Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did you know!!

Did you know that the English Word & the unit of #time named '#Hour' is Derived from the 'Sanskrit' #unit of time named '#HORA' used extensively in #Astronomical & #Astrological Calculations in #Vedic Era. "#HORA" refers to "Passage of Half a Zodiac Sign"  as observed from a point on Earth or is equivalent to "15 degree of Earth's #Rotation on it's own #Axis". Here's the calculation:
1 #Ghati (a unit of time in vedic era) = 24 #minutes(of mordern era) It is the time it takes for earth to rotate 6 degrees on it's Axis.

Now, In 5 Ghatis , the Earth rotates 5 X 6 (degree) = 30 #degree on it's axis and A total of 60 such 'Ghatis' needed to make a full rotation of 360 degree (1 full Day+Night/24 hours). So 1 Zodiac sign which is equivalent to and takes 30 degrees of earth's rotation to Pass as observed from earth,, is covered in 5 Ghatis= 24 X 5 = 120 minutes = 2 hours. And 1 HORA = 1/2 of a Zodiac Sign = Time it takes for the earth to rotate 15 degrees on it's own axis. = 2.5 Ghatis or = 120/2 minutes or 24 minutes X 2.5 Ghatis = 60 minutes = 1 HOUR.
hENCE,, the Time it takes for earth to rotate 15 degrees on it's own axis or Cover 1/2 a Zodiac Sign in the Zodiacal Belt as Observed from earth = 2.5 Ghatis = 1 HORA = 1 Hour of modern times.

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