , trying on everyone, trying to talk or relate to everyone to fulfill the desire of it's soul by using its skills of communication and its abilities to relate and Connect. 
It uses verbal skills and expressiveness talents & techniques to connect with everyone. It does all this to Fulfill it's Naughty , Shrewd/clever/witty/selfish/ Lusty / ulterior or Good motives.

It represents communication systems, Rules the 3rd & 6th house / sign energies.

Mercury also controls the Peripheral nervous system in the body and the 'hardware' of our Brain. It controls the Anatomical aspects of the Brain, including structure and formation. Mercury reflects our Reflexes (how good & quick they are) , how good we are at doing repetitive behavior, cramming, Being Good in sports activities(MARS of course needs to be considered as well).

Mercury shows Learning Skills, how quick you are at learning new Concepts and information and How good one is at Processing data and information provided to them.

Mercury is a hopper, indicates short journeys, Connects and communicates with everyone and it likes short term fun/experimentation and plays.

These attributes also make Mercury a Characterless Psyche in it's character.

A strong Mercury makes one Witty, Clever, intelligent, communicative, Expressive, Connects with everyone through its expressions, words and Speeches.

Mercury is also a Mutable like Rahu. It has Characteristics resemble both 'Divine and Royal' as well as 'Demonic and trivial', i.e it can mutate according to the situation. It says the thing that is best for the situation in a manner that is best suited, so it is good at going along good and well with everyone. 
People with mercurian influence on their Ascendant or Ascendant lord usualy find it easy to make good relationships and get along well with almost Everyone, because they are not rigid and agree with or understand everyone's perspective and situation and know how to make it to use or make it a beneficial scenario for them.

Mercury is the best Businessman or sales-man. It likes to make short journeys, travel/hop from place to place or here and there and connect with everyone it meets, communicate with everyone. It likes to Go place to place and Connect/communicate and relate with them for it's advantage.

The 5 WORKING Characteristics of Mercury:

Mercury makes one a Businessman, 
a salesman, 
an actor/witty or brilliant orator like RJs(Radio jockey) or Commentators, 
a mimic or 
a Skilled Professional( where perfection is needed for a skilled & repetitive job).

While the aspect of jupiter gives it magnanimity of thought , blessings or blissfulness & wisdom in speech and expression and wider perspective, an aspect of venus on it gives it beauty, charm,  symmetry and romantic element to the 'expression' .

Mercury gives the words, vocabulary and skills to express.

So a combination of Jupiterian, Venusian & Mercurian qualities helps one be a Great poet, musician or Writer.

Once again Mercury represents youthfulness, Playfulness, 
characterlessness, experimentation, logic, intelligence, words and Expressivity.

Out of the 3 parameters that determine the 'Real/true' Status of a Human that are:

1) Knowledge

2)Way/Manners of Communicating and 

3) Ideologies & Views of a Person , 

the 2nd one is blessed by mercury.


Mercury also Controls respiratory system, mouth, teeth, Lips, tongue, Speaking abilities as i said, vocal chords & Speech apparatus, hardware of the Brain, our thinking, our Digestive tract / Gastrointestinal system, Enteric nervous system, Skin and Perepheral nervous system in our body. A Healthy Skin and and a Good ability to make facial expressions is blessed by it. Venus Mercury conjunction gives one a very healthy, vital and Glowingly beautiful Skin.

Mercury is called 'Budha'  in hindi.  

Mercury has Highest Variation in surface temperatures as a Planet at the same time compared to all other planets.

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